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AMA On ,Friday March 11th At 01:00 PM UTC

Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with DragonWar where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  1. Host Round
  2. Twitter Q & A Round
  3. Telegram Q & A Round

Mike CryptoShark: Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to this amazing SYZYGY community. SYZYGY has brought for you guys another project today which is of super high potential – DragonWar.

We have with us today , Huy Van, Chief Executive Officer at DragonWar. Truly honored to have you here Huy! Welcome to SYZYGY!

Huy | Thanks bro , Hello everyone, hope you guys are all doing great.

Mike CryptoShark: I am sure the whole community is doing great too as it keeps them super pumped to meet fantastic projects here always and they are always eager to learn more about those via AMA!

The community had been waiting for #DragonWar! We hope you enjoy the session today!

Huy | Thanks for your kind words ❤️

Mike CryptoShark: Alright! Let's get started then! We have few questions from our end first, then we will move on to #TwitterPicks and Community round.

So, to begin with Huy, would really like to know more about you, your background, experience, and journey in Crypto space.

Huy | Sure

I’m Huy Van - CEO of Dragon War. My background is from Technology & Computer Science. I have spent the last 12 years as a technology consultant, founded a few companies working on Software, Game development both in Singapore and Vietnam.

More than that, I have 30 years experience in… playing Games. I have really loved playing games since I was a child and that passion is still up in me until now. Hope I can share those passions with you through Dragon War.

I started involving in crypto space since 2017 and we are as software company have been working on few blockchain project since 2019 and recently last year we started Dragon War It’s nice to talk with you and join AMA today.

Mike CryptoShark: Wow! More than a decade as Tech Consultant! Quite cool! This is quite impressive -- I have 30 years experience in… playing Games Truly inspirational buddy!!

Huy | Thanks bro!

Mike CryptoShark: Great! So, my next question is.

QCan you briefly describe #DragonWar? What is it trying to do in the Gaming space of blockchain?

Huy | Dragon War is the best turn-based Strategy game running on the fastest blockchain Solana.

Mike CryptoShark: Superb Superb Superbbb!!!

Huy | In the turn-based Gaming category, there are so many games out there being created almost every day, but most of them lack quality in terms of gaming experience. With Dragon War we are trying to create a best combination of:
- Engaging & exciting gameplay
- Great 2D Graphics and animations
- Balance in earning mechanisms
- Inspiring stories.

To make sure people playing the game can earn values while enjoying and having a great gaming experience with it.

Mike CryptoShark: This is something that not every gaming project is not thinking, so this definitely is throwing the best of the class that DragonWar is !

Huy | You can have a glance of it from this trailer:

More information can be found from
- Website:
- Pitch deck:
- Whitepaper:
- Twitter:

Mike CryptoShark: WowWWW!!! Indeed the highest quality one! ☺ 🤘Moving on to our next question -

QWhat all launchpads #DragonWar IDO is coming and what dates?

Huy | Thanks! ❤️ Regarding IDO will take place on the 20th and 23rd of this month Mar on 3 launchpads: Solanium, Redkite, and Starpunk.

Mike CryptoShark: Super excited already!! Less than 10 days left for the first round!!! I’m sure your IDO would rock the whole place, but still all the best from all of the SYZYGY community!!

Huy | These are the best and most popular launchpads on the market.

more information can watch this:

Mike CryptoShark: Yes Indeed! You have got quite a coverage I must say!

Huy | Currently we are running a lot events such as Testnet, Airdrop, Community whitelist, AMAs... around this. Stay tuned on offical channels of Dragon War

💎Telegram: &

Mike CryptoShark: Yea that sounds amazing! @ Community - Do connect on their TG group or any of the socials shared below to get latest of their updates! We will try to provide best possible coverage from our AMA round for sure! 😄

Great! So a couple of more from our end Huy and then we move to the best #Twitter Picks.

Here’s next -

QCould you briefly share the roadmap of #DragonWar the way ahead, any cool updates we should be looking for the project?

