CRYPTO SYZYGY : AMA Session With Orbitau

AMA On , Saturday February 26th At 01:00 PM UTC

Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with Orbitau where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  1. Host Round
  2. Twitter Q & A Round
  3. Telegram Q & A Round

Mike CryptoShark: Hello Everyone!! Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to this amazing SYZYGY community. SYZYGY has brought for you guys another project today which is of super high potential – Orbitau.

We have with us today, Luu Trong, Head of Strategy & Planning at Orbitau. Truly honored to have you here Luu!

Welcome to SYZYGY!

Harvey Luu Trong: hello there thank you for having me.

Mike CryptoShark: Awesome! It keeps the whole SYZYGY community super pumped to meet fantastic projects here always and they are always eager to learn more about those via AMA! ☺

The community had been waiting for #Orbitau! And here you are!! We hope you enjoy the session today!

Harvey Luu Trong: awesome! Im glad to be able to share anything I can

Mike CryptoShark: Awesome! Let's get started then!

We have few questions from our end first, then we will move on to #Twitterpicks and Community round.

Harvey Luu Trong: sure

Mike CryptoShark: So, to begin with Luu, would really like to know more about you, your background, experience, and journey in Crypto space.

Harvey Luu Trong: A little about myself, I have more than 11 years of experience at the Director level in investment, data development, business intelligence and customer experience, at multinational corporations such as Sun Life, top 4 insurance companies in the world, Agribank, Havas Media - a media and marketing cologmerate, IDG Capital and most recently beGroup - the 2nd largest ride-hailing app in Vietnam.

I am currently Orbitau Taureum CSO.

I have stumbled upon crypto long ago, but only until these times that I think to myself its a great time to be in!

Mike CryptoShark: Outstanding! A decade at Director level in multitudes of fields and MNCs, quite a talent Orbitau has in its kitty!

Couldn't agree more on "great time to be in" 😃

Harvey Luu Trong: Thanks Mike. My team is also amazing!

Mike CryptoShark: Indeed, we'd like to know a quick brief about them too maybe if time permits for us in AMA! 😃

Harvey Luu Trong: Yes , More than happy to. , back to you.

Mike CryptoShark: Great! So, my next question is..

QCan you briefly describe #Orbitau? What is it trying to do in the blockchain space?

Harvey Luu Trong: Orbitau is a story-based turn-based idle combat game that is a creative blend of Norse Mythology and Seven Deadly Sins. Therefore, its difference from the beginning lies in attractive gameplay, combined with carefully invested graphics quality. In short, Orbitau will be in phase 2 of the entire GameFi market, a phase where high-quality and entertaining game projects are concentrated, which is more attractive than a series of other rapidly fading games in the first phase.

Mike CryptoShark: Oooh, "Norse Mythology and Seven Deadly Sins" - this is some awesome stuff about Orbitau for sure!

Harvey Luu Trong: At the same time, because we are oriented to build a long-term ecosystem, the team has focused on a technical back-end system and game framework in accordance with effective economic models, to ensure the GameFi’s factors still play a key role to help players earn more efficiently.

Mike CryptoShark: That clearly shows the long term vision of the team and the efforts it is trying to make to stay really competitive and ahead of the competition as well!

Harvey Luu Trong: Orbitau is also a combination of both idle game and non-idle game, because in addition to being able to play by themselves when they have time, players can also earn by idle while not having too much time. The team believes this feature is very important.

Mike CryptoShark: Absolutely! I do agree with the team on the importance of the feature! Quite impressed on this too Luu! ☺

Alright, moving on to our next one -

QWould you like to talk about Orbitau's achievements in the IDO round?

Harvey Luu Trong:
. Over 346000+ social media followers
. More than 33 AMA sessions were held
. Organize successful $TAUM's IDO on Polkastarter and IGO on GameFi.
. More than 36000 addresses in the allowlist and whitelist event.
. Sold out all tokens in Community Pool on GameFi in just under 1 minute.
. Sold out 7,000,000 tokens on Polkastarter in just 3.5 mins.
. Successful listing event on PancakeSwap
. Successful listing on CoinMarketCap
. $TAUM's ATH: $0.29 (x8 times IDO price)
. Total Marketcap: $206,200,201
. Total volume: ~$7,000,000
. $TAUM chart has a good sideway in the middle of the crypto winter..

