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AMA On ,Wednesday March 30th At 01:00 PM UTC

Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with BrickTrade where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  1. Host Round
  2. Twitter Q & A Round
  3. Telegram Q & A Round

Crypto King: Hi community. Today we are back after a short break with yet another round of AMA session. Today we have @Guv_Kang from BrickTrade to explain, talk, and answer your questions about the project. Let us give him a big round of applause👏👏👏👏👏👏

Welcome @Guv_Kang

Guv Kang: Hello everyone , thank you for having me here today.

Crypto King: Awesome! So Guv we have 3 rounds in AMA. The first will be the Host Round, 2nd Twitter Picks, and 3rd would be the community Live questions. ,Let's begin🚀..

Alright, if you could just briefly give an introduction about yourself, your journey in Crypto and your background/experience.

Guv Kang: I am Guv Kang Founder and CEO of Bricktrade. I have more than 15 years of experience in the real estate sector as the founder of, a premium real estate agent located in London’s Docklands, with offices in Hong Kong.

My expertise is in real estate sales and letting, development launches, redevelopment projects, property investment fundraising and managing relations with housing authorities.

I have been involved in Crypto for the past 7 years , Hope that helps.

Crypto King: That's a great intro, coming from the real estate space to Crypto. Wish you an exciting future :)

Alright, my next one👇

QCan you briefly describe #BrickTrade and what is it trying to do in the Blockchain space?

Guv Kang: Our mission is to revolutionize property finance and investing. Bricktrade is a property tokenisation platform, that utilizes the power of the crowd to raise construction finance for property developers.

Bricktrade is a real estate tokenization platform which delivers fractional investments and property ownership by accepting crypto and fiat, via the blockchain. Our current focus is on construction finance, where we help property developers raise their construction finance through crowdfunding, instead of going to the bank for this capital. This means we can provide investors with high returns in asset backed investments.

Investors will also have the opportunity to buy fractional parts of the finished units from the developer once they have been built. They can then choose to rent or sell the unit, which we can manage all in house.

Our innovative structure coupled with blockchain tech makes property investing more liquid and accessible to investors, whilst simultaneously providing real asset backed investments. Bricktrade pays bank-beating interest rates to investors (100x) whilst improving access to capital for property developers.

The model is simple, the technology behind the scenes is complicated. Our team is experienced in property, finance, tech and security, by pulling all these elements together we will change the way property investments are transacted, making it more streamlined, more consistent over borders and lowering the barriers to entry, while being the first to accept crypto and fiat.

Crypto King: Well let's move to the next question👇

QPlease let us know about your team. How big is it and where is the company headquartered?

Guv Kang: We have bought together a very experienced team who all have in depth knowledge of there individual industries and skill sets, such as Blockchain, property, asset valuation and acquisitions;

Jasbir Channa - Senior Quantity Surveyor
Mikael Kayanian - Senior Blockchain Architect
Mike Wilkins - COO
Antony S - Commercial Director
Vinay Gupta - Strategy Consultant
Jillian Godsil, MA, BA (hons) - Strategic Advisor & Brand Ambassador
Roxana Nasoi - Strategic Advisor & Strategy Consultant
Richard Simpson - Strategic Advisor & Strategy Consultant
AltcoinSara - Brand Ambassador

Crypto King: Wow that's quite a huge team. Awesome! Great to see that, cool here is my 3rd question👇

QCould you briefly share the roadmap of #BrickTrade the way ahead, any cool updates we should be looking for the project?

Guv Kang: 2017 - Initial design of concept to revolutionize the way property is bought, sold and traded. Reducing the barriers to entry, reducing the related costs and reducing the transaction time taken (usually 6mths).

2018 - Raise seed funding from Founders and commence MVP platform & App development.

2019 - Registered UK Legal entity Bricktrade Capital, recognised by the UK Prop Tech association as one of the most innovative startups in UK proptech.

2020 - Engage legal and institutional partners.

2021 - Launch MVP and collaborate with Launchpool.

2022+ - Obtain FCA permissions and build full production version of Bricktrade.

We are on target to meet our milestones; We have our compliance team in place and in the process of being regulated by the FCA, which will be announced once signed off.
Our blockchain partner & skating functionality will also be announced shortly. Hope that helps.

Crypto King: That is quite an overwheing set of info. Definitely helps us to know more about #BrickTrade. Alright, Here is my 4th question then we move on to Twitter picks.

QCould you let us know about the listing plans of $BRKT? Any big exchange you have in mind or you would like to share that with community. People usually ask When Binance😄

Guv Kang: Our IDO of #BRKT is imminent, just waiting for the market to show signs of progression, which I believe it has, therefore we are discussing the listing to go live in May.
Our listing of BRKT token will be on various exchanges, such as Kucoin, and more as we are discussing listings with various partners. BRKT is currently pre listed on;

Crypto King: Fantastic. Let us check out some real good ones from Twitter.

