BUILD IN BEAR: AMA Session With EpicWar

AMA On ,Thursday September 22nd At 01:00 PM UTC

Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with EpicWar where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  1. Host Round
  2. Twitter Q & A Round
  3. Telegram Q & A Round

Crypto King: **#BuildinBear AMA series**

Welcome all for another round of #AMA with a renowned project called #EpicWar.

Today we have @JayHaiNguyen from EpicWar and he will be addressing the questions regarding the project and its future😊

Welcome @JayHaiNguyen

J Hi Ng: Hello hello...How are you today ?

Crypto King: Doing great! how about you?

J Hi Ng: Good busy 😄 after the Merge & FED news.

Crypto King: Awesome, bear market keeping you busy haha. Well there are lot of members who are eager to know about EpicWar bur before we begin why don't you give a brief about yourself😄

J Hi Ng: Yes, it is my pleasure to be here today.

My name is Jay Hi and I am the founder of Epic War.

I have been a gaming enthusiast since childhood and have invested in many different kinds of tech companies, including Sky Mavis.

I realized that there was a huge gap between the AAA games and mobile app games, where gamers were looking for an experience as close to AA-quality gameplay on multi-devices.

Crypto King: Wow, pretty cool intro I must say. Ok let us move on to the Host Round I have a few questions to ask.

Q.Can you briefly describe #EpicWar? What is it trying to do in the blockchain space?

J Hi Ng: Yup..let's rock it

First - Epic War - we are on the way to combine blockchain technology and traditional FPS games with the best of chaos survival gameplay and reward earning gaming experience based on the P2E model.

So, we - Epic War is a chaos shooter game with fast paced movement, where the rounds of barrier course will be increasing with increasing levels. Like you are playing Fall Guys in HALO mode :D

This game aims to make you feel like your in an action movie 🎬 as you go on missions or aggressively shoot some alien monsters 👽 in survival maps with friends, but....

...What separates this game from others is that every round is different depending on how long you last for and how many players are alive at the end of the round ☠️☠️☠️

Crypto King: Wow, that's a lot of info😄
Alright, time to reveal your roadmap with our community. Here is my next one👇

Q.Could you briefly share the roadmap of #EpicWar the way ahead, any cool updates we should be looking for the project?

J Hi Ng: Yes yes, if you follow us on our social channels, you will see that we are releasing more features as we progress every month 😎

We are also planning to add more NFT weapons, maps and game modes along with increasing difficulty of the levels next month. We also release our game in Steam in Nov-Dec 🤯

There are a lot of exciting updates to look forward to in the future of Epic War. We plan on releasing an update a month with new features, bug fixes and balancing.

You can see our schedule for upcoming changes on Epic War Announcement ( or check out our activities on our Global Group (

It will be having new features and updates for the game with more levels, enemies, characters and much more. Epic War is a free to play game so anyone can try it out.

Crypto King: Awesome!

J Hi Ng: No no. We still need try harder , Time to BUIDL now.

Crypto King: Indeed! Best time to buidl.

Great info, need to ask you about IDO. This one I was curious to know :)

Q.In this market status, what points make Epic War different from other GameFi projects and attract investors?

J Hi Ng: Yesss...our IDO is really coming soon now. We are watching close with market conditions to prepare a good IDO promotion for Epic War.

For us, Epic War is a genre-redefining chaos shooter game 😵‍💫.

It is the first of its kind in the world, which has two classic elements of a chaotic fight and an authentic war zone map combined into one great new product, to bring players a brand-new immersive gaming experience.

Additionally, Epic War is equipped with a standard quality graphics and sound effects in multi-platforms: PC & Mobile.

The game will attract players’ attention not only by its unique gameplay but also by its stylish presentation.

We believe that the factor distinguishing Epic War from other games is the time-based changing environment and round of absurd obstacle course chaos, which synchronize with each map design to achieve dynamic effects in gameplay.

This unique gameplay of epic war ensures the player's satisfaction. BUT We also create a ECOSYSTEM where players and investors can enjoy multi-earnings in the game.

Please get ready for our earning mechanism in next few months Time for saving & getting a good hidden gem :D

Crypto King: Alright, a follow up question on IDO

Q.What all launchpads #EpicWar IDO is coming and what dates? What are your listing plans and which exchanges are being targeted?

J Hi Ng: is our teaser of Epic Launchinggg 😎.

