CSC November Update #1

Hi Commanders!

Welcome back to Part #2 on our series of posts covering all things you want to know about CSC.

CSC Development Update

Since our last post the team has been busy getting our Alpha 0.5 build ready. We have made significant progress in the data restructure of CSC and have now migrated to faster backend infrastructure that will support endless growth of our universe. Our multiplayer engineers have also been hard at work at a full refactor of our underlying networking components. This refactor was completed today and internal testing / integration will be starting this week.

With the progress we are seeing in the last few weeks, we have added a few stretch goals for Alpha 0.5. These stretch goals are in addition to our sandbox experience and will most likely be centered around mining in a limited persistent universe. More details on this soon.

Alpha 0.5 — Sandbox Client: What to Expect

The following are core features we are aiming to have ready in our 0.5 release and below that are the stretch goal features we hope to include.

  • Updated game launcher client
  • New login system for both web and client
  • Sign Verification via Metamask to prove ownership of ETH wallet for Alpha Play (Since we have no real loss or in-client trading in the upcoming Alpha 0.5, a simple ownership check is all that is required to play)
  • Camera & Control Improvements
  • FTL and Travel Improvements
  • Radar, Targeting Improvements
  • Scanning Feature
  • Mining Improvements
  • Limited NPC Targets
  • Limited to at least 1 Star System
  • Item / Module Catalog (Web and Client)

Stretch Features

  • Limited Small Group Pocket EtherVerse
  • Limited Persistent EtherVerse
  • Crafting Implementation 0.1

CSC — Solar System Scale

The universe just got a little bigger! One of the biggest changes we have made is to the size and scope of each solar system. The following is a comparison of our Pre-Alpha scale to our coming Alpha scale.

CSC Pre-Alpha Size — Each solar system had 9 sectors in a 3 by 3 grid. Each sector was 10,000 units across. The total size of the a solar system was 30k by 30k units. That gave us a total area of 900,000,000 units of space. A Reaper Interceptor is about 20 units long. You would need to put 45 million Reapers end-to-end to stretch across one solar system in Pre-Alpha.

CSC Alpha 0.5 & Beyond — Solar systems no longer have sectors, as they are one seamless zone. The total playable area in a solar system is now 100 billion by 100 billion units or 10,000,000,000,000,000 square units. That is 500,000,000,000,000 Reapers end-to-end to stretch across one solar system.

In addition to the increased size of our universe, we have refactored our loading system to provide seamless / loading screen free transitions between stars. Solar systems will also now have 3D suns and stellar bodies. While this change provides a great visual improvement to CSC, it will also serve as a feature needed for future gameplay.

See the following video to get a glimpse of some of theses changes in action.

Development Build Screen Capture

Resources Update

The following is an updated list of resources that can be found in the CSC universe and their basic crafting components. As you may notice, we have added some new resources and reclassified Octavium to be exotic. This change, along with the addition of these new resources will be elaborated on in a future post about upcoming gameplay. In this post however, you will get a understanding of Trilite and its uses in the CSC Universe. As you will see below, Trilite is an important resource in the EtherVerse for more than just its scarcity.

Trilite the Miracle Crystal

Trilite makes modern space flight possible! Trilite is one of the rarest resources in the CSC universe and it’s also a resource that every Commander will need to use from day one.

Trilite was discovered in the early 22nd century during a Sol Mining Expedition to the oort cloud. Its complex molecular properties provided the key component to facilitate FTL Travel and provided the GF the ability to expand outside our solar system.

Today Trilite is used to manufacture FTL Drives, Quantum Jump Drives and Exotic Weapons. Trilite can also be crafted into a smaller form called shards, these shards can be processed and used in a liquid state as fuel for FTL & drive systems. Trilite fuel is required to provide baseline efficiency for FTL drives. This means ALL FTL travel in the game requires some amount of Trilite. The amount of Trilite necessary for maximum travel efficiency will be calculated by a formula that includes equipped modules, knowledge / skills, and the mass of your ship and its compressed cargo.

While Trilite is used for FTL drive it is possible to travel without it. All star ships are equipped with GFI approved FTL drives can travel unencumbered (limited cargo / modules) at a baseline efficiency indefinitely (Base FTL Speed). While it is not the fastest way to travel it will ensure that you never left stranded.

Part 2 Conclusion

Well that is all for this post, and below you will find a list of topics I will be covering in future post. Part 3 should be up by the end of the week.

Thanks for reading and safe flying Commanders!

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