Twitter Q & A Round

Q1.Bricktrade has a global network of partners with decades of experience to help optimize real estate investment. Which partners currently support Bricktrade? What benefits do you get by optimizing real estate investments? Do these partners provide liquidity for financing? @rsituo

We have many strategic partnerships in place and more to announce in the coming weeks;

Alphabit & Tech Stars - Investors
Waterfronts - Lettings & Management
Crowd for Angels - FCA regulations
Eversheds & Harper James - Legals
Matterum - Smart Contracts
Certik - Smart Contract Audits
London & Capital - Wealth Management
Realm - Metaverse
Archax & - Exchanges
Cryptoslate - Press Partner
Jillian Godsill - Brand Ambassador
Richard Simpson - Strategic Advisor
Roxana Nasoi - Strategic Advisor -
Alt Coin Sara - Brand Ambassador

We are truly revolutionizing the way property is bought, sold and traded. Reducing the barriers to entry for millions and making property investment accessible to millions across the globe, reducing the related costs and reducing the transaction time taken (usually 6mths).
Our platform will allow property developers to send us projects, we will then carry out full due diligence on them and also valuations, costings, timelines on the project and then theses will be published for our Investors to be able to invest into the construction finance of the project or into the properties being built. With our partners Waterfronts we can rent and manage the property on the crowd of investors in each property.
Investors will also have the opportunity to buy fractional parts of the finished units from the developer once they have been built. They can then choose to rent or sell the unit, which we can manage all in house.

Q2.Bricktrade will invest in real estate developments and will tokenize and support these investments with actual assets. What method will be used to tokenize real estate assets? What assurance do consumers have that their tokens will have real-world value? @kingamanee

Great question and I am sure that most of our users will have this concern, therefore we have been very careful in how we structure Bricktrade’s investments to ensure they are genuinely asset backed. This is achieved through corporate structuring of the entity that owns the asset which is then supported by real world contracts. Our investors get full access to the legal and corporate documents in advance of their investment and all contracts are governed by UK law. We have also recently engaged a compliance partner which ensures we are compliant with the UK Financial Conduct Authority. So not only are we offering asset backed investments but we are committed to offering the highest level of compliance and consumer protection it is possible to offer.

Q3.Bricktrade's unique blockchain-linked structure makes real estate investing more liquid and accessible to investors, while also providing investments backed by real assets. But how can we own a home without making mortgage payments and filling out paperwork?

Regulation/License could become barriers when bridging fiat into crypto space, especially when you deal with real estate business. How will #Bricktrade tackle the regulatory measure or any other tight restrictions issues? @tomie_chana

Guv Kang: Part 1
Another good question!
Due to our use of blockchain, it is possible to fractionalise the property so we can have several thousand investors owning a slice of one property. We combine all of the fractionalised investments to buy the property out right so there is no mortgage since the property is wholly owned by Bricktrades investors. We can then either rent the property and provide returns to investors or we sell the property for a profit - this is done by allowing investors to vote on how we should deal with the property.
For those that want to buy their own property using crypto - we will have 2 products coming out in the future that allows users to buy a single property using crypto and also allows us to offer crypto mortgages.

Part 2
I agree this has been a testing battle but with our experience we have managed to navigate a structure which not only complies with regulations but also has the agreement of the FCA.
We are currently in the process of being registered with the FCA to be authorized and regulated for:
- Crypto assets
- Crowdfunding
- Manage client funds
- Issue securities
These will be in place before we launch.
Within the legal structure we have created it provides specific protections for the investors and also have governance to allow investors to vote on how assets should be managed

Q4.Who do you consider biggest competitor(s) (there are many Renowned names), and how do you plan to overtake the competition? @KhandelwalAmit4

Guv Kang: I disagree, there are no major players in the property tokenisation space who have genuine market share, as the market is soo large. everyone is just starting off, but for sure within 5 years there will be some unicorns born in this space, we will be one of them!!

Crypto King: Great, Let us open for Community Live Q&A. You can select and tag the best 4 questions. @Community - Opening the window for questions.

Telegram Q & A Round

Q1.Currently a lot of people are looking at NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field future?

Guv Kang: We have just partnered with a metarverse where investors will be able to goa and view our past, present and future projects.

Q2.Can you please kindly tell us about your TOKENOMICS and also your pre-sale?

Guv Kang:

Q3.According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority? @Guv_Kang

Guv Kang: Our priority is our FCA regulation and finishing our production platform to launch..

Q4.How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

Guv Kang: Telegram Community (
Telegram Announcement Channel (
Instagram (
Twitter (
Discord (
Medium (

Crypto King: Thank you Guv , It was an awesome session. Really awesome to have you here. Hope BrickTrade does 100x on Launch🚀🚀.

Guv Kang: thank you so much. Please join us on our journey to the moon 🚀🚀🚀.

Crypto King: Hope BrickTrade does 100x on Launch🚀🚀.

Here are important links of The BrickTrade!⛓

Website | Telegram |Twitter



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