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Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with DragonWar where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  1. Host Round
  2. Twitter Q & A Round
  3. Telegram Q & A Round

Crypto King: Alright guys! Welcome once again to yet another round of AMA session with a very prominent personality in the Crypto space. Today, we have the Execution Lead Mr. Huy from #DragonWar to answer our questions about the project that is due for IDO in few days.

Huy Van : Hi guys. Glad to e-meeting all of you!! 👋

Crypto King: Welcome to Syzygy😄

We will start by asking first about you your background and journey in the Crypto space. Could you briefly introduce yourself😊

Huy Van : Hello everyone, I’m Huy Van - CEO of Dragon War. My background is from Technology & Computer Science. I have spent the last 12 years as a technology consultant, founded a few companies working on Software, Game development both in Singapore and Vietnam.

More than that, I have 30 years experience in… playing Games. I have really loved playing games since I was a child and that passion is still up in me until now. Hope I can share those passions with you through Dragon War.
It’s nice to talk with you and join AMA today

Crypto King: Awesome!

Could you let us know more about #DragonWar and what it is trying to achieve in the gaming space?

Huy Van : Dragon War is the best turn-based Strategy game running on the fastest blockchain Solana.

In the turn-based Gaming category, there are so many games out there being created almost every day, but most of them lack quality in terms of gaming experience. With Dragon War we are trying to create a best combination of:
- Engaging & exciting gameplay
- Great 2D Graphics and animations
- Balance in earning mechanisms
- Inspiring stories.

To make sure people playing the game can earn values while enjoying and having a great gaming experience with it.

You can have an overview look of the game at:

Crypto King: That's great. We will definitely have a look at it. Ok moving on to the next question..

What all launchpads #DragonWar IDO is coming and on what dates?

Huy Van : We are also happy to partner with Redkite,GameFi and Starpunk which are the best and most popular launchpads on the market. As we expected, IDO was supposed to take place on 24th and 25th of this month on 3 launchpads : GameFi, Redkite and Starpunk.

However, due to the general situation of the cryptocurrency market, as well as the current nft game, being in a bad state plus there are many objective unfavorable factors recently, the team has discussed with advisors and incubators to make some changes.

The exact time of IDO has not been determined, but it must be before the game comes to mainnet in Quater 1 2022. To participate in IDO, you can stake at GameFi and Redkite for a chance to receive participation slots.

Crypto King: Great, considering the current market condition it is a very good decision. So here comes the next one👇

Could you briefly share the roadmap of #DragonWar the way ahead, any cool updates we should be looking for the project?

Huy Van :

Q1 2022
▪ Challenging to Earn PvE Simple Mode
▪ Testnet Launch
▪ Game Asset Offering
▪ Mainnet Launch
▪ Marketplace
▪ Second in-game Token
▪ Challenging to Earn PvE Full Mode

Q2 2022
▪ Hero’s Equipment System
▪ World map:
- Treasure Hunting
- Dragon Hunting
- Boss Raid
▪ Dragon Fusion
▪ Mobile Version

Q3 2022
▪ PvP Mode
▪ PvP Tournament
▪ World map: Guild War
▪ Staking

Q4 2022
▪ Eragard Metaverse
▪ Land, Farming, Raise Dragon system

Here is our roadmap. Currently, we are working hard on testnet launching and IDO in Q1, 2022. Follow our social channels so you don't miss Dragon War latest news

Crypto King: Great, one important question which everybody likes to have an answer of..

What are your listing plans and which exchanges are being targeted?😄

Huy Van : The listing plan will take place after IDO, currently we are planning to list on 2 exchanges first, and
And there will be a list of plans on other DEX and CEX exchanges later on 😎

Crypto King: to begin with is awesome , Alright let us now move to best Twitter questions.

Twitter Q & A Round

Q1. I read in your roadmap on Jan 2022 #DragonWar will Launch Testnet. When exactly will you launch your Tesnet?? What do you offer on this tesnet?? Can we test your testnet and give feedback for your testnet, and also when do you expect to launch Mainnet?

Huy Van : Testnet will be launched in early February 2022. Because of some changes, we decided to give more time to make the product better. In this testnet version, we have an attractive event for users, which is Bug Hunter, users will both experience the game and contribute ideas to the Dev team, then have the opportunity to receive new parts. valuable gift from Dragon War.
Mainnet will still proceed as planned, we will launch mainnet in Q1/2022

Q2. Do you have vesting period? Commitment of the team for the project is very important and it takes time to develop major things. The crypto is moving fast and some investors are less patience everytime, does the team have a plan for early investor to stick for a long term?

Huy Van : Yes. A vesting schedule is a must for any project, and we've got a blueprint for it, too. All investors or VCs must commit to the long haul with Dragon War before investing. About details you can check at our pitchdesk.

Q3. Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? I usually consider 3 things on: flexibility, cost and security. How can you guarantee me that these 3 things are available on ..

Huy Van : In the gameplay of Dragon War is designed to play by level, and each level requires the player to have a certain strategy to be able to pass the screen, it is not just a simple appearance and then click to fight.

Therefore, each time the level is higher, and if you keep that formation, there will be times when the player cannot pass the screen, forced to upgrade. Each time through the screen, in the game will appear items, or lucky spins, which are evenly distributed to everyone, not just the old players. So, new players also have the opportunity to collect valuable gifts, sell and sometimes the ROI of new players will sometimes be faster than old players. The game always calculates so that the ROI of new players or old players will be the same.

