CRYPTO SYZYGY : AMA Session With Engines of Fury

AMA On , Wednesday February 2nd At 02:00 PM UTC

Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with Engines of Fury where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  1. Host Round
  2. Twitter Q & A Round
  3. Telegram Q & A Round

Mike CryptoShark: Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to this amazing SYZYGY community.

SYZYGY has brought for you guys another project today which is of super high potential – Engines of Fury.

We have with us today, Mindaugas, Lead Community Manager at Engines of Fury.

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮: Hello hello! Nice to join you guys! ❤️

Mike CryptoShark: Truly honored to have you here Mindaugas! Welcome to SYZYGY!

It keeps the whole SYZYGY community super pumped to meet fantastic projects here always and they are always eager to learn more about those via AMA! ☺

The community had been waiting for #EOF!

We hope you enjoy the session today!

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
Good to know, I was looking forward for this AMA too

Mike CryptoShark: Awesome! Let’s get started then!!

We have few questions from our end first, then we will move on to #Twitter picks and Community round.

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
sure sounds good

Mike CryptoShark: So, to begin with Mindaugas, would really like to know more about you, your background, experience, and journey in Crypto space.

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
I am Mindaugas,I am the community lead of the Engines of Fury team and today will answer all questions that you might have about EoF and guide you through the progress of our development! I work closely with the community and board members team to ensure both sides are well connected and informed about the latest news!

I've worked with pc games before, and launched my own game on steam last year. I was about to start developing another game but my friends from board member team contacted me, gave me to read the first white paper, and yeah, just in a blink of an EYE i've joined the team :))

Regarding crypto, i first remember I've bought some Bitcoin back in 2015, but most of trading was done in recent years, researched axie infinity for a long time, then other crypto games, and now decided to work in one of the best upcoming crypto games team! :D

Hope you will enjoy the AMA, guys. You are very welcome to join our Telegram channel: during/after AMA, We’ll be there to answer any questions that might not come up here!

Mike CryptoShark: That is quite interesting, launching your own game!!

you are surely quite a talent man!

And we meet very few folks who are so early entrant, amazing!!

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
ha ha h thanks

Mike CryptoShark: And Surely the folks from here would be flooding on the channel soon too! 😃

Great! So, my next question is.

Can you briefly describe #EOF? What is it trying to do in the Gaming space of blockchain?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
haha, will see!

In short: Engines of Fury is a wager-based 3D arena battler where players can win FURY tokens, create & sell NFTs, and earn profits.

Gameplay experience - if I would have to give a reference I would think of Runescape Duel Arena meets Mortal Kombat. Well that doesnt really explain it does it?

Players buy a champion using $FURY tokens (cost is going to be super low and tied to USDT to ensure players can acquire them)
They choose fighting class, customise a character, and you can play.
Choose between 4 gameplay modes
free to play training ground - to learn the mechanics, try out items, spells, combinations, etc.
Boss fights - pay a small entry fee to fight a strong boss in order to win $FURY or NFT recipes
PVP Duels or Tournaments. Where you will select an amount of $FURY to stake (there’s gonna be tiers ranging from super low amounts to very high amounts for risk takers). Get matched with similar level players and fight to win their staked tokens. (in tournament modes, there will also be NFTs, NFT recipes, and other rewards on top).

Also, there will be other interesting modes:

Arena master - we will sell shares of arenas. Holders of arena shares will be rewarded a commission from all the fees gathered in our game.
Creation of NFTs (or as we call it “forging”). Players will receive NFT recipes from boss fights, special events, and tournaments. Those recipes can be combined to make rare & strong weapons or armour, which can be used by your champions, sold on marketplace, or even immediately destroyed (or as we call it “melted”) to get $FURY tokens immediately.

Mike CryptoShark: Hahahha,I really liked that statement, which totally backs with the experience user is going to have -- HOLY GRAIL of CRYPTO GAMING!!

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
hahaha, yeah I mean

Mike CryptoShark: These are definitely quite many modes and you guys are leaving no stone unturned to make it best in the market!

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
we really see this issue with no real gameplay in the games.

some companies just want to launch the token and thats all

Mike CryptoShark: Agreed!

Hence - EOF! The best one !

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
We’re here for a long run. Community and game is the most important things!

Mike CryptoShark: This is the core, and you guys truly understand that!


Moving on to our next one -

What all launchpads #EOF IDO is coming and what dates?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
Well , we already announced DAO maker and GameFi

We’re all ready and prepared for IDO , but we yet do not have the date, But i promise you

It’s going to be either this or next month!

Mike CryptoShark: This is definitely some enticing thing!

First the gaming core

Second the Holy Grail and concentration on community

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :

Mike CryptoShark: And third IDO coming soon and super cool launchpads!

Truly impressed man, must say! 🚀

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
yeah pretty happy about the work we done so far.

Mike CryptoShark: Great! So a couple of more from our end and then we move to the best #Twitter Picks. Here’s next -

Could you briefly share the roadmap of #EOF the way ahead, any cool updates we should be looking for the project?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
Sure, What we’ve done so far:
Game design: champions, items, arenas, fighting simulations - a lot of it has been done already and will be shared on our Twitter/Telegram channels soon. So stay tuned and follow us here:
Investments & Partnerships: Private round almost closed with a lot of BIG and value add names there. We’ve already started announcing them and will continue over the next few weeks.
Launchpads: First one is the GameFI, second one is DAO maker! Third is already confirmed. Will announce it SOON!

