Getting Started in Alpha 0.5

Jessica Cariaga
Dec 21, 2018 · 6 min read

Welcome to CSC Alpha 0.5! We’re excited for you to try your hand at one of our early CSC builds and wanted to write up a quick guide to help new Commanders explore our universe.

This is a work in progress Alpha build, and does not represent the final end product. We encourage players to give feedback and report bugs through our Discord.

First off, you’ll need to own a ship in order to play. Visit the Marketplace on our website to see what we’ve got for sale!

Then you’ll need to download the game! To get the latest download links visit our Discord Chat and type “!download”.

CSC Legacy Asset Migration

If you own ships from some of our earlier sales, you’ll need to migrate them over to our new contract in order to use them in Alpha 0.5. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into MetaMask and head to your ship hangar.
  2. All Legacy items will have a Migrate button next to Send. Click Migrate.
  3. This will open migration pop-up with Approve and Migrate Ship buttons. Click Approve and accept the MetaMask transaction pop-up.
  4. Once the MetaMask transaction completes, the Migrate Ship button will be unlocked.
  5. Click Migrate Ship and accept that MetaMask transaction.
  6. Once that transaction completes, you’ll have successfully migrated your ship to our current contract. You can now use that ship in Alpha 0.5!

Some ships won’t have a Migrate button, but don’t worry. These items already exist in the new contract and don’t need to be migrated.

Need help? Feel free to drop a question in our Discord server or email us at

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Getting Your Bearings

Ships start their journey in Sol System. Double-click the left mouse button at an area to direct your ship to a location. You can also left-click and hold on your ship and drag in a direction to have your ship continuously fly toward your cursor. Releasing the left mouse button will have the ship travel indefinitely in that direction, until another move action is made. Shift + right-click and drag to adjust the game’s camera and scroll up or down to adjust the zoom level.

Click on the Navigation button at the top left of your screen to open up the System Map, where you can see other ships and points of interest. Space stations are indicated with blue satellite icons. Space stations are where you can visit the Marketplace to purchase ships or modules, and view your hangar to equip modules or board your other ships.

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If you’d like to dock at a space station, click the satellite icon to center your navigational cursor around it and select Slip Stream at the top left of the System Map to pilot your ship toward the station.

Once you’ve arrived at a space station, right click on the station and select Dock, followed by Enter Station. This will dock your ship and open a menu for you to visit the marketplace or board other owned ships. If you own multiple ships, you can board another by clicking on the desired ship’s icon in your hangar and then the Board Ship button.

If you would like to purchase another ship or purchase modules, click on the Marketplace button on the left side menu. At the top of the Marketplace, you’ll see a brief overview of the currencies accepted in the CSC EtherVerse.

You’ll be able to see newly purchased modules at the bottom right of your hangar. Modules displayed at the bottom left of the hangar represent the item inventory of your currently boarded ship.

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To equip purchased modules, click and drag the modules from the right side of the screen over to the left side of the screen. Then, click on Equip Modules at the top right. This will take you a new screen summarizing your ship’s available module count, available power, and other ship stats. From here, click and drag the desired modules onto your ship.

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Sometimes, overlapping one module with another will cause one of the modules to disappear. If this happens, click on Save, and the overlapped module should reappear at the bottom of the screen. You will be able to see occupied and available hard points at the top of the screen. Only weapon and mining modules count toward your hard point limit.

Once finished, click Save, followed by Back.

Click Undock to return to the game.

Ship Stats

At the top left of the screen, you’ll see your ship’s stats: HP and if applicable, Armor and Shields. You’ll also see the amount of currency you own and your current location — noted in GUx and GUz.

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Your equipped modules are shown at the bottom of the screen. Activate them by clicking on each icon. You can also activate equipped modules with the corresponding number on your keyboard starting from the number 1 to 0. Some modules like weapons or mining lasers only activate when you have a target selected and are in range. You’ll see a green dot at the top right corner of each icon when it’s activated.

Ship Toggles and Sliders

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These are the sliders and icons at the bottom right of the screen: clicking Slip Stream allows a boost of ship speed for a limited time. Clicking All Stop puts a halt on everything.

The ship sliders represent the amount of power diverted to various tasks. Defense adjusts how quickly your shield regenerate. Offense adjusts how fast weapons can shoot. Engine adjusts how fast your ship moves. If you don’t have shields or weapons equipped, the respective sliders will not appear. It’s possible to max out all three sliders, but this will have significant impact on your power usage. This will reflect on your power core, the canister that is just above mgu/s.

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At the top left of your screen you will see an arrow icon that brings up the navigation map.

The cube icon represents your cargo. Clicking it will open you inventory to show acquired resources and available space left on your ship.

The sunlight icon allows you to toggle your ship’s headlights. This helps for darker areas and for uncovering hidden loot.


You’ll be able to combat other ships in Alpha 0.5. As we are in the early stages, the Galactic Federation will not be in full force when regulating Core Space. If you find yourself in a skirmish, target another ship by hitting left-click. Activate your weapon or shield modules by clicking the respective icon at the bottom of your screen.

You’ll notice your HP, armor health, and shield health begin to deplete when hit. Shields regenerate. Armor does not. You’ll also notice damage dealt and damage received in your Logs, so keep an eye on that too.


To mine an asteroid, fly nearby and target it by hitting left-click. Then, select the mining laser module. You’ll be able to see mined ore in your logs, as well as in your cargo. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find some Trilite!

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Quick Keyboard Shortcuts

T : Select Next Target (Players or NPCs)

Y : Unlock Primary Target

[ ] : Rotate Between Locked Targets

U : Toggle U.I.

R : Reset Camera

F : Movement — Full Power

V : Movement — All Stop

O : Zoom Out

P : Zoom In

J : Rotate Camera Counterclockwise

L : Rotate Camera Clockwise


If you experience any issues with the game, please close and restart the client. If that doesn’t solve the issue, feel free to reach out to us through our Discord server or by contacting us at

Happy flying!

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Crypto Space Commander

Get ready to embark on an adventure through the cosmos!

Jessica Cariaga

Written by

Crypto Space Commander

Get ready to embark on an adventure through the cosmos! Crypto Space Commander (CSC) is a sandbox space MMO that operates in a real-time universe with a player-controlled economy.

Jessica Cariaga

Written by

Crypto Space Commander

Get ready to embark on an adventure through the cosmos! Crypto Space Commander (CSC) is a sandbox space MMO that operates in a real-time universe with a player-controlled economy.

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