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AMA On ,Friday January 7th At 01:00 PM UTC

Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with OortDigital where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  1. Host Round
  2. Twitter Q & A Round
  3. Telegram Q & A Round

Mike: Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to all the community members wherever you are based out. The day has arrived that we at Syzygy have brought another spectacular project here –Oort Digital !!
Truly honored to have — Sharon, PR Manager at #OortDigital with us.

Welcome Sharon to SYZYGY!.

Sharon: Thanks SYZYGY community for having me here!

Mike: It’s been such a pleasure to getting to meet superb projects almost daily, our community too had been waiting for #OortDigital!

Finally, got you here :) Hope you enjoy the session today!

Sharon: Love your community! Let’s start the journey together!

Mike: Alright! Let’s start then! I have a few questions to ask.

How about starting with your introduction to the community, your background and experience in the Crypto space?

Sharon: Yes, sure. I am serving as the PR Manager at Oort Digital, overseeing public relations activities and communications. Graduated from the School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University, I worked for well-known media outlets in East Asian countries and the world’s leading media intelligence platforms — also a fanatic of crypto and investor since 2018.

Mike: Wow! Quite a varied experience you have and some time you have spent in crypto industry too! Impressive!

So, my next question is.
Can you briefly describe #OORTDigital? What it is trying to do in the NFT/Web3 space?

Sharon: Oort Digital is a DeFi + GameFi + Metaverse project aiming to add functionalities on top of your NFTs to put them to work through financialization, gamification and interoperability.

The Oort Universe is comprised of three pieces:

Financialization: We are building a one-stop place (a super DeFi account) to allow the financialization of your NFTs with different DeFi features, including but not limited to leasing, collateralized loan, trading, fractionalized trading, insurance, fiat, etc.

Gamification: We are developing a native battle game to allow NFT owners to wrap the financial activities from the super DeFi account to upgrade Oort heroes and bring the heroes into the battle against real players.

Interoperability: We are creating a Metaverse (Oortverse) to allow any 3rd-party games/projects/brands to a plugin, advertise their brands for heroes to play.

Mike: Well that is quite amazing! First the diversification of Oort into three broad categories, and then introducing all the major features that anyone might be looking into a Crypto Project — Financialization, Gamification & Interoperability!!

Thank you for such a detailed response on this!

Sharon: My pleasure!

Mike: Alright, my next one -

Where is #OORTDigital headquartered? Do you have any office space or you guys majorly work from scattered locations? How big is your team size?

Sharon: Oort Digital is headquartered in Hong Kong. But our team is actually global and diversified, covering regions in the United States, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Canada, etc.

Our core team consists of financial expert with wall street background, two full-stack developers and two game developers with more than 10 years of experience, one mobile developer with 7 years of experience, one game designer with over 25 years of experience, one graphic designer with over 10 years of experience, one product manager with nearly 5 years of experience and a veteran marketing manager with nearly 25 years of experience and a PR Specialist.

And we’re currently hiring new talents to join our team!! If you’re interested, please view the open job positions here and apply —

Mike: Well well! That is some team of experience holders you have got!

Sharon: Thanks! We currently have English, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian, Korean, Turkish, and Ukrainian communities, and we are building more channels such as Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Learn more on how you can support Oort Digital and become a #Hero through our Ambassador Program —

Mike: @Community — This is truly a great opportunity that Sharon here is sharing! In case anyone of you are interested to work with talented group with high potential project, do visit the link! 😁.

I am sure you are going to get quite some views on this soon!!

Sharon: Welcome!

Mike: Great! So here goes my next one and one more after this then we move to the best #Twitter Picks.

Could you briefly share the roadmap of #OORTDigital the way ahead, any upcoming news/events we should be tracking?

Sharon: Sure! I’d like to share this picture to make it clear.

Mike: Wow! I really liked the broad categorization into four different tangents for the roadmap!

Sharon: And our RPG battle game will be open to all very soon!

This year, we will also come up with a 2D metaverse where any 3rd-party games can plug in to allow heroes to play.

As for tokens, we will be starting IDO very soon and officially launching the $OORT token.

