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Announcing CryptoStats: Community-Owned Data Metrics

David Mihal and Michele Prandina

CryptoStats | One neutral source of truth for crypto metrics. Used by everyone, managed by the community.

Crypto runs on data.

From ever-changing token prices, to total-value locked, to sky-high pool-2 APYs, data metrics are the lifeblood of the crypto industry.

But despite crypto’s mission to remove centralized intermediaries, most data has remained locked in the silos of a handful of companies. We believe crypto should always be striving to distribute power and provide transparency.

We believe trustworthy data is a public good, one that should be built, maintained and ultimately owned by the community that depends on it.

CryptoStats aims to achieve these goals, to become the “Wikipedia for data”, transparently providing metrics to all, allowing anyone to contribute and make updates.

The curation and normalization layer of the data stack

How CryptoStats fits into the data stack

The crypto ecosystem already has great, decentralized indexing protocols like The Graph, as well as many centralized indexers. These protocols provide the crucial infrastructure needed to process the large amounts of data and extract relevant information.

CryptoStats provides an important layer on top of these indexers and other data sources.

CryptoStats pulls data from reliable data sources, processes it, and returns normalized values.

A simple environment for building adapters

In order to be the “Wikipedia for data”, it needs to be super easy for any user to add and update protocols and metrics.

We created a simple editor that enables any user to build and test simple data adapters right in the browser. Users can create adapters, sign them with their Ethereum address, and publish them to be evaluated by the community.

No more Git repos, dependencies, or pull requests.

CryptoStats online Editor
Live version of the editor. You can try it at →

A growing repository of metrics

CryptoStats is live and already has a rich library of adapters, providing metrics like fee revenue, average APYs, DAO treasuries, and more. These metrics are all available for any developer to include in any website or application.

Check out the full list of adapters at

Using the data

There’s two methods that developers can use to query CryptoStats data:

Centralized REST API

The simplest method for most developers is to use our centralized REST API.

For example sending a request to will query all adapters under the “Fee Revenue” collection and return the total fees accrued on January 10th.

Decentralized SDK

To avoid depending on our API servers, we recommend querying data using the CryptoStats SDK.

This library will read the on-chain list of adapters, fetch their code from IPFS, and execute queries on the local machine.

Decentralized data querying using the CryptoStats SDK

CryptoStats is already powering all the websites in the “ family” (,, etc), as well as other sites like CryptoTesters and even some features in

We’re aiming to make it as easy as possible to integrate CryptoStats data into any project, and grow our family of websites!

If you’re interested in displaying data metrics, let’s talk!

We need your help!

If you believe in our vision of open, community-owned data metrics, then come join us! Whether you’re a builder, a developer, analyst or just passionate about crypto, we’d love to have your help.

Join our Discord community at

We host community calls every Wednesday at 5pm UTC (6pm CEST/12pm EST), come join the calls to learn more about the next steps for this project.

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CryptoStats is a community for the cryptocurrency community to curate trustworthy metrics for blockchain protocols.

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