My Crypto Experience as an Outsider

Is there a role in Crypto for someone who is not technically inclined or trained in programming?

This is something I’ve wondered about for a while and struggled with in terms of attempting to share my experience and thoughts about Cryptocurrency with others.

My professional background and experience have mainly revolved around consulting and training in the area of Design Thinking and I’ve dabbled in drawing as a self-trained illustrator.

As someone who identifies as a creative and have struggled with math in school and illiterate in programming languages, Crypto is something that is definitely out of my wheelhouse.

I’m certain I am not the only person who has experienced a distant relationship with Cryptocurrency.

I first dabbled in purchasing small amounts of ETH when I’ve had my first stable job.

Without really understanding what Crypto was all about and what the use cases for ETH or BTC was, I simply held onto some ETH and BTC as a noob retail investor / speculator back in 2018.

When the prices went down in 2020, I panicked and quickly liquidated my meager holdings once they bounced back to my buy-in price as I was in desperate need for liquidity during a difficult period in my startup.

I definitely felt foolish and experienced feelings of having missed out when the value of both ETH and BTC spiked through the roof in 2021.

As a retail investor / speculator, I’ve admittedly not done much due diligence and have purely been speculative in my investments in Crypto and have only allowed myself to put in money that I could afford to ‘lose’.

Recently, I’ve decided to push myself to learn more about Crypto in order to educate myself and participate in the movement despite being an outsider because I wanted to make sure that I am not just being a degenerate gambler speculating on crypto.

As such, I’ve been actively trying to find out more information about Cardano, Hedera Hashgraph, Theta and other Alt-coins.

I’ve also tried minting my first few NFTs and taken a gander around on Upland after trying to learn about UPX out of curiosity.

Instead of waiting for Crypto to disrupt the way of life as we know it and to only make use of Crypto as a consumer in the same way we make use of an iPhone without really understanding what it is, I thought it will be interesting to try and learn more about it and potentially become involved in it in some capacity.

I’m still far from being any sort of subject matter expert but I’ve found that exploring and trying out the different use cases built upon these Cryptocurrencies is a good place to start.

Seeing that Crypto will one day disrupt our world and our way of life as we know it, I think it is important that more people including layman and outsiders can start becoming more familiar with what different Cryptocurrencies and their use cases are about in order to play a part in shaping the future of our world and the role Cryptocurrencies play in it.

As such, this will be a collection of individual personal experiences with cryptocurrencies and blockchains, where we will be sharing information on use cases.

In the coming stories, I will be sharing more specific experiences. Stay tuned.



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