Star Trek coming to the ETH Blockchain… First there was Bitcoin, then Ethereum, now Gold Pressed Latinum?

Greetings Commanders!

Today we are thrilled to announce that CSC is boldly going where no blockchain game has gone before! The iconic brand and ships from the show we all know and love, Star Trek, is coming to CSC in a limited time cross-universe event.

Star Trek inspired me at a young age to pursue a career in technology and it is such a privilege to bring ‘Star Trek’ into a new frontier with the first blockchain U.S.S. Enterprise. Simply put, blockchain technology provides verifiable digital ownership and enables us as developers to create Play-To-Own economies.

Star Trek + CSC — Divergence Alpha Event

The U.S.S. Enterprise and other iconic Star Trek ships will be available during a limited-time event this year. The event will take place when a divergence rift opens up between the CSC & Star Trek (Prime Timeline) universes. When this occurs, several Star Trek ships will be made available to CSC players throughout the event. Upon the conclusion of the event, the rift will close but the items and ships acquired will remain.

CSC in-game capture of U.S.S. Enterprise D

All items in CSC including Star Trek event items are secured to the Ethereum blockchain as a True Digital Item. Each item and ship created are given blockchain and index serial numbers based on the order created. This public record of creation and ownership will persist on the Ethereum Blockchain and cannot be modified. The ownership record of these items also cannot be changed (even by us, the developer) without the secure consent of the item owner via the Ethereum blockchain. This characteristic of blockchain items is what constitutes a True Digital Item, ownership characteristics similar to real-world counterparts (toys, comics, and collectible cards).

Star Trek Toys and Collectible Cards.

In the 1960’s the first Star Trek toys came into existence and the first-generation of these toys are still sought after by collectors today. Now, in 2019 the first official blockchain secured Star Trek Digital Items will be created and just like their physical 1960’s counterparts. These Star Trek Digital Items will be playable in the CSC universe and independently tradable between users and sellable in-game marketplaces, utilizing the Ethereum ERC-721 standard.

U.S.S. Enterprise & U.S.S. Voyager in the CSC Universe

We will be releasing additional details about the Star Trek event in the following weeks.

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What is CSC & Why Blockchain?

For those new Commanders just hearing about this game today, CSC is an open-universe PC/Mac game where players will command starships to mine, harvest, battle, and craft items that are secured by the Ethereum blockchain. Using blockchain technology, CSC will empower player-owned economies where all game assets can be traded and sold in-game or in marketplaces. The game has been in development for over a year and is currently targeting initial release late Summer on Steam.

Reaper Destroyer in the CSC Universe

CSC utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to secure and validate ownership of all in-game items. The Ethereum blockchain will also be used as a secure method of governance providing proveable, transferable, and delegated control of in-game assets. For example, a group of players can pool resources to build and operate a space station in the depths of Fringe Space. Control of this station and services are secured by blockchain transactions making the governance of the station secure and transparent. The Ethereum blockchain is also used as an economic validator providing transparency to the number of items and resources available in the CSC universe.

Though CSC has yet to be released, currently available to early adopters via our Discord community, it has an active and thriving secondary market. Initial game items have been released in batches over the last year with select rare items auctioned off. Some notable sales include:


PROXIMA OUTPOST (SOLD FOR ~$54,000.00) — This is the only player ownable station available at launch, located in Core Space in the Proxima Centauri System.


SIGMA BATTLECRUISER (SOLD FOR ~$25,000.00) — The first Capital class ship available in the game equipped with a long-range jump drive for instantaneous travel. Once launched users can search the depths of Core and Fringe Space to find plans to build ships of this class.


HAYATO CRUISER (SOLD FOR ~$11,500) — One of the fastest ships in the game, it can reach FTL (faster-than-light) speeds of 10+ light years per hour.


THERMAL ALLGAD BEAM TECH 4 (SOLD FOR ~$2,680) — The only T4 item in the game at the time of this blog and the first one in existence. This single module sold shortly after the launch of the first Galactic Supply Drop.

True Digital Items show how modern gamers value the ability to truly own their in-game assets. From the initial success of CryptoKitties, which saw some individual digital cats sell for over $100,000, to the inclusion of major licensees in games like MLB Champions, another game from our studio which saw individual digital figures sell for over $7,000.


Lucid Sight and the development team working on CSC are thrilled to bring the iconic brand of Star Trek to the CSC Universe. We are looking forward to our public release later this Summer and the Star Trek Limited Time Event that follows.

Safe Flying Commanders!

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Get ready to embark on an adventure through the cosmos! Crypto Space Commander (CSC) is a sandbox space MMO that operates in a real-time universe with a player-controlled economy.


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Get ready to embark on an adventure through the cosmos! Crypto Space Commander (CSC) is a sandbox space MMO that operates in a real-time universe with a player-controlled economy.