CRYPTO SYZYGY : AMA Session With DragonSB

AMA On , Tuesday February 22nd At 10:00 AM UTC

Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with DragonSB where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  1. Host Round
  2. Twitter Q & A Round
  3. Telegram Q & A Round

Crypto King: All you great people out there we have yet another round of AMA with a fantastic looking project called #DragonSB

Today, we have @Lorna_Crypto from the team to represent #SB. Welcome Lorna👏👏👏👏

Lorna: Hi everyone. My name is Lorna Nguyen. I'm the CM of DragonSB.

Crypto King: Cool , Let'a begin by asking about you and your background in Crypto space. How have been your experience so far with SB ?

Lorna: I have been with DragonSB from the very first days of the project.

Crypto King: Nice

Q1. Can you briefly describe #DragonSB? What is it trying to do in the blockchain/gaming space?

Lorna: I’m glad to introduce that DragonSB is the first Metaverse MMORPG built on Terra Protocol and Binance Smart Chain, being ready to join the NFT Blockchain game industry with the extremely attractive Fantasy Metaverse game genre and its surreal graphics. In this world, players control warrior dragons and engage in fierce battles. The dragons kill vicious beasts with bestowed superpowers and earn SB tokens and NFTs. With the combination of NFT, Play-to-earn and DeFi, users are able to accumulate earnings while entertaining themselves!

Crypto King: Great

Q2. Would you like to talk about DragonSB's achievements in the IDO round?

Lorna: Sure. I’d love to. DragonSB had already held the brilliant Pre-sale and Public Sale. I’m proud to say that DragonSB has successfully sold out in Pre-sale on both BSCLaunch and StarTerra in a short time. DragonSB IDO was also sold out in less than 1 minute on Terraformer.

DragonSB with the most $DAO staked and locked has broken the DAO Maker record. I think we achieved one of our achievement targets is that brings the excellent Gamefi - DragonSB close to users in the crypto space.

Crypto King: Awesome. My next one👇

Q3. Could you briefly share the roadmap of #DragonSB the way ahead, any cool updates we should be looking for the project?

Lorna: After IDO, we will prepare steps to list SB tokens on CEX and DEX. Beta Game Testing, Game Version 1.0, NFT Marketplace, Staking and Farming will be launched in 2022. DragonSB will also integrate a Mobile version and VR support so that players can experience the game on multiple platforms.
Let’s look forward to our next great events!

Q4. What are your listing plans and which exchanges are being targeted?

Lorna:DragonSB has already planned for listing. After IDO, we will prepare steps to list the SB token on both CEX and DEX in Q1/2022. Let’s wait for the official listing!

Crypto King: Would be nice to see it on both Cex and Dex in Q1.

Let's move to the #Twitter Picks now. We have 5 best questions selected in this round. Let's take them one by one.👇

Twitter Q & A Round

Q1. Can you tell us how strong your security system is? Have you performed an audit by any third party before? @anhtran604

Lorna: Sure. DragonSB has been audited by Verichains. Please check here:
DragonSB's security is at a high level as we apply BSC and Terra Protocol. These platforms will help save users from scammers. So, it can be said that to join DragonSB is to join a prestigious project.

Q2. How many killer features of #DragonSB project that makes it ahead of its competitors? Could you tell us 2-3 features ? And What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily? @mishavoguel1

Lorna: I’m proud to say that there are a lot of killer features of #DragonSB project that makes it ahead of its competitors. DragonSB is considered a heavyweight in the blockchain game industry, there are some of DragonSB's competitive advantages:
- Stunning graphics, attractive effects
- Huge backers: DAOmaker, Magnus Capital, DnR Labs, Insignius, Chronos Ventures, ReBlock, Diversity, GHAF Capital,, Maven Capital, OIG, CMC Capital, StarTerra, Terraformer, Newtribe, Koi Capital, Photo Chromic, SkyMan, AVG, AntEx - the big investment funds having many years of investing in blockchain projects
- Integrating simultaneously both Free-to-earn and Play-to-earn Modes
- NFT Marketplace helps players trade with each other
- Support VR
- Multi-platform game from a reputable game developer

In order to raise awareness and investment of game players in cryptocurrency, DragonSB will educate the community on the benefits of SB token: the utility, the usages that $SB brings to holders such as staking, farming. Besides, SB tokens can also be used to buy items that increase the fighting ability of dragons.