Mike CryptoShark: Woaahhh!!

~350K followers is super duper awesome!! and kickass Launchpads to begin with - Polkastarter and GameFi!

Sold out all tokens in Community Pool on GameFi in just under 1 minute.
Sold out 7,000,000 tokens on Polkastarter in just 3.5 mins.--- These are quite some feat.!! I am not aware of any project which had such a popularity man!

x8 times IDO price - At such bad market conditions? That is brilliant! Shows core strength of the project and true believers are attached to the project! Really powerful stuff Luu!

So a couple of more from our end and then we move to the best #Twitter Picks. Here’s next -

QCould you briefly share the roadmap of #Orbitau, the way ahead, any cool updates we should be looking for the project?

Harvey Luu Trong: In this second quarter of 2022, we will complete the game's PvE mode, which includes Story Quests and Tower Training, complete the game's NFT Marketplace, and create more Lucky Events to engage the community.

In Q2 2022, we will continue to complete the guild modes in the game, including: Guild formation, Guild quest, Tournament and Kingdom, Guild war.

Besides that, there will be many more exciting events that we will reveal soon for $TAUM holders, don't miss it!

we even have one amazing event right now!

Mike CryptoShark: Superb!! @Community - Quite an exciting stuff here as well, one giveaway event too is going on right now, do not miss this opportunity! 😃

Harvey Luu Trong: @CryptoAmaze back to you 🙂

Mike CryptoShark: Awesome!! One more from our Host round and then we move to #Twitter picks!

QWhat are your listing plans and which exchanges are being targeted?

Harvey Luu Trong: We listed $TAUM on PancakeSwap on January 23rd and achieved a lot of achievements as outlined above. In the near future, we will continue to list $TAUM on many other exchanges and will soon have a plan to list $ORI before the official release.

Mike CryptoShark: will soon have a plan to list $ORI before the official release -- wow, this is super exciting!!

Harvey Luu Trong: CEX wise, we are already in discussion with 2 of the world major exchanges 😉

more news coming...

Mike CryptoShark: Alright, well the whole community is definitely hoping one of those exchanges would be B I N _ N _ E! 😄

@Community – Look out for more of such interesting updates from #Orbitau!

So now is the time we move to Twitter Picks. @Community - The best one shared with me by #Orbitau. Here is the first lucky one-

Twitter Q & A Round

Q1: (@yaroslava_borz) What gives the value of $TAUM ? What is the role of it in-out your ecosystem? Could you please mention some advantages of holding $TAUM in the long-term? What are the important achievements $TAUM has achieved so far?

Harvey Luu Trong:

The $TAUM acts as the governance tokens for Orbitau and other games we will introduce in the future, to create a connected ecosystem (metaverse) for our players in each of the games, we will also have an in-game token called ORI, but different to the older and inefficient model of dual-token game, our in-game token will not be listed on the market to ensure the balance of economy for our games.

Mike CryptoShark: Brilliant ecosystem! Earning and Spending taken care of in a very apt manner, must say Luu! ☺

Harvey Luu Trong: By simply holding, staking TAUM, you will have so many chances to enroll in our various events and mini games. Rewards are not only via fiat and our TAUM, sometimes it shall be an amazing physical goods such as Hublot watches!

Holding TAUM also give you plently of opportunities to purchase our NFTs

Mike CryptoShark: Now that is quite a lure my friend! Hublot watches !! Lovely!

