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Crypto Simplified

A Simple Explanation of Crypto-collectibles

Wait, did we just put Beanie Babies on a blockchain?

The Collectibles category of eBay provides a peak into the world of non-digital collectibles.

What does it mean for something to be “digitally scarce”? 🔄

How do we go from Bitcoin to crypto-collectibles? 💱

Why are CryptoKitties tokens different than ether or bitcoin? 🐱

  • CryptoKitties could have combinations of a number of properties (age, breed, color, etc.) that made each token unique (and sometimes valuable!). This made them non-fungible, as any one CryptoKitty token couldn’t be swapped as equivalent to another.
  • CryptoKitties were indivisible as a result. While you can divide bitcoin or ether by infinite amounts, it doesn’t make much sense to divide your CryptoKitty token. Poor kitty!

What does this mean for the development of other collectibles? 🤓

Where do we go from here? 🔮

Some of the kitties with the most likes on the CryptoKitties marketplace.

Where can I learn more? 🙋‍



Explanations of crypto-assets that are as simple as possible.

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