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AMA On ,Thursday March 10th At 01:00 PM UTC

Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with DigitalRenaissance where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  1. Host Round
  2. Twitter Q & A Round
  3. Telegram Q & A Round

Mike CryptoShark: Hello Hello Everyone!!! Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to this amazing SYZYGY community. SYZYGY has brought for you guys another project today which is of super high potential – Digital Renaissance!

We have with us today, Brett, CEO at Digital Renaissance, and Oscar, CPO, at Digital Renaissance. Truly honored to have you guys here Brett and Oscar!

Welcome to SYZYGY!

Oscar Van Velsen: The pleasure is all ours.

Mike CryptoShark: It keeps the whole SYZYGY community super pumped to meet fantastic projects here always and they are always eager to learn more about those via AMA! 😊

The community had been waiting for #DigitalRenaissance! We hope you guys enjoy the session today!

Alrighttt! Let's get started then! We have few questions from our end first, then we will move on to #TwitterPicks and Community round.

So, to begin with Brett and Oscar, would really like to know more about you guys, your background, experience, and journey in Crypto space.

Oscar Van Velsen: sure , Hey everybody, my name is Oscar van Velsen. I'm a software engineer with about 8 years of experience in the medtech and fintech industry. Also I have organized many events in the Netherlands which is where I met my partners Brett and Maarten.

It seems that Brett can not make it here unfortunately. but on his side: he is a guy that's been active in the crypto space for a long time as a marketer, growth hacker and investor. also, he has organized many events in the Dutch dance industry.

Mike CryptoShark: Wow! MedTech and FinTech, quite a diverse experience must say Oscar!

Oh damn, would have loved to talk to Brett as well, with his experience in growth hacking and investor! ☺ But no worries, hope everything is fine with him. We will have project information from you Oscar! 😃

Great! So, my next question is.

QCan you briefly describe #DigitalRenaissance? What is it trying to do in the blockchain space?

Julius Caesar: hi guys, sorry I am late. Came from a meeting.

Mike CryptoShark: Oh super awesome!! We have Brett here too Guys!

Oscar Van Velsen: DR is developing a new creative economy. We are connecting blockchain to music and real world events. We will:
- organize festivals and other kinds of events
- launch an NFT marketplace
- launch a mobile app

Our app will be crucial as the connecting link between blockchain and our real world events.

Julius Caesar: NFT+ experience , Digital, physical and in real life.

Mike CryptoShark: This is so amazing and extraordinary --> "connecting link between blockchain and our real world events" This is what the core of #DR is I believe!

Doesn't it sound perfect as a next stage and future for a fast shaping industry!!

Julius Caesar: Yes, our background is from the culture, music, artists, events, festivals, clubs, musuems, etc.

Mike CryptoShark: Super cool! I'd like to talk more, maybe offline. I am part of band and we would want to explore the possibilities here too! 😃

Julius Caesar: Maarten our music director is de booker of the De Marktkantine, one of on the biggest clubs in the Netherlands. He books AAA artist from the house, techno, disco, etc scene.

Mike CryptoShark: International artists who play all around the world.

Nice! , What kind of band?

Julius Caesar: Genre is mostly Rock and Fusion. I'd connect offline to talk more about this for sure! You should come to Amsterdam or somewhere else in EU where we are going to organize our events. A man of culture.

Mike CryptoShark: Hey I'd love to! ;) Shall plan soon mate!

Julius Caesar: Our platform will be universal

Mike CryptoShark: Awesome!!! Moving on to our next one -

QWhat all launchpads #DigitalRenaissance IDO is coming and what dates?

Julius Caesar: Music has no borders like the internet. We at DR want to be a platform for creativity and artists, creatives and fans. We are in talks with some very cool artists, labels, festivals who have been around for many years. Like the biggest in the world.

Mike CryptoShark: Sounds interesting!! I'm jumping like a kid expecting couple of names here! 😃

Julius Caesar: I like to work with museum as the first project for our launchpad / incubator.

Mike CryptoShark: This is essentially what we say "Out of the Box" thinking and approach! -- "I like to work with museum as the first project".