Here are 4 launchpads for our coming IDO:
1. (
2. RedKite (
3. Bullperks Gamespad (
4. Acestarter (

And there are few amazing launchpads to come in upcoming month (Like DAO or something special)...

Crypto King: This is big!🔥🔥.

J Hi Ng: We will get listing on exchanges after TGE.

Our exchanges are Bybit, Apeswap and Pancakeswap, but this can change as we get closer to that time. 😇

Crypto King: Wow Bybit is a top one. Awesome , Cool let's pick the best 2 from twitter , Here you go…

Twitter Q & A Round

Q1.@Saurabh05986545 We see so much variance around NFTs and cryptocurrencies, especially among gamers!
How will $EpicWar make a constructive change and show the world that cryptocurrencies are truly a revolution in this space?

J Hi Ng: The answer is simple. We have been working on this game for over a year and we spent a lot of time and effort on it 😱

Not to mention, we are a team of professional developers in Icetea Labs ( who are working on the project to build a great gaming experience for our users.

Epic War is unlike any other scam out there because we already developed a free-to-play game (No need to purchase NFT to play our game) and earning mechanics (in both of testnet & mainnet), amazing graphics and addictive gameplay, which makes your gaming experience even more pleasurable 😚

Dont believe me...Free play here:

Be your tester :D

In a world where social media is the main source of entertainment, Epic War is here to bring you a game that could be played by those who are interested in online blockchain gaming and traditional shooting game.

With its amazing gameplay, Epic War is definitely one of the best feature-rich games out there and you can feel it with your very first try !!! 👾👾👾

Crypto King: Cool, last from Twitter then we open up for community😀

Q2.@JesonWright TRUST is quite very important. How can we trust $EPICWAR is not another scam out there?

J Hi Ng: Epic War is an survival game where chaos reigns. The rounds of barrier course will be increasing with increasing levels, while you also see so much variance around our NFTs as well (characters, guns, gears and survival maps).

You will see us that we update our game development frequently to make the game more diversified and satisfied.

Inspired by traditional first-person shooters (FPSs), this blockchain game version is designed to showcase utility of single token and diversified NFTs, esports, and the potential of community power. There is no scam project that is doing many things like US 😬

We want to bring together a community of gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike to play an NFT based game that is fun and engaging.

We know that the trust of the community is quite very important. That's why we have built our game on a strong community with many activities showing how users love the game in REAL HEART.

______and as you grow and develop trust with us, we will do anything to keep that trust alive. So where you place your trust is up to you. But we think that this is the beginning of one epic relationship ❤️

Crypto King: I must say, that’s a lot of work. You guys are working really hard in #Bear and precisely this is why we wanted our community to know about EpicWar😊

Telegram Q & A Round

Q1.Does your project plan to do in-game activities with VR glasses in the future?

J Hi Ng: Great question. Your avatar will be represented in the game world and you can see other users' avatars as well. You can walk or fly around in the game world, just like you are walking or flying in real life, so you will feel very natural inside the VR world.

We will release our Beta PC-VR gameplay in Q2 2023 (next year bro)..

Q2.Could you please share the recovery plan for #EpicWar because whole market dump alot and now its looking like trying to recover😇?

Each of our projects stands out from the rest because of our commitment to quality and playability. We take great care in all aspects, from programming to design, to ensure that all gameplay we create are fun and diverse, while also having a high level of polish.

Our game is designed to be easy to play and challenging to master, featuring strategy and survival elements that reward planning and execution with skills, experience, and tactical choices.

Q3.Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space.

J Hi Ng: Our focus is very much on the entertainment. We are currently running a test that allows players to earn both tokens and fun in the game. There will be a lot of entertainment features (such as leader boards, guilds, etc.) added in the future. And yes, we are working on a way for you to enter the game without having to purchase any tokens at all!

We also have a lot of plans for the non-crypto people. We are working to make the game more and more interesting for the players.

It is very important for us, because we do not want to limit our audience. In the future, we plan to release games that will be suitable for everyone, especially in STEAM game.

Let's give it a TRY, then you will see a REAL PRODUCT in blockchain game 🪐.

Crypto King: That's awesome and thank you so much for answering those questions. Hope you liked the session.

J Hi Ng: Likewise...Let's keep try our best in the Winter Crypto Season :D

Crypto King: We hope to see you again after the launch :))

Thanks @community for attending the #EpicWar AMA. Cheers.

Here are important links of EpicWar⛓

Website | Telegram |Twitter



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