ATTENTION COMMANDERS: Mining Expedition Alpha Launches TODAY @ 6:00 PM PST

MEA Star Map

Attention, Commanders!

The following is a Galactic Service Announcement directly from the Federation — Mining Expedition Alpha, CSC’s very first pre-launch mini-game, will commence today at 6:00 PM PST.

Head to your hangar and prepare your fleet for this automated mining operation. Remember, you can use both ships AND vouchers for MEA (vouchers will perform just like ships during MEA, and they won’t be redeemed in the process).

Vouchers can be used as ships during MEA — they won’t be redeemed

The Galactic Federation has also increased the mining rate for all ships by 2x for the MEA event. This means DOUBLE the resources, so assemble your ships and get out there!

Here’s what we’ve changed:

— Vulcan Harvester & Prometheus Voucher: 300 tons per hour (up from 150)

— Phoenix Cruiser & Corsair Voucher: 40 tons per hour (up from 20)

— Reaper Interceptor & Intrepid Voucher: 10 tons per hour (up from 5)

The MEA event ends once all available resources are mined out, so if you don’t have a ship or voucher yet and wish to participate in the MEA mini-game, head over to to get yours today!

How to Play MEA

  1. First, click on one of your ships located beneath the map to select it

2. Next, click on a star system to bring up the list of stars. Click on the star you want to send your ship to, then click “Launch.” (A gas fee will be applied here)

3. Once the blockchain transaction is confirmed, click on your ship (either on the map or from the list under the map) to see its travel progress

Note: There may be a slight launch delay as your ship plots the coordinates for light speed travel. As you know, traveling through hyperspace ain’t like dustin’ crops. Just be sure to click on the “Refresh” button to the right of your hangar bay to update flight status

4. Click on the information icon to see more details, including your ship’s current destination and time remaining

5. Your ship will automatically reach its destination, mine for resources, and return to Sol. Select your ship to see the Mission Results.

6. Click on “Collect Ore” to receive your resources and end that ship’s mission. Click on “Next Mission” to receive your resources AND to send your ship out on a new mission. (A gas fee will be applied to either option)

Displayed as Processed / Overall Collected
“Processed” is the total that has been withdrawn from MEA as ERC-20 tokens. The balance you own can be seen in your hangar. “Overall Collected” is a running count of ALL ore you have collected during MEA.

7. That’s all there is to it! Keep sending your ships out to different stars, and hunt down as many resources as you can. MEA will end once all resources have been mined!

ERC-20 Token Address to see your processed ore in a Token Wallet

Iron: 0x38513db82be1fb417ad21dc8f25bd7e7eb03b561
Quartz: 0xab1a348bb48fef25179cdeabfa2a41c394f122bb
Nickel: 0xfa78cf92c65d6515c0ba57b0b0fd207dbcbeb4cd
Cobalt: 0x3007dbdf605784a0f5d89c37cb2518ea60faedcf
Silver: 0xc4e41117b773599971907172b82fe85afe6a1a21
Titanium: 0xa84e07c4e13641ebd9611e8f5f4033c284ea4a48
Lucinite: 0xec1b361a5c0b4c1a9a57e9c288c3da8efb111e2b
Gold: 0x0b3c1a38dbb699758e4b771b8c349a858dd0f061

Safe flying, commanders!