Julius Caesar: Haha unless its written in ink we cant mention names. But if you like you can find online a lot about our history, which events we organized or artists we booked or brands I think it will give a good impression 😉

Mike CryptoShark: Awesome!! I'd be definitely going there

Julius Caesar: They are more traditioneel and less flexibel, less aware.

Oscar Van Velsen: We are talking to a few launchpads and VC's But there is no fixed date. also, raising funds on our own userbase has been going very well for us, raising about 1.5 million in just a few months.

Julius Caesar: Of the innovations possibilities, due to Corona many artists and companies have suffered with huge losses in their revenue streams.

Mike CryptoShark: Wooh! That's some fund-raising you guys have been able to do without IDO! Pretty Impressive! And indeed why not, with such a powerful vision and idea!

Great! So a couple of more from our end and then we move to the best #Twitter Picks. Here’s next -

QCould you briefly share the roadmap of #DigitalRenaissance the way ahead, any cool updates we should be looking for the project?

Julius Caesar: With the digitalization of culture and NFTs possibilities; artists, musuems, brands are more open to this new tech and opportunities. But it is still so early.

Oscar Van Velsen: The main one to look out for here is the marketplace launch : )

Mike CryptoShark: Wow!! Impressive roadmap! and more awesome that almost half of this Quarter is also done!

Julius Caesar: Updated one


ARX = selling music rights % through NFTs

Oscar Van Velsen: Ahh yes, Brett is showing the updated one : )

Julius Caesar: Earn together with your favorite artist.

Oscar Van Velsen: Great!

Julius Caesar: And support.

Mike CryptoShark: This is unique! Selling music rights to people who are followers! Nothing like this has ever come in Industry I believe!

Julius Caesar: Spotify, Youtube and all those other big platforms only pay like 12% of the earned revenue to the artists.

Mike CryptoShark: Awesome!! One more from our Host round and then we move to #Twitter picks!

QWhat are your listing plans and which exchanges are being targeted?

Oscar Van Velsen: DEX listing is planned for early may and CEX is to be determined : )

Julius Caesar: We will be multichain.

Polygon <> Uniswap
BSC <> Pancakeswap

Mike CryptoShark: Sounds awesome! @Community – Look out for interesting updates from #DigitalRenaissance!

Julius Caesar:

Mike CryptoShark: So now is the time we move to Twitter Picks. @Community - The best one shared with me by #DigitalRenaissance. Here is the first lucky one-

Twitter Q & A Round

Q1: (@Esrageziyor1) Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Oscar Van Velsen: Hope you guys don't mind the voice format 😄 also, a cool feature: we will soon offer premium music access to our token holders this means DJ mixes and playlists : ) it will be the first of many token utilities.

Mike CryptoShark: Of course, we love to hear about the projects! And esp. I am loving to hear about it more! 😃

Oscar Van Velsen: there is a very important factor that should be mentioned our team , we aren't a bunch of marketing and hype experts. I have been in the field as a software engineer about 8 years, working in all kinds of tech and engineer jobs and I am one of the lightweight engineers in DR and not even involved with tech : )

we have PhD engineers, mathmaticians, data scientists, and guys that have been writing software since 10 years old. If you combine that with key figures from the music industry you can see that we have the experience to make this happen.

Mike CryptoShark: Are you serioues? - been writing software since 10 years old.

Oscar Van Velsen: that's Luuk yes, out CTO.

Mike CryptoShark: Wow, the current title says it all now! 😄

Oscar Van Velsen: We also got approached by Ronny Shibley, the CTO and co-owner of Gorillas worldwide.

Mike CryptoShark: Wow this is good.

Oscar Van Velsen: He started the business with 0 revenue in 2020and now it has a multi billion dollar valuation in 2022 Ronny is now part of our team Why? because he sees our vision. and he sees our tech and he believes in it : ) he is one of the many heavyweight advisors and investors in our company, which definitely speaks for our potential towards investors : )

Mike CryptoShark: Sees our vision - You have said it all and I cannot insist enough that this is truly an outstanding vision.

Alright, moving on to our second lucky one -

Q2: (@thichandau) Trust is very important in business. So, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with Digital Renaissance ? And how will you get the trust of many users that have negative thoughts about Blockchain and DeFi?