Mike: Alrighty!! Ok, the final one comes next and the Host Round gets over :)

You kinda already hinted towards an IDO! Can you tell us the IDO #Launchpads where would $OORT token be coming on? If there are some dates finalized around it, SYZYGY community would be really interested to know!

Sharon: Currently, we are discussing with several launchpads such as ChainBoost, Solarbeam, Bondly, SafeLaunch, etc. Please follow our Twitter and stay tuned. More announcements will be disclosed very soon.

Mike: Outstanding! Those are some good names! , Let us move to #Twitter Picks now.

Twitter Community Q & A Round

Q1. Could you please describe how your project plans to support NFT development? and do you have any project plans for combining NFT with DeFi?

Sharon: This is a good questions. As I mentioned before, Oort Digital is a DeFi + GameFi + Metaverse project aiming to add functionalities on top of your NFTs to put them to work through financialization, gamification and interoperability.

Today, liquidity is a big problem in NFTs. What we are doing is to solve the NFT liquidity problems by adding the functionalities on top of them. And our ultimate goal is to add the DeFi layer on top of the whole Metaverse.

Mike: Bang On on identifying the problem! I’m sure #OortDigital will do wonders!

Q2. Can you give us an overview of Project economics? Is the token designed to rise and fall with the success of the platform, and does it include any scarcity paths such as stake, store, or burn?

Sharon: We have two types of tokens

OORT is the primary token, its utilities include:
1) Vote in the Oort DAO
2) Buy or rent virtual land,
3) Stake OORT to breed new hero avatars
4) Spend OORT to access a variety of features in the Oort DeFi APP and the games
5) 3rd-party games can create a prize pool with OORT to monetize their games
6) In each era, only top players and stakers can earn OORT
7) and more.

OEP (Oort Energy Particles) token has no financial value and is only used in the games, with unlimited supply. Users play games to earn $OEP and use them to mint wearables, heroes, etc. and have a unique burn mechanism.OEP (Oort Energy Particles) token has no financial value and is only used in the games, with unlimited supply. Users play games to earn $OEP and use them to mint wearables, heroes, etc. and have a unique burn mechanism.

Mike: Wow!! Every question is also bringing out intriguing details about the project!

Q3. Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can you tell us, what makes your project different from projects?

Sharon: Good question. Thanks for your question.

There are some of the milestones we have achieved:

1) We have launched our leasing APP on Polygon and users are using them daily:

2)We have beta launched our real-time turn-based RPG battle game on Polygon for testing purpose:

For the next step, we plan to upgrade our leasing from overcollateralized leasing to zero-collateral leasing. For that, we formed a strategic partnership with Envelop.

(Read the article for more details:

As for the game, we will keep updating our RPG game and launch real battle games PvE, PvS (player vs. staker) and PvP.

We are also creating a Metaverse (Oortverse) which is a 2D virtual world with Pokemon style, that will allow any 3rd-party games/projects/brands to plug in, advertise their brands, create their own clan of heroes’ contract to allow players to breed/mint, create prize pools with OORT, and make/deploy mini-games to add functionalities on top of their own clan of heroes, etc.

Mike: Ah! Outstanding partnership and move by #OortDigital!

#Twitter peeps, you guys are rockstars! Thank you for such great questions here! Next one Sharon -

Q4. How many NFT heroes are totally available in your game? Where can I purchase them? And, does each NFT hero possess their own skill?

Sharon: Love this question!

There are heroes with different generations. The number of Gen 0 heroes is 420 that will never change. In other words, with the development of Oort Battle and Oortverse, heroes will be more valuable.

Heroes have different skills based on their characters. In our upcoming RPG battle game, you can use heroes to battle in the RPG game to earn OEP, and spend OEP to mint weapons and wearables to sell or upgrade heroes. Top hero players can also earn OORT.

In our future Metaverse, your heroes will become the avatars, where you can go to different 3rd-party games to play to earn. Different clans of heroes will have different special utilities as well. (For example, Pioneer Builders can be used to build special constructions on land, and you can lend out the construction utilities in our leasing APP to earn income.)

Mike: Wow! So if Sharon has one of her character there, I believe her skill would have been amazing PR Manager!! 😀😄

Q5. From where and how can I participate in your game, is it entry Free for the first time to play it or How much we can get the reward if we won this game please tell us everything, How much it will be better and benefited for all users in future from others current P2E game?

