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Ruby Delgado
Oct 17 · 8 min read
Screenshot courtesy of user Magick!

Hello Commanders! 0.6 is finally here! The team has been working hard to get this next feature update released. There are some massive updates to go over so let’s jump right into it!


Refining is a massive feature that pushes CSC closer to having all the core gameplay integrated. Your “Workshop” is where users can create the components and refine raw materials into usable resources. Components and refined materials will be needed in later updates for manufacturing modules and ships (aka Crafting).

Updated Resource Matrix

All GFI and NPC stations will have private workshops that are available for purchase using GRP (Player-owned stations will be addressed in the following days as we finalize player-owned functionality). Commanders will be limited to One private workshop per-station. If a user wants to refine or craft more components at the same time they will need to purchase a public workshop from a station or use GFI workshops that can charge a Tax or Fee. Private workshops in the Sol system will cost 45,000 GRP (Note ALL pricing is not final and prices may fluctuate up or down during the Alpha builds). Station further away will have prices that differ based on distance and utility. The ability to purchase Public Workshops will be disabled for the first week or two of 0.6.0 gameplay to give time for players to understand this new game mechanic. Public workshop space can be made available to any user at the station or limited just to the owner's use. Public workshops can charge other Commanders a % of the raw resources used in crafting or refining and/or charge those Commanders a fee in GFC or GRP.


There are now missions in CSC! To start off with, missions are located only in Stations, but all stations have missions.

Early look at Missions Screen

Users can check their status on a mission by going to the above screen from the Station. If you have completed an objective then you will see a green check-mark present on the icon. Missions that are repeatable will come back after you have completed it.

The type of missions you will see in the game are delivery and destroy types of missions. Commanders can only ever have 10 missions active at a time. You can always check what missions you have active by docking in any station, even if you accepted a mission from a different station. Some missions can only be completed within a window of time. If you accept a mission and do no complete the mission before the timer is up, then you must cancel the said mission. If you don’t and you’re at 10 active missions, then you will not be able to accept new missions, so be sure to clear your list if you ever need to. Currently, missions do not tell users when they have “failed” a mission, so any mission that you are no longer able to complete you will need to cancel it yourself.

Some stations have more missions than others and also might have a different refresh time on missions, keep this in mind if you are ever waiting for new missions. In general, random missions refresh in intervals between 4–8 hours.

Next to mission titles, you will see a number indicating the difficulty of missions. The higher the number, the more difficult the mission is. This Challenge Rating goes between 1–50. Rewards will also be random and will randomly be generated by the CR of the mission.

While a majority of missions are random, we are offering some static missions. The GFI will have currency based objectives that will require GRP or GFC and provide the user with TCF or modules. During this release there will be a limited time mission in Lacallie 8760 System called “Dronian Terror,” a dreadnaught-sized terror has appeared and the GFI needs all commanders to aid in defeating this Drone invasion. This mission expires 10/21.


The crate highlighted in green is the NPC loot

NPCs now drop loot for players when they are destroyed. If you are the one to destroy a pesky drone, then you will be the only one to see the loot. Loot is highlighted green for easy visibility and to differentiate from the usual blue of crates that users drop. Loot will only be visible to the user who destroyed the NPC for the first hour. After that one hour, all users in the vicinity will be able to see the loot and pick it up. If loot has been untouched between 3–4 hours then it will disappear for everyone.

Typically, loot will be components required to craft that type of ship. Rarer more challenging NPCs also have a chance to drop modules they used in battle. NPC loot drops can also be part of a mission objective.

Hangar Modules

Transporting your ships to another station is now a lot easier if you have Hangar modules. When you add a hangar module to your loadout, you will see a “Ship Hangar” option pop up the left-hand side of the UI. This is where you are dragging ships from the right to. As you fill the slots you will see the numbers update on the left. If the hangar you have equipped can only fit two corsair ships, then you will see it says “2/2.” If you see “0/0” that means that the hangar module you have equipped can not fit that ship class.

TCF Update

With refining now live, that means commanders can now refine their trilite into Trilite Concentrate Fuel, TCF for short. Canisters of TCF hold 2,000 fuel units, and your TCF bar at the top of your screen displays 2,000 TCF worth when full. If you ever need to know just how much TCF you have in your ship then go to Profile to check the amount.

TCF is represented inside the User Profile

You can consume canisters from your station hangar by right clicking them and selecting “Consume.” You can also consume canisters that are in your ship inventory. Canisters will also automatically be consumed when attempting a jump more than 2,000 units. TCF is used to q jump locally or for interstellar travel. Read below for more about Q jump.

TCF Canister Recipe

2x Crystallized Platinum Sheet

1x Trilite Shard

Ship Base TCF usage breakdown

Scout — 50 TCF per 1 Light Year
Intrepid — 100 TCF per 1 Light Year
Corsair — 200 TCF per 1 Light Year
Prometheus — 300 TCF per 1 Light Year
Dreadnaught — 400 TCF per 1 Light Year

Ship Cargo TCF usage breakdown

1 kg = 0.0001 TCF per 1 Light year

Quantum Jump Drive

Commanders can now use their TCF to Q jump to other systems, cutting traveling time down to, well, instant! It is similar to using a jumpgate. However, not all systems have jumpgates so this is when using Q jump is useful for exploring the further reaches of the galaxy. Users just need the correct Q jump modules or ship. Q jump requires Trilite fuel, users can acquire fuel from missions or craft it in a Workshop.

If you are planning on traveling far distances, be sure to have extra canisters in your inventory. You will get a pop up letting you know when you must use extra canisters to make the journey.

When users need to use a canister from inventory

Q jump has a cooldown timer that will prevent users from q jumping again too soon. How much fuel is used is dependent on the distance you are going and the total weight of your ship, this includes weight of ships that you are transporting inside of your ship hangar.

Multi-ship FTL

Planning on a long journey but still have another mission to take care of in your local system? Well now you can send out ships to FTL and command another ship at the same time. There is no limit to how many ships you can send out to FTL at a time. However you will only be able to switch from ship to ship from your Home station.

Right-click & select “Board”

With this feature being added, we have removed the “Disengage FTL” button as users can now leave the ship that is in FTL and switch to another ship or their userpod by clicking “Home Station.” Your ship that is in interstellar FTL cannot be damaged, and when your ship arrives at its target location it will remain in looping FTL till you board it and it will then start to disengage you from FTL.


0.6 has a lot of new features for commanders to try out. This includes an additional 40+ star systems for users to explore. Some of these star systems will be Non-PVP so as to allow users to provide each other support while preventing friendly fire. FTL weapons have also been added to the 0.6 build. FTL weapons can prevent other users from slipstreaming or FTL-ing away in PVP enabled zones. Finally, some general bug fixes were added to this build.

Some other features that didn’t make it into this initial build are the following:

  • Ship Specific Modules
  • Ship Buffs
  • Check-In /Out of ERC-20 Resources
  • Discovery Missions / Random Encounters

You can look forward to seeing these features in the coming 0.6.1+ builds.


That covers the high level of 0.6, jump into the build to try all these new features out for yourself!

Thanks Commanders, fly safe!

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Get ready to embark on an adventure through the cosmos! Crypto Space Commander (CSC) is a sandbox space MMO that operates in a real-time universe with a player-controlled economy.

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