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Daily Trivia

When did the first “Call of Duty” game come out?

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The Problem With Web3 Gaming

Konvoy, the VC company that has invested in web3 gaming projects like Sky Mavis and Ready Player Me, dropped a piece outlining some of the problems with crypto gaming.

Here’s what we learned:

1/ Growth has been slow.

The unique active wallets have grown only 21% since Q3 2021.

This is a little underwhelming, considering that blockchain gaming has attracted a ton of talent and investment ($3.4 billion in 2022.)

The current active wallets are 912k which is not a lot given that there are 3 billion gamers online.

But Konvoy points out that blockchain gaming as a concept is only 18 months old, so it’s still early.

2/ The web3 gaming content is underwhelming.

Without solid gameplay, nobody would start playing blockchain games regardless of the tech.

Given the talent pool in web3 gaming, Konvoy is optimistic that we will see successful web3 titles in the coming years.

3/ All infrastructural projects share the same vision

All projects want to be the “Steam of Web3.”

So they are solving problems for users that don’t really exist yet because web3 gaming doesn’t have the scale.

In Other News

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The NFT platform Tropee raises $5 million.

Magic Eden integrated with Polygon.



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