Huy | These are current roadmap of project:

Q1 2022
▪️ IDO
▪️ Testnet Launch
▪️ Game Asset Offering
▪️ Marketplace
▪️ Second in-game Token
Q2 2022
▪️ Mainnet Launch
▪️ Hero’s Equipment System
▪️ World map:
- Treasure Hunting
- Dragon Hunting
- Boss Raid
▪️ Dragon Fusion
▪️ Mobile Version

Q3 2022
▪️ PvP Mode
▪️ PvP Tournament
▪️ World map: Guild War
▪️ Staking

Q4 2022
▪️ Eragard Metaverse
▪️ Land, Farming, Raise Dragon system

So currently we are runing first round of Tesnet, we gonna run another round at large scale around end of this month after IDO and soon following by INO, A lot of people are exicing joining testnet version of Dragonwar so I think it's a cool update everyone looking for.

Mike CryptoShark: This looks ambitious indeed! And there is also no iota of doubt that you guys would be able to achieve each and every milestone here! And how cool is that - RAISE DRAGON SYSTEM!! I mean I have always wanted a dragon and something like this would be soooooooo sexy!

Huy | hah, ya, in deed. Me too

Mike CryptoShark: hahaha! high five!! I'd steal your dragons maybe! lol.

Awesome!! One more from our Host round and then we move to #TwitterPicks!

QWhat are your listing plans and which exchanges are being targeted?

Huy | The listing plan will take place after IDO on DEX Raydium. We are working with a fews CEX such as,, Houbi but probaly at later point.

Mike CryptoShark: These are some heavyweight CEX I must say!

Huy | we just dont' want them to get so many tokens from the early phases and dump the chart.

Mike CryptoShark: That perfectly makes sense as well!

So @Community – Look out for interesting updates from #DragonWar! So now is the time we move to #TwitterPicks.

Twitter Q & A Round

Q1: (@Meeloo93) Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base.
Does #DragonWar an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so, what are they?
Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain number of tokens in order to enjoy & play the #DragonWar?

Huy | Our cost to start will depend on how the token performance after IDO. But we are trying to keep it at very low, less than 50$. It should be in the way start with low cost, but the more the faster player want to advance they will invest more you need to buy at least 1 Hero to start with the Game and along with it you will be given a free start chest including a Dragon and a Skill that's enough for you to start with the game later you can buy Genesis chest including a full team of 5 dragons.

Mike CryptoShark: Oh wow! Am I jumping from seat right now?? 5 dragons!!

Mike CryptoShark: I'd love to create an army of Dragons! 🤘

Huy | these are my team on Testnet

Mike CryptoShark: 😵 My personal Fav as of now -- BLUE ONE!! ☺

Huy | we also working on a Free to Play Game mode, that would available to players on Q2

Mike CryptoShark: Super duper cool Huy!!

Huy | we have tens thousand of unique dragons on Mainnet , you would love it.

Mike CryptoShark: hahahaha. waiting to go there asap!! 😃 Moving on to our next one then!!

Q2: (@Kingamanee) Why did you choose to build Dragon War on Solana when many gaming platforms are launched on chains like BSC and Ethereum? Will we see #DragonWar in other popular chains in the future?

Huy | We have considered other networks such as BSC before choosing Solana.
Anyone who has studied the market long enough knows that Solana is the first and most popular Blockchain network to date that solves all 3 problems:
- Speed ​​/ Scalability,
- Decentralized (Decentralized),
- Security (Security).

Compared to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is the network that currently has the most GameFi being developed on, Solana is 1000 times faster, while gas fees are 1000 times cheaper than BSC.

If 1 transaction on BSC during peak time costs about 0.5$ On Solana, on average, each transaction costs only $0.0005 will be very beneficial for players.

We understand the limitation of Solana's popularity compared to big names like BSC and Ethereum. But let's look at Solana's real competitive advantages at the moment.. For us as true gamers, user experience is our top concern. Therefore, a fast, accurate and secure blockchain network is a top priority. That is also the reason we choose Solana.

And, in terms of popularity, Solana is currently also in the top 5 of Marketcap, almost catching up with BSC, so in the near future I don't think it will be a problem.

Team plans to expand the Game to multi-chain with a long-term vision. But for now, we are focusing on developing Games on Solana first because this is one of the core competitive advantages of Dragon War.
We are also trying to limit unnecessary transactions such as upgrading characters, using items to reduce gas fees, how to make players feel like Play to earn and experience, not " pay to play".

Mike CryptoShark: Totally Agree with you Huy here!!

Quite thoughtful and considerate of the folks to look and cover all aspects of why Solana is the key of the future and should be given priority now! Cool, moving to the next one.