The players' experience is what Dragon War focuses on the most in the development of the game.
The Team strives to create the best game experience from focusing on development:
- Gameplay is attractive and interesting
- Stunning 2D graphics and animations
- Balance in the tokenomics mechanism
- Engaging and inspiring storyline.

Team chose to develop games on Solana to bring the smoothest experience.
For example, a mint char operation on the BSC can take minutes, longer than when the network is congested. On Solana, it takes 2s.
Currently on the market there are many games developed from traditional games, so when converting to NFT games, many features in the game are limited, reducing the attractiveness of game play. However, for Dragon War, we develop the game at the same time on the blockchain platform, thus creating the perfect connection between the NFT game and the core game experience.

In addition, our development team makes their real identity public on the website, not anonymous like many other games. Therefore, players can trust the reputation of the game.

Q4. I would like to know your opinion Mr. Huy Van on how to determine when a NFT game is a scam or does not present the right parameters to be a real proposition? What factors does Dragon War have to show that they are a game with a long term vision?

Huy Van : There are a lot of scam projects currently which causes FUD in gamefi community.
However, our development team makes their real identity public on the website, not anonymous like many other games. Therefore, players can trust the reputation of the game.

As the project was initially determined to go a long way, we focus on developing a good product both in terms of game play and tokenomics to create sustainability for Dragon War.

Actually, it's very easy to distinguish a scam game, looking at the game itself, on the team, on the backer team, everyone can judge it, our team has an experienced team and reputable backers. Indeed more than 30 people are passionate about project day and night

Any game that gurantee ROI 15 days will sooner or later die. That's "too good to be true"
The game wants to be sustainable, long term, it needs to be balanced: balance between play to earn with play for fun, balance between rewards and cash flow, growth of the game...v...v.

Q5. We've heard a little that DragonWar is the best turn-based strategy on the Solana blockchain network. Why did you choose to build on Solana? How will Solana give DragonWar an advantage in terms of speed, security, and cheaper costs when playing than BSC or ERC20?

Huy Van :We have considered other networks such as BSC before choosing Solana.
Anyone who has studied the market long enough knows that Solana is the first and most popular Blockchain network to date that solves all 3 problems:
- Speed ​​/ Scalability,
- Decentralized (Decentralized),
- Security (Security).
Compared to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is the network that currently has the most GameFi being developed on, Solana is 1000 times faster, while gas fees are 1000 times cheaper than BSC.

If 1 transaction on BSC during peak time costs about 0.5$
On Solana, on average, each transaction costs only $0.0005
That will be very beneficial for players.

We understand the limitation of Solana's popularity compared to big names like BSC and Ethereum. But let's look at Solana's real competitive advantages at the moment.. For us as true gamers, user experience is our top concern. Therefore, a fast, accurate and secure blockchain network is a top priority. That is also the reason we choose Solana.

In terms of popularity, Solana is currently also in the top 5 of Marketcap, almost catching up with BSC, so in the near future I don't think it will be a problem.

Team plans to expand the Game to multi-chain with a long-term vision. But for now, we are focusing on developing Games on Solana first because this is one of the core competitive advantages of Dragon War.
We are also trying to limit unnecessary transactions such as upgrading characters, using items to reduce gas fees, how to make players feel like Play to earn and experience, not "pay to play"

Crypto King:Great , Let us move to Community Round..

Telegram Q & A Round

Q1. @huydragonwar Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Huy Van :Sure, we always value community feedback and contributions first. Specifically, we will launch testnet and Bug hunter events so that players can experience and objectively evaluate the game. From there, we will adjust and change more suitable for users, and we will also have valuable gifts for these contributions.

Q2. When investors choose a project, they often evaluate their partners, who are your partners and how will they support Dragon War?

Huy Van: Big ventures and partners such as Icetea Labs are incubators and lead investors. GameFi & Redkite lauchpad, HUB Global, Lua Venture from Tomochain, DAO Maker... Currently working with some other big top funds but these ventures are at the end of the year so the process is relatively slow, information about ventures and partners will have an official announcement gradually, everyone can follow at the Announcement channel on Dragon’s telegram or through the Game’s official website.

Our partners have supported us in marketing as well as technical aspects. Currently, we are working with GameFi, Redkite and Starpunk to prepare for our IDO.

Q3. I read that Dragin war has two types of tokens which are
1. $DRAW
2. $ERA
could you please talk about these two tokens and what are their diffrent features and functions ?

Huy Van :In Dragon War, we have 2 tokens, one is the main token DRAW similar to AXS which can be used to
- Buy the main NFTs in the Game like Hero, Dragon;
- Staking to receive rewards from Game Revenue and manage how the Game will be developed in the future.

The 2nd token is an ERA similar to SLP that you can use to
- Buy other NFTs in the Game such as Skill cards, Hero equipment items, consumables.
- Can be used to upgrade your Char, items or merge your Dragon.
- Later, when we have PvP mode and PvP tournament ready, it can be used as a fee to participate in these events.

Each token has its own function and will be used in the game, so investing in any token will also benefit players. The project builds a tokenomics mechanism to balance and avoid inflation for both tokens.

Crypto King:Awesome, That was quite an entertaining session ,Thanks so much for coming Huy :)

Huy Van :Thanks for your supporting, mate. Hope to see all of you at Dragon War !! Have a nice weekend, guys.

Here are important links of DragonWar ⛓

Website | Telegram |Twitter




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