Harvey Luu Trong: A sneakpeak what you can use TAUM to purchase 😉

Mike CryptoShark: I am sure post this AMA going to fill a bag of it very soon, for staking and holding, in hope for a nice piece of Hublot! 😄

@Community - You guys are awesome!! Thank you for asking these superb details, helps all of us get more insights on the projects! 🤘

Moving on to the next one , Here comes the lucky one-

Q2: (@KhandelwalAmit4) What are the biggest challenges that Orbitau project faces in terms of growth and expansion and how do you guys intend to tackle it?

Harvey Luu Trong: One of the biggest challenge we have was actually how we are going to go global and reach the wide target audience as much as possible So we came up with a few solutions:

We believe world-class elements are needed.

First of all, a world-class vision: every day after work, everyone can play our games, whether at the train or at home, and be fully entertained. Our game will be so simple to onboard and play, but at the same time, players will find themselves with a storyline so interesting, and plots so difficult to forget!

Secondly, a world-class team. We have accumulated a very strong team, one has done many large projects together. Thus, our very bond with one another, and the dependency between our different skill sets will allow us to build great things together for a long term to come!

Finally, a world-class attitude. We know that we cannot think of every single thing, so we choose to listen to our community, we choose to stay humble and listen to their feedbacks, their wishes, their desires. So that together, Orbitau will be a game that has the most contribution from the community, and not solely from us.

Mike CryptoShark: One of the most practical challenge I have heard till now!

Indeed, I am sure we would surely ask question towards the end of it, love your team already! Finally, a world-class attitude. -- -the most definitely piece to move forward towards success I must say!! Outstanding!

Alright, moving on to the next one -

Q3. (@PoKholodov) Could you please describe how your project plan to support NFT development? and do you have any project plans for combining NFT with DeFi?

Harvey Luu Trong: That is 100% within our roadmap.

NFTs wise, For sure our players can ultilise via our marketplace, which we are aiming to launch on the first or second week of March. We have already got the system for the marketplace done actually, we are just fine tuning the UI/UX wise.

we have set aside lots of revenue streams for players around NFTs, including Egg NFT, Hero NFT, gem, land, decoration items, etc…They are all NFTs that you can collect and trade via our own market, as well as other open market in the future.

We actually have our INO plan explored and will let everyone know more details at the later stage. We are keeping it a secret for now 😉

Overall, working from the players and our users perspective, we will achieve a long term, sustainable way of business and entertainment.

Another sneakpeak to how our NFTs might look and work

Mike CryptoShark: Wow!! I got lost in all of these and forgot that I am hosting the AMA! All of this is quite interesting and brings out explicitly why the project has superb potential!! 😁

Harvey Luu Trong: Thank you!

Mike CryptoShark: Great, Moving on and here comes the final lucky one from #Twitter picks-

Q4: (@hussain7c7) I understand that "Orbitau -Seven Deadly Sins" is a Fantasy Game created by blockchain technology. However, most blockchain games It usually lacks gameplay, good graphics and storytelling. What kind of gaming experience will Orbitau bring to us?

Harvey Luu Trong: We are hardcore gamers, thus we love nothing more to see an exciting game. And with Orbitau, we are building it so we ourselves can play and be entertained!

That is why you can see from our website, we have a very strong art and gaming development team which are all in-house. This is a clear indication of our dedication to create Orbitau as entertaining as possible.

Having an in-house team also allows us to be extremely flexible. We listen to the community, of both cryto and non-crypto people, and from that, we can easily adapt or make changes that the people want!

Mike CryptoShark: #Inspired!

Harvey Luu Trong:

Mike CryptoShark: Oh Lovely Lovely Lovely~~ , Thanks Luu for sharing this Well, quite an intense Q&A. , Thank you Luu for answering those #TwitterPicks.
Now is the time we move to our most high-voltage round – Community Round!

@Community – We always love your intriguing questions which help us gather more details about the project! Please shoot-out!

Telegram Q & A Round

Q1.I want to support your project, Tell us more about the Ambassador Program and in what ways can we participate ?

Harvey Luu Trong :More than happy to discuss this further. we have a strong ambassador program. We even have ambassador referral programs, so the more you can onboard your colleages with us, the better 😄.