Sharon: Actually, players have a very low barrier to enter the game because they can rent heroes and game equipment to get started through our leasing APP.

Oort Battle is an immersive play-to-earn RPG battle game that allows you to battle and craft, and equip to upgrade your heroes. Only your skills and grit determine who gets the spoils in our world. There is no limit of time for players to play the game per day.

Unlike many other play-to-earn games (such as Axie Infinity) that primarily deal with users who don’t have enough money to get started but dedicate enough time to play games, Oort Digital can allow both players (who dedicate enough time to playing games) and stakers (who have digital assets but have limited time to play games) to participate.

In other words, we can bring DeFi and GameFi communities together.

Many other play-to-earn games only deal with their own native NFTs, while Oort Digital can add infinite functionalities on top of any existing NFTs through financialization, gamification and interoperability.

Mike: That is some vision I must say!! More power to #OortDigital Team!!

Well, that was quite an intense Q&A. Thanks Sharon for answering those #TwitterPicks. Now is the time we move to our most high-voltage round — Community Round!

Sharon: Thanks for the amazing questions!

Telegram Community Q & A Round

Q1. Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and sustain. So how does your project plan to generate profit and revenue?

Sharon: Oort Digital will have a fully self-sustaining, in-ecosystem economy by utilizing the following:

Transaction Fees (a % of which will be used for buybacks and burns of $OORT)

Sale/rental of NFTs (a % of which will be used to sweep Oort Heroes floor)

Sale/rental of Virtual Lands (a % of which will be used for virtual land development)

Sale of physical products (a % of which will be used for marketing, giveaways, etc.).

Q2. Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one ?

Sharon: Thanks for your question. Yes, we emphasize the power and value of our community. Actually we’ve already launched an ambassador program. You are welcomed to apply here —

Q3. I have one a question @sharonoort What are plans in for global expansion? Are you focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

Sharon: Thanks for your question. We’re currently adopting a “Business To Business” strategy by directly working with third-party GameFi projects to onboard their in-game items to our leasing and RPG game/Metaverse world. Meanwhile, we’re also looking to build connections with game guilds to onboard their game players.

Grants we’ve gotten:
Oort Digital is a member of the Ocean Protocol Shipyard program and got a grant from Ocean Protocol.
Oort Digital also got a grant from Polygon by building the platform on top of Polygon.

Partners we’re built:
Oort Digital has formed a long-term strategic partnership with Envelop to build the zero-collateral NFT leasing platform, and more integration will happen in future Metaverse development.

Also, Oort Digital is onboarding GameFi projects (like Demole) to help their players lend & borrow their in-game items easily while playing in the Oort Digital RPG game and Metaverse for more income.

Oort Digital is working with partners including Polygon, Sablier, Ocean Protocol, Venly Market, Bondly, Stakenode, Envelop, Spores Network, Chain Guardians, ChainBoost etc.

And more will be announced very soon, including some big names!

So many impressive questions. It’s a bit hard to choose actually. Thank you guys!

Mike: Awesome! That’s SYZYGY Community for you Sharon!

So before we conclude on to our AMA, can you please explain Raffle Ticket to the SYZYGY Community?

Sharon: Yes, sure!

We have items in 3 rarities: legendary, epic, common. Raffle tickets can be used to redeem items (such as weapons, rings, amulets) in different rarities in our upcoming RPG battle game and Oortverse.

Please go to the page to mint your raffle ticket here:

Remember to connect your ETH wallet on Matic Mainnet (Polygon) via MetaMask first and choose the specific pool to redeem your items.

Mike: Alright!
Thank you so much Sharon for explaining this! With this we come to an end to our AMA with #OortDigital. It’s been such a pleasure to host you here Sharon.

Sharon: Thank you for inviting us. If you’d like to getting more latest info about Oort Digital, please do not hesitate to join our channel —

Mike: All of us from the community wish you all the luck for your project and look forward to the IDO of #OortDigital!

Sharon: Thanks a lot!!

Mike: Thanks Sharon for coming to Syzygy. Really appreciate the time you spent with our community. Awesome session!🤘🤘.

Here are some important links of Oort Digital ⛓

Website | Telegram |Twitter



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