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AMA On ,Thursday February 17th At 01:00 PM UTC

Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with Inery where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  1. Host Round
  2. Twitter Q & A Round
  3. Telegram Q & A Round

Crypto King: Hi All, we have come again after a short break for yet another round of AMA with an excellent project #Inery Blockchain.

Today we have @cmo_inery from Inery to answer questions related to the Project.

Welcome @cmo_inery

Vincent Irlweck: Hello, thank you for having me here 😁

Crypto King: So, first we will have the host round where I will be asking couple of questions then we will move to best #Twitter picks.😄

Let's begin🚀

Vincent Irlweck: Lets go im ready 😁

Crypto King: Can you give a brief background about yourself and your journey in Crypto? How has it been so far😊

Vincent Irlweck: I started working in the German special forces and found my love for crypto around 2017 through a tip from a old school friend. So 2017 I got into crypto Trading and turned freelancer Trader after leaving the millitary. With these Skills I build a community of Crypto Enthusiast of around 30.000 people. I saw many projects come and go through the ICO Era 2017-18 and when I saw Inery I knew i gotta be involved.

Crypto King: That’s great. Quite an amazing journey I must say

Alright, my next one👇

Can you briefly describe #Inery? What is it trying to do in the blockchain space?

Vincent Irlweck: Inery is a layer-1 blockchain that addresses solutions for database management. Inery is designed to tackle the current challenges faced by other blockchain networks such as energy inefficiency, poor interoperability between different networks, limited performance and immature governance mechanisms. Our solution is designed to enable cross-chain interoperability to allow data transactions without compromising its security.

Further, we have also designed its architecture to be eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable to achieve high throughput and performance with a tps up to 4800. The governance mechanism of a decentralized DAO allows cleaner and quicker resolutions and upgrades to the overall ecosystem.

Crypto King: Great intro about Inery. Looks like another SOL in the making😄

Cool next one👇

Could you briefly share the roadmap of #Inery the way ahead, any cool updates we should be looking for the project?

Vincent Irlweck: Sure. So we started with Inery way back in the first quarter of 2020. We have achieved quite a lot of milestones in these two years. On the development front, we have successfully completed several phases including testing core of Inery blockchain API function, value contracts, adding nodes to the ecosystem, testing blockchain deployment on several servers, and a lot more.

We have also released two versions of our technical paper, created documentation, branding, and have started community building. Some of our upcoming milestones include mainnet launch, upgrading contracts with all major query types, and our public launch.

You can check out our detailed roadmap on our website:

Crypto King: Great, that’s really cool. I am really looking forward to #Inery changing the game. Especially, 4500 TPS which I read about it on your website. I am sure you guys would scale it up to much higher.

Alrighty, here you have my 3rd question👇

Are you guys planning to do an IDO/IEO? If yes, What all launchpads #Inery IDO/IEO is coming on and what dates?

Vincent Irlweck: We have some really good updates in the upcoming days for our community regarding our launch. So make sure that you follow us on our social media channels:

Crypto King: Indeed. @Community please give them a follow✅

We will have all the updates on their social media. Please follow them.

One of the community's favorite questions then we move to Twitter round.

What are your listing plans and which exchanges are being targeted?

Vincent Irlweck: We are in discussions with various CEXs for listing. and once that discussion completes, we will be able to make some announcements. I am super excited to get listed but I also have to be patient too until we can finalize and give updates to our community.

Crypto King: Sounds fair. We will wait to hear it from you.

Alright let's move to Twitter picks👇

Twitter Q & A Round

Q1. Can you list the IneryBlockchain distinguishing traits that set it apart from its competitors? What is your platform competitive edge that you are most confident in?

Vincent Irlweck: The first one is that our solution is designed to enable cross-chain interoperability to allow data transactions without compromising its security.

Secondly, we have also designed its architecture to be eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable to achieve high throughput and performance with a tps up to 4800

Further, the governance mechanism of a Inery is designed to be a decentralized DAO that allows cleaner and quicker resolutions and upgrades to the overall ecosystem.

Q2. Trust and security is very important in any project , what makes investors , customer and users safe secure when working with your project. How secure and safe are you?

Vincent Irlweck: The first aspect is that most of us on the team are actually public people including me and our CEO as well. Its safe to say that even our reputations are at stake.

Crypto King: Here comes the 3rd lucky one👇

Q3. Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to your platform and keep them long term.

Vincent Irlweck: We are working on a number of different things. We have started our Discord Invite Challenge that rewards users with guaranteed allocation in INR token sale and cashback rewards. We have started to engage in fun ways with our users on Discord. So make sure that you join Inery’s Discord and have fun participating in different competitions. In the future, we are planning to bring many more interesting activities that will cater to a diverse community.


Crypto King: Alright, one final question then we move to community round

Q4. Who do you consider biggest competitor(s) in Layer 1 space (there are many Renowened names), and how do you plan to overtake the competition?

Vincent Irlweck: Many layer-1 solutions currently suffer from setbacks such as energy inefficiency, poor interoperability between different networks, limited performance, and immature governance mechanisms.

Our blockchain solution encompasses cross-chain compatibility that allows blockchains to interoperate without compromises on security, environmentally sustainable architecture that will serve as a frontier for other networks and a governance mechanism that allows the network to upgrade and scale.

Crypto King: Alright, opening for community round

Telegram Q & A Round

Q1. Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?

Vincent Irlweck: Yes we are always interacting with our community since they are who support us on our way of growing. Besides that we are also governed by DAO so everyone gets to suggest something and vote on the project aswell 🙏🏼.

Q2. What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Vincent Irlweck: One of them is our own Blockchain, second one is our IneryDB, since we want to build it for everyone and we want to make it easier for people to use. The last one is and will be development and proper execution of everything because before we release something, we want to make sure that we deliever 100% to our community, the people that support us 👍🏼.

Q3. 'STAKING’' is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them long term. Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about Staking?

Vincent Irlweck: Yes we are planning on doing Staking aswell to reward people that support and make our network more stable 🙏🏼.

Q4. How can users stay up to date with this project? Are there channels, including local communities, where users can get the latest updates?

Vincent Irlweck: Yes you can just check our social medias out so you wont miss out anything new regarding Inery 😁

Crypto King: Thank you so much Vincent for coming and answering our questions. Was lovely to have you here.

Here are important links of Inery ⛓

Website | Telegram |Twitter




We are committed to provide Premium Crypto signals, News and Analysis, listing information, and Breakout alerts with high accuracy. We Provide Best Technical Analysis tools and assistance to our people.

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