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AMA On ,Friday January 14th At 11:00 AM UTC

Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with LockNess where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  1. Host Round
  2. Twitter Q & A Round
  3. Telegram Q & A Round

Mike Amaze: Hello Everyone!! Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to all the rocking the SYZYGY community. SYZYGY has brought for you guys another astounding project here - #Lockness!!

We have with us today, Michael Skrychevsky, Chief Business Developer at Lockness! Truly honored to have you here Michael! Welcome to SYZYGY!

Michael Pay: Hey SYZYGY people! Glad to be here!

Mike Amaze: We always feel so awesome to meet superb projects here and our community is always so enthusiastic to learn more about the projects via AMA!

SYZYGY community had been waiting for #Lockness! And finally, you are here ☺ Hope you enjoy the session today!! 😃

Michael Pay:

Mike Amaze: Alright!! Let's get started then! We have a few questions from our end, then we will move on to #Twitter picks and Community Round!

So, to begin with Michael, would really like to know more about you, your background, experience, and journey in Crypto space.

Michael Pay: Hey! My name is Michael and I am a Chief Business Developer at I have been into crypto since 2015 and my passion is GameFi, Metaverse, NFTs and DeFi.

I was a co-founder of the Silicon Valley startup back then in 2015 when Bitcoin still was an underground thing. We used it simply as a convenient way to pay our team members across the world and didn’t even think of its other purposes. In 2017 I realized that Bitcoin is a big thing and surprisingly found out that I still have some bits of it left here and there 🙂

Since then I have been building my portfolio and researching heavily into the topic. Starting from 2021 I started to focus on becoming a C-level exec at promising companies that I like as a full time job.

I joined Lockness team in November as a Business Development Advisor and since then I’ve been involved heavily into making it a huge success. The team consists of more than 15 members including senior staff, technical team and marketing and community managers.

Mike Amaze: Wow! This is truly exciting! Already a co-founder few years back!

And isn't it like a distant dream come true - finding out that you still have some bitcoins left it somewhere or other! 😁

As much as talented you are, indeed you are one of the rare lucky ones! 😄 And indeed, quite aspirational to position yourself to become C-level exec and becoming one for one of the truly high potential project!!

Just Amazing! So, my next question is….

Can you briefly describe #Lockness? What is it trying to do in the Web3, GameFi, NFT and Metaverse space in terms of P2P Escrow Payment Service?

Michael Pay: Lockness aims to provide a safe and secure spending environment for users within the crypto space. For the first time users can buy and sell goods and services on any platform at any time, under the protection of a P2P escrow system. Every transaction made through the crypto network is a risk of losing your funds to anyone on the receiving end.

A bold solution Lockness aims to resolve is eliminating this risk in its entirety. Developing a secure gateway for escrow transactions. Available for P2P utility and businesses all around the world!

We aim to solve transaction fraud in these key sectors:

Metaverse ,GameFi, Escrow SAFTs , Milestone transactions , Freelancers, Gig , economy , Real estate payments And many more.

Mike Amaze: Now that is one amazing thing which interested everyone in #Lockness - building upon P2P escrow system that would help secure funds!

I am sure this is quite brilliant in nature as this would be a hard need of businesses too once crypto goes way mainstream! And the key sectors you have focused are definitely the future of blockchain and our essential universe in general!

Alright, my next one -

Where is #Lockness headquartered? Do you have any office space or you majorly work from scattered locations? How big is your team size?

Michael Pay: Team is scattered around the world. CEO is in Sydney, Australia. The team consists of more than 15 members including senior staff, technical team and marketing and community managers.

Mike Amaze: This is great! World is One for everyone! Doesn't matter from where you work as long as you are bonded to one great purpose and project like #Lockness!

So a couple of more from our end and then we move to the best #Twitter Picks. Here's next-

Could you briefly share the roadmap of #Lockness, the way ahead, any cool updates we should be looking for the project?

Michael Pay: Sure
Q1-Q2 2022

Multiple network bridges to support top 20 coins
Expand market reach
Release SDK
Release API
More CEX release

Q3-Q4 2022

NFC POST app release
Begin Lockness wallet development
Commence NFT platform development

Michael Pay: We will also work with our existing partnerships to help them implement our SDK/API. So they can integrate our Escrow services into their platforms, wallets and games.

Mike Amaze: This looks beautiful! Not leaving any stone unturned guys! #Lockness is planning its way to MOON by such an amazing roadmap!!

Too many things to look forward to! I'm sure community is going to love it and await every roadmap achievement! So one more from our Host round and then we move to #Twitter picks!

We would really like to know about any potential tie-ups/partnerships #Lockness could have in future? What are your listing plans and which exchanges are being targeted?

Michael Pay: We target e-commerce and gaming. We have lots of partnerships already with whom we will move forward with onboarding once we launch our platform.