Key milestones upcoming:
Q1: IDO/DEX/CEX launches
Q2: NFT marketplace launch
Q3: PVE game launch
Q4: Full game launch
2023 & onwards: MMORPG launch

Mike CryptoShark: wow!

That is a superb roadmap, must say!

All the things in place and the kind of items planned make the project demand "to the moon" soon! 😃

One more from our Host round and then we move to #Twitter picks!

What are your listing plans and which exchanges are being targeted?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
Right now I cant disclose it but follow us on twitter and this info will be announced soon! ❤️


Mike CryptoShark: Oh hell yea!

We will follow for these super cool updates too

Sounds awesome! @Community – Look out for interesting updates from #EOF and do visit and follow the their Twitter channel too!

So now is the time we move to Twitter Picks.

@Community - The best one shared with me by #EOF. Here is the first lucky one-

Twitter Q & A Round

Q1: (@PelageiaZele) Who will have the final say in business development and decisions? How influential is the elected representative in terms of business and development decisions? Will the company have some kind of veto power when it comes to decision making?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 : That’s an interesting question..

I think the best way to put it is that our CEO makes the business decisions. It’s already 3rd bussiness all before were and still are very successful

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :
The team is amazing and partnerships too , However even in the team, we have some ''voting'' power, so we work as a team regarding big decisions!

Mike CryptoShark: It is indeed always best strategy - CEO makes the business decisions , I totally agree here! Now that is one good way to work on it! I'd advise this to other projects too! 😃 , You are an inspiration #EOF !!

Here comes the 2nd one

Q2: (@Chris79339896) What is your top priorities in 2021, Could you share some plans for the upcoming year. Which part of the project are you most focused on right now and How many killer features of Your project that makes it ahead of its competitors Could you tell us 2-3 features the Project?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :

Mike CryptoShark: That is some rock solid list of Backers! , And I am loving it! 😄

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 : 3 killer features..

  1. Experienced and hardworking team
  2. Strong partnership with well connected investors and launchpads
  3. Well planned schedule and amazing gameplay!

Mike CryptoShark: This sums it up for everything! moving on to our next one.

Q3. (@PalitavaK) My question is How do you plan to spread awareness about #EnginesOfFury project in different African countries where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to let them better understand about #EnginesOfFury project?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 : well first of all , We already have some native speaking communities , So we do communities when the demand increases , here are the list of what we got already.

Spanish TG —
Vietnamese TG —
Korean TG —
Chinese TG —
Turkish TG —
Portugese TG —

Mike CryptoShark: Oh that is good coverage in terms of local community interaction!! Too impressive! ☺️

Couple of more from our #Twitter picks and we move to community round!

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :

Mike CryptoShark: Here is another one -

Q4: (@JesonWright) Can you explain us a little about the different kind of NFT in $FURY ? How much revenue do we need to get launched? What features do they have? Is this a product that will help us build our hero? Or, like Axie Infinity, will each NFT be a new hero with an own utility section?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 : Great question , first of all there will be 3 classes, and all of champions will be NFT’s , Also the armors and weapons will be nfts too! , The starting NFT’s shouldnt bee too expensive and you will need only one champion to start , so entry is pretty easy!

Mike CryptoShark: Fantastic!! , Indeed pretty easy! , You have got every flavor in the project to make it a super hit, must say Mindaugas! , And here comes the final lucky one from #Twitter picks-

Q5: (@dead_evild) Trust and Security should be the top priorities of every project ? So with, how can we guarantee that we are all secured here and we can trust you ? How can you prove that you will fulfill your promises and won’t disappear years from now?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 : good question , well if you look at our team and the investors , you can understand we work with the best, and so are our backers , We are fully transparent , about everything we do , the team $FURY pool , is locked for a long time , so we will launch the game , 100% , and I mean, that’s why we started working together, to launch the game! :D

Mike CryptoShark: Well, that quite an intense Q&A , Thank you Mindaugas for answering those #TwitterPicks. Now is the time we move to our most high-voltage round — Community Round! , @Community — We always love your intriguing questions which help us gather more details about the project!

Telegram Q & A Round

Q1. Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 : Our team consists of 30+ people right now, but it is still growing. From 2017 we had many blockchain projects that we worked with. Some that you may know very well, such as Matic Network (Polygon), NOIA (Syntropy), and many many more. So our team became big believers in decentralisation since then. And since this summer, seeing the games in GameFi, we decided to form a new team that could make a game that WE OURSELVES would actually love to play.
The core team is seasoned professionals — founding members of multinational game development studio, guys that have been part of one of the first ICO making esports gaming platforms (from back in 2017), and a lot of people with lots of experience in visuals, game dev, blockchain projects. And we have amazing advisors too — not all of them have been announced, so please make sure to stay tuned on our socials haha!

Q2. On your website you don’t mention that you have done any internal or external audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you have done any audit before? And in case you haven’t, would you plan to perform any review of your smart contract in the near future?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 : As we are now building the smart contract — audits are planned, but not done yet. But it will definitely be audited by well-known and sophisticated auditing firms. We take great caution when it comes to security.

Q3. Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 :

all links can be found here!

Mike CryptoShark: Alright!! With this we come to an end to our AMA with #EnginesOfFury. It’s been such a pleasure to host you here Mindaugas.

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 : Like wise! Thank you for having me today!

Mike CryptoShark: All of us from the community wish you all the luck to #EOF and to all of your team, and look forward to the future partnerships and new listings of Engines of Fury!

Here are important links of Engines of Fury!⛓

Website | Telegram |Twitter



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