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WTF Is Ampleforth ?— Conference Call, August 19, 1pm-2pm EST

Click here to watch the replay and/or read the post of my five highlights from the call.

Ampleforth is everything I love and hate about crypto, all rolled in to one protocol. I believe crypto has the opportunity to make the world a better place for billions of people, and that’s Ampleforth’s goal. I’m a huge beleiver in stablecoins. I’m also a believer in trying new things. Because until something’s out in the wild, no one has any idea what it will do.

But I hate Ampleforth because, to me, the premise (a “supply-elastic” cryptocurrency) is nonsensical on it’s face. Ampleforth also makes claims I find nonsensical (e.g. “uncorrelated assets are good” or “ this will be a means of payment because it will be stable”).

That said, I thought Bitcoin was non-sensical at first, and crypto has taught me to have an open mind, particularly when there are reasons to have an open mind. Like the fact that Ampleforth has a blue chip roster of investors that have done much to grow the crypto community. So I know it’s not a scam.

So, while many people in crypto have heard of Ampleforth, few have an understanding of how the protocol works, and why some super smart people int the have been attracted to project. To help put Ampleforth and “supply-elastic” cryptocurrency in to context, we have two crypto experts, who have published on Ampleforth, to share their views. We’ll leave plenty of time for questions from the audience after the panelists’ remarks.

Click here to register for the call

Our esteemed speakers are:

Stephen McKeon, Finance Professor at the University of Oregon and Partner at Collab+Currency. Studying cryptoassets, security issuance, private equity, and M&A.

Derek Edward Schloss, Partner at Collab+Currency. Derek was previously Director of Strategy at the Security Token Academy

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