Crypto King: Great to see it backed by #DaoMaker especially. Amazing!

Cool the next lucky one from Twitter👇

Q3. Do you consider community feedback/requests during the creation process to expand on new ideas for your project? Many projects fail because they do not understand the target audience and customers. So I want to know who is the ideal consumer for your product? @raditz_xp

Lorna: Community feedback/requests are to which DragonSB attaches importance because team DragonSB always put the user experience first. We always highly appreciated all the feedback we receive during the game developing process. Our ideal consumer is anyone who is interested in blockchain and crypto space. So we hope to be able to raise awareness of playing DragonSB’s benefits to them.

Q4. Can you tell me how to earn tokens or nft in game? @Thanhdanh1111

Lorna: DragonSB gives the community many opportunities to earn valuable SB tokens and NFTs:
- Perform in-game quests and win battles
- Participate in events such as Airdrop, Minigames, ...
- Staking and Farming SB tokens on SBSwap to earn passive income
- Sell NFTs such as dragons, eggs, gems, ... on NFT Marketplace for direct income.

Crypto King: Alright the last one from Twitter

Q5. How many team members do you have? Do they have enough experience in the blockchain field? Do they have any experience on working in crypto and non-crypto project??✌️ @MdTanbi35716872

Lorna: DragonSB was developed by a dedicated team. The DragonSB team has many years of experience in the fields of blockchain technology and GameFi conception. After four years of operation, DragonSB's team continues to grow. Currently, DragonSB employs over 20 in-house staff including 3D artists, game developers, graphic designers, content writers, and marketers.

Crypto King: Cool, let’s do the community round now. Opening window

Telegram Q & A Round

Q1. I am interested to invest in your project. When and where can I buy your tokens? Is it already listed exchanges?

Lorna: DragonSB have planned for listing. After IDO, we will prepare steps to list the SB token on both CEX and DEX in Q1/2022.

Q2. @duongadroverse Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Lorna: For me, there are several motivations to join DragonSB:
First of all, DragonSB is in the world trend as being a combination of Metaverse, NFT, Play-to-earn and MMORPG. Secondly, DragonSB brings players many opportunities to ‘play-to-earn’ valuable SB tokens. In particular, players can perform in-game quests, participate in Airdrop, Minigames, Staking, Farming and sell NFTs on NFT Marketplace to earn both direct and passive income. Last but not least, DragonSB is famous for the in-game inflation reduction mechanism. Team DragonSB will use 70% of profits from products in the ecosystem to buy back and burn SB tokens to reduce total supply, increase scarcity, thereby increasing the price of SB tokens.

Q3.Hello @duongadroverse Can you share to us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens? Will there be buy back system or token burning in the future?

Lorna: SB is the nucleus of DragonSB’s ecosystem. It is used for all in-game activities, such as buying items and wagering bets.

Token Economy
● Buying: SB is the main in-game currency and is used to buy in-game items: dragons, armor and weapons, precious gems, and skill books.
● Playing: Play to earn. SB is used to buy strong and capable dragons. A strong and capable dragon is needed to increase the probability of victory in the arena. Winning increases in-game rewards.
● Staking: Users are also able to use SB for staking and farming on SBswap. Doing these things increases earnings.
● Burning: DragonSB’s team is committed to using 70% of revenue to buy back SB tokens and burn them to assure scarcity and to increase value.

Crypto King: Awesome. This was an awesome session.

Lorna: thank you all. it’s nice to be with you today.

Crypto King: Thank you very much for joining us today and informing the community about your project.

Here are important links of DragonSB!⛓

Website | Telegram |Twitter




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