Q3. (@Stock_Man9) How many characters and Hero Elements are there in "Dragon War" and how is this game designed? Can you tell us about the main features and give us some details of each of them, from how we can make a profit and the Marketplace you have designed for the game?

Huy | We have Heroes of different races,tens of thousands unique variances of Dragon in the Game.

Huy | Dragon we have 5 different elements

How the Game Design is a very complicated subjects but you can have a glance of it on our whitepaper at: We have a lot of information there on how the game design, gameplay, tokenomic....

On the profit, earning side, you can refer to this flow chart.

Mike CryptoShark: Quite a work!! Community we love your questions!

Huy | haha

Mike CryptoShark: Helps us so so much to get more cooler insights about the project! 🤘

Huy | Ya, questions from Crypto Syzygy are very cool

Mike CryptoShark: Alright, a final one from #TwitterPicks Huy!

Huy | It's really difficult to choose.

Mike CryptoShark: Yea that is our awesome community for you! 😄 I couldn't agree more.

Q4. (@Tomie_chana) With two tokens, $DRAW and $ERA, Dragonwar appears to be similar to forerunners like Axie Infinity in terms of tokenomics. Could you explain the dual token scheme to us? What are the functions and benefits of these tokens? Which one is required to begin the game?

Huy | Yes, we have dual tokens.

Huy | Tokenomics of Dragon War somehow would be similar to the same turn-based Game category and we should learn from the best.

In this tokenomic, we have 2 tokens, one is the main token DRAW can be used to..
-Buy main in-game NFTs such as Heroes, Dragons,...
-Staking for reward from Game Revenue and governance how the game should be developed in future.

The ERA - 2nd token which you can use to
-Buy other NFTs in-game such as Skill cards, Heroes equipment items, consumable items...
-Can be used to upgrade Char, item, or fusion your Dragons.
-Later, when we have PvP mode ready and PvP tournament, it can be used as a fee to participate in these events also.

Each token has its own function and will be used in the game, so investing in any token will also benefit players. The project builds a tokenomics mechanism to balance and avoid inflation for both tokens.

$DRAW would be the main token required to begin the game, but later $ERA would have more and more use cases to be used in Dragon War as you can see from the chart above.

Mike CryptoShark: Phew!!,You never cease to impress with this Huy!

That was quite an intense Q&A. Thank you Huy for answering those #TwitterPicks.

Now is the time we move to our most high-voltage round – Community Round! @Community – We always love your intriguing questions which help us gather more details about the project! Please shoot-out!

Telegram Q & A Round

Q1.Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects?

Huy | We are not like those many projects. We are a dedicated team with 40 members developing the whole game Dragon War from a scratch for now we have already have Tesnet release. People are playing the Testnet version and found it’s good that it’s very difficult for them to find a bug haha.

Mike CryptoShark: @Community - You are lovely! So many of the questions and such a variety to choose from!

We hope all of you are enjoying the AMA with our super potential project! 🤘

Q2.Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

Huy | Yes, we are. As introduced earlier, we are from software and game development company with key members more than 10 years of exprience in the field.

Mike CryptoShark: Amazing! 2 more to go Huy!

Q3.Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue of the token? What is the income model?

Huy | Yes, we understand this very well from beginning and we know that NFT would be the main revenue source so that’s reason why we build Dragon War form scratch and so that we can create a game with tens of thousands of unique NFTs.

Q4.Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Huy | Yes, we have a team of 10 dedicated Community Morderator and Customer Support to receive community feedbacks, especially in the Bug Hunters event we are doing right now. You can see that we are supporting and solving community feedbacks everyday on our Discord channel.

Mike CryptoShark: Alright! These were some awesome questions and responses by Huy!

Huy | Thanks @CryptoAmaze.

Mike CryptoShark: With this we come to an end to our AMA with #DragonWar. It’s been such a pleasure to host you Huy.

Huy | it's my pleasure, too.

Mike CryptoShark: All of us from the community wish all the luck to #DragonWar and to all of your team, and look forward to the future partnerships and new listings of DragonWar!

Huy | great to talk with your community today, hope you guys have some more information to join exciting events we have ahead Thanks again for @CryptoAmaze to host such great AMA with a great comunity have a nice day everyone.

Mike CryptoShark:Thank you very much for joining us today and informing the community about your project.

Here are important links of DragonWar!⛓

Website | Telegram |Twitter



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