To name a few:

Revolve , Kudo Money , ZamIO , Jigen , Spherium Finance , Torus Wallet , xHashtag , Netvrk , Gamestar Exchange , ScottyBeam , E-money , Escrow Protocol , Minted Labs , NFTCloud , chainport , Swipelux , cryptAPI.

Mike Amaze: These are surely some well renowned names in the industry!! Glad Michael that you have shared this information with us! Would be really helpful for community to know the core strength of #Lockness from each factor!!

So now is the time we move to our #Twitter Picks. @Community - The best one shared with me by #Lockness. Here is the first lucky one -

Twitter Q & A Round

Q1: (@QuNguyn61793298) Safety and security are always the most important things. So what is the security mechanism of LockNess to ensure user assets do not become the target of hackers?

Michael Pay: Protecting the community is by far the biggest concern crippling the crypto space. Millions of funds have been stolen as a result of Fraud or scams lurking the ecosystem. The Lockness escrow system will surely improve the trust system that currently exists and drive the unwanted attention back into the depths.

As an extra precaution taken toward any catastrophic events that may occur, Lockness is to employ white hat penetration testers; to ensure the stability and security of our internal systems.

Mike Amaze: By far I believe one of the best pieces from security standpoint guys - Lockness is to employ white hat penetration testers; to ensure the stability and security of our internal system!

I love the SYZYGY Community to have asked such amazing questions always! Alright, the second one -

Q2. (@Tomie_chana) Will we be able to speak to a team member if we have a payment issue? Can we reach your team 24/7 for technical support and any issue in providing the best customer service?

Michael Pay Yes, same as with Escrow service in non-crypto world, all transactions can be disputed through our customer support team.

Here is how it works:

Mike Amaze: Right! So there is always someone in the #Lockness team to help you out there guys! Truly a feature to make it trustworthy in every sense!

So here is the next gem question from another luck member from Twitter -

Q3: (@GebianH) Im newbie in crypto anyway, so could you tell me what is business model of #LockNess_BSC ? How it works? And who are your potential customers? If possible sir, can you tell me whats your target in this year, thank you sir

Michael Pay: You can already check Lockness platfrom out! Feel free to join our beta testing program now - This beta is on testnet, so you can send escrowed P2P payments to your friends or between your own wallets. Moreover, your feedback will help us improve the experience at launch. By the way we will launch the platform soon after TGE.

Mike Amaze: I couldn't agree more Michael - Feedback from your potential clients and users is always helpful to improve the overall customer experience!

@Community - Now is the time you can join the beta testing program! Do not miss out on this opportunity! Alright couple of more and then we open to our community!

Q4: (@totominhchi) Why is the team behind LockNess anonymous, don’t you think it can affect investors decisions ? Do you plan to disclose the identity of the team in the future ?

Michael Pay: Actually, the team is fully disclosed on our website. Please check it out –

Mike Amaze: Thanks Michael! That helps all users to understand there is no information that the #Lockness team is hiding from everyone! A trusted aspect for legendary project!

Alright here comes the final lucky one from our #Twitter picks-

Q5: (@MdTanbi35716872) AUDIT play an important role model n enhancing the stability for any project, Do you have AUDIT certificate? Or are you working to AUDIT your project. to make secure. trustworthy & reliable?

Michael Pay: Sure, you may check it our here –

Mike Amaze: Well, that was quite an intense Q&A. Thanks Michael for answering those #TwitterPicks. Now is the time we move to our most high-voltage round – Community Round!

@Community – we love your intriguing questions which help us gather more details about the project! Please shoot-out!

Telegram Q & A Round

Q1. Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?

Michael Pay:

  1. Our Whitepaper –

2) Our IDO is on 18th on Oxbull –

Q2. Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue of the token? What is the income model?

Michael Pay: As a payment service provider our main source of income is commissions. We charge only the receiver and it looks like this:

Also, buyers will receive a 0.5% cashback in LKN tokens from initial seller fees for every transaction.

Mike Amaze: Awesome!! One more to go!

Michael Pay: Please refer to our tokenomics

Mike Amaze: Terrific!! Thank you Community for asking more details about #Lockness project! This definitely helps everyone to get more of amazing details about the potential of high-ticket projects like #Lockness!! Definitely to the moon!!🚀

Alright! With this we come to an end to our AMA with #Lockness.

Michael Pay: 🔥 Stay tuned for our updates –

Mike Amaze: It’s been such a pleasure to host you here Michael.

Michael Pay: Thank you for having me! Please also share Lockness anti-scam stickers!

Mike Amaze: Definitely will do!! @Community - Please keep this tagged and look out for more updates!!

Michael Pay: Awesome! Thank you so much @CryptoAmaze !

Mike Amaze: All of us from the community wish you all the luck to #Lockness and to all of your team, and look forward to the future partnerships and new listings of #Lockness!

Here are some important links of LockNess⛓

Website | Telegram |Twitter



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