Making Crypto less Cryptic

Crypto is one of those things that seem to have a seemingly high barrier of entry into for the average joe.

If you are anything like me, and have an uneasy relationship with all things number-related, don’t identify as a tech-genius and find yourself getting lost in a bunch of technical terms while trying to figure out crypto, you are not alone.

I think that in order for any Cryptocurrency to truly become something more than a medium through which people can speculate for profit, the end goal has to be one that includes widespread adoption in the real world.

Until that happens, the general public still has the perception that Crypto is something that speculative investors ‘gamble’ with, or is something that is only going to be relevant or of impact to them in the faraway future.

I think we all find it challenging trying to understand something new and not many of us have the luxury to dedicate time and effort towards understanding something we do not know innately.

I hope to share with you my personal experience with different Cryptocurrencies and sharing what I’ve learnt from my personal experience with them.

I am not technically inclined nor am I a trained financial adviser. As such, please do not take any of what I am about to share with you as financial advise.

What I am able to share from, is from my personal experience and my own limited knowledge as an average joe who has developed a curiosity about Cryptocurrencies after buying my first Crypto back in 2018.

I encourage you to do you own research and experience for yourself what it means to be involved in any capacity in the world of Cryptocurrencies in order to gain a personal understanding and insight into how the blockchain may change and evolve the way of life we know of today.

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