Oscar Van Velsen: OK so I think the names we mentioned above should speak for themselves : ) Another advisor and team member of ours is Sebastiaan Lichter.

Sebastiaan Lichter has done the most successful token launch in Dutch history, raising $15m. Later that company of his, Blockport, merged into Bux, the fastest growing crypto broker in Europe. They have what is basically a banking license, which is of course as legit as it gets. Getting advice from these kinds of heavyweight entrepreneurs in our team is priceless to our company if that is not trustworthy then I don't know what is :D

Mike CryptoShark: Totally with you man!

Oscar Van Velsen: secondly, I always find it interesting that people will trust a currency that is, by definition, prone to manipulation and constantly inflates (fiat) and are skeptical towards a way more honest system that is blockchain

We have seen now what can happen to fiat (the ruble) now of course that's an extreme case. but don't be fooled in thinking that this cannot happen to any other fiat currency. people are always skeptical towards innovation but blockchain is the future : )

Mike CryptoShark: Perfect! Moving on to our next one from twitter-

Q3. (@KhandelwalAmit4) What are the biggest challenges that DigitalRenais project faces in terms of growth and expansion and how do you guys intend to tackle it? #AMA

Oscar Van Velsen: Interesting question so we have grown from 12 to 30 people in the last 7 weeks or so and its a lot to handle. also, with $1.5M there are big shoes to fill and many promises to keep. to answer the question, number 1: This isn't our first rodeo especially me and Luke, our CTO, have worked at many startups and big companies as engineer and manager.

Mike CryptoShark: Wow! That is some speed!

Oscar Van Velsen: We use enterprise grade tools such as Jira and Typescript and secondly, and more importantly: we are all in on this. you can find our team online 7 days a week, and we are literally a 24/7 operation. there is no stone left unturned to succeed with our mission and vision.

Mike CryptoShark: Amazing!! Each piece of information is super thrilling and takes everyone more closer to the look of potential of the project!

Alright, our last one from Twitter before we move to community round -

Q4. (@LCng66099072) Can you list 1-3 great features of the Project that set it ahead of its competitors? What competitive advantage does your platform have that you feel most confident in? (

Oscar Van Velsen: The features of our team is one of the most important first of all, we have been in the music industry for about 20 years. we are competing against American giant companies with big bags of money but you can't buy 20 years worth of network.

Mike CryptoShark: Couldn't agree more!

Oscar Van Velsen:Also, I don't believe that other companies can move and deploy as fast as we do. Our CTO is well known in the Dutch financial industry to be the fastest out there. And he has no trouble skipping 2 nights of sleep to get the job done : )

So that is: number 1, our network in the music industry.

number 2: our passion and ability to rapidly develop tech.

Also, again, the combination of products. our competitors just do the one thing: music nfts, or nft festivals, etc. nobody combines it. we are creating an ecosystem.

Mike CryptoShark:Superb! , Absolutely mind-blowing and inspirational to the core! Quite an intense Q&A that was I must say! Thank you Brett and Oscar for answering those #TwitterPicks.

Now is the time we move to our most high-voltage round – Community Round! @Community – We always love your intriguing questions which help us gather more details about the project! Please shoot-out!

Telegram Q & A Round

Q1.Staking program is very important for any project, Can i stake your token? Do you have any plan of starting staking program?

Q2.Do you think that community is important to your project and how community can help development of the project?

Q3.One thing I noticed on your project is the name of your token which is called the $VINCI token. The ticker name is way off from your project name. Could you tell us the meaning behind the name of your token and why did you decided to name it like that?

Q4.My Question answer plz, Can you share to us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens? Will there be buy back system or token burning in the future?

⚜️What are the Team’s qualifications and history? What is the ultimate vision that Your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market?

please see the team section here

Mike CryptoShark: Alright! With this we come to an end to our AMA with #DigitalRenaissance. It’s been such a pleasure to host you guys here Brett and Oscar.

All of us from the community wish you all the luck to #DigitalRenaissance and to all of your team, and look forward to the future partnerships and new listings of DigitalRenaissance!

Thank you very much for joining us today and informing the community about your project.

Here are important links of DigitalRenaissance!⛓

Website | Telegram |Twitter



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