Q2. Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Harvey Luu Trong :100% we will! Unlike the majority of NFT games available today, the Orbitau development team aspires to create a world where players can enjoy truly rich game content through an investment in plot, a logical task system, and graphics that are meticulously designed to create a truly immersive experience.

We listen to our community strongly. An example is that myself, our CEO and CMO constanly involved in our channels chat to help answer community question as much as we can!

Mike CryptoShark: Quite fast in choice! And great choice of questions Luu! 2 more to choose!

Q3. I noticed that they have several series of stories in Orbitau: Monarch of Ember, Monarch of Ore, Monarch of the Ocean, Monarch of the Forest and Monarch of Earth. So can you give us a brief definition of each of these elements? How are the eggs of each species different?

Q4. When will the game release beta and official?

Harvey Luu Trong: This will be within March. alot more news will be coming, so holding $TAUM now will be very benefitcial!

Q5.Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relatiionships?

Harvey Luu Trong: In about 30 days since the start of fundraising, the team has raised more than 3 million USD from many big partners, such as NGC Ventures, AU21 Capital, x21, LD Capital... and many other large partners and communities. They are both reputable names in the crypto world, especially in the GameFi market, with a wide range of successful projects within their investment portfolio.

In addition to financial support, the team also received professional help, experience in building communities, advice on project building and about the GameFi market in general. Our team also receives support from both the communities and the expertise of the partners, and this will greatly help the success of the Orbitau project.

And we ourselves have a significant stake in the company as well, so we are very much with full skin in the game.

Mike CryptoShark:
Alright! With this we come to an end to our AMA with #Orbitau. It’s been such a pleasure to host you here Luu.

All of us from the community wish you all the luck to #Orbitau and to all of your team, and look forward to the future partnerships and new listings of Orbitau!

Harvey Luu Trong: awesome thanks mate!

you can find more about our current performance! 😄

Mike CryptoShark: @drago9999 - if u would like to share some detail about the team it would be great..! I got some personal request from community members to know bit more about the team
Thanks again it was a great AMA session ! loved hosting you!

Harvey Luu Trong: I also want to introduce our CEO and founder of Taureum, Mr. Matt (Minh). Matt has more than 15 years of experience in FinTech, working at banks and multinational companies such as Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Harvey Nash, OpenTV, and most recently PayPal, contributing to building PayPal Singapore from 1 regional representative office with only 50-60 employees, becoming the headquarters for the APAC region with more than 500 people including software engineers and business, finance, risk staff.

Mr. Matt has co-founded and built 2 big projects so far, the first is an EduTech platform for ILA, the largest education company in Vietnam, this platform serves more than 2M students. The second project is beGroup with the role of co-founder and CTO, ranked second in terms of market share of technology vehicles, with nearly 10M users. In the past year, beGroup also launched Cake digital bank, and after 8 months has become the fastest growing digital bank in the region with over 1M customers.

Nguyen (Jerry) has more than 12 years of experience in game development at CMN, from the position of MKT to CEO, is a leading game company in Vietnam, CMD has released more than 40 games within 10 years. via. Jerry is the CMO of Orbitau.

Duy (Brian) is in charge of finance, Duy has an Honor degree in Finance & Economics from York University, always ranks in the top prestigious schools in Canada, after a number of years working in Canada in the field of investment. Duy returned to Vietnam and has 11 years of experience working in big banks like Techcombank and Shinhan, Duy himself is very knowledgeable about the crypto market as well as NFT games.

Dung, in charge of the Business section of the Project, Dung within the past 7 years has also built his own business worth tens of millions of USD in the field of e-commerce, your experience will contribute to building build a complete DeFi ecosystem

our linkens can be found here:

This is mine:

We are quite open about our background. I am a Harvard Alumni, Mr Minh is also from prestigious schools and have extremely strong reputation among entreprenuers and professionals

So we are really serious about $TAUM.

Mike CryptoShark: Thank you very much for joining us today and informing the community about your project.

Here are important links of Orbitau!⛓

Website | Telegram |Twitter



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