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Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with Torum where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  • Team and Project Intros
  • Questions and Answers

Crypto King : I welcome you all to another round of an #AMA session with a very interesting personality in the Crypto space. Today, we have the CMO of #TORUM with us to answer all your questions regarding the project.

I am sure you guys were waiting for TORUM for a very long time. Today is THE DAY :)

Welcome Jayson👏👏👏

Jayson : Hi @CryptoDare , Thank you for having me here.

Crypto King : Awesome! , We all were actually very excited. People were asking a lot about TORUM since the time we have been posting about it :). It’s gonna be fun. Let’s begin🚀, Alright! So could you briefly introduce yourself. Your journey and experience in Crypto space? And how did you land up with TORUM?

Jayson : Sure, classic question! , Basically, I started my journey in crypto back in early 2017. Back then, I was still a student, and one of my friends came up to and said that I will be one of the dumbest men alive if I don’t buy this Bitcoin thing.

Crypto King : Haha that is true with most of us 😊.

Jayson : So, I aped into BTC at around $1,000+ something, That’s how everything began. The 2017 ride was super intense.

Crypto King : Absolutely, we all remember that bullrun. Crazy it was!

Jayson : After the bear run started, the same friend came up to me and both of us agreed that there are so much potential in crypto. And no one is able to build a successful social media platform in the industry.

We talked about adoption all the time. The thing is we’ve always neglected “social” to be one of the key indicators for us to build the adoption. There were a lot of scams too. The newbies just kept getting scammed and it harms the growth & development of the industry.

A social media platform would be able to connect the crypto veterans and newbies together and minimize the risk of scams along the way. With these simple ideas in mind, we started Torum in November 2018. And the rest is history hahahaha. That’s pretty much it. Done!

Crypto King : Ya 2018 who can forget that long bear market. Great so that was quite an elaborate introduction. Ok so my next question:-

Can you briefly describe #TORUM? What it is trying to do in the Web3.0/Metaverse/NFT space?

Jayson : So, Torum is a SocialFi ecosystem with includes “Social + NFT + DeFi + Metaverse”, that is specially designed for cryptocurrency users. Think of Torum as the gateway for you to access crypto-oriented services & features.In the SocialFi ecosystem of Torum, we have a social media platform with over 197K users, an NFT marketplace for crypto artists, a yield farming platform for DeFi investors and Avatar NFT for Metaverse enthusiasts.

What makes Torum special is our ability to combine Social with DeFi, NFT & Metaverse elements, Imagine that you are a fresh NFT artist and are looking to start selling your NFT collections.

You don’t have the connections, the fame to sell it out, right?

Crypto King : Correct. Most of us do not have.

Jayson : Instead of listing them on Opensea & Rarible, you may try building your NFT profile on our social media platform. Because everyone on Torum is a crypto enthusiast. There is such an untapped potential awaiting for artists to explore.

Crypto King : Ahh I see. That’s quite unique with the kind of userbase you have.

Jayson : You can turn your Torum profiles as your personal NFT showroom. When people click into your profile, they can see your NFT collections. Build your connections on Torum, and with a little bit of time, you will find yourself surrounded by a group of people who love crypto and NFT. They will be the ones who will buy your NFTs and even help promote your artwork to the community.

This unique use case is only found on Torum. Because we have consistently build an strong product that is designed only for crypto users.

Which is everyone of us here,Build for crypto users, by crypto users.That’s always been the way. We have just launched our 2nd Avatar NFT series a few days ago. It’s a feature that empowers you to build your personalized identity in the Metaverse. And, it was sold out in less than 24 hours.There’s so much potential to be explore, and we haven’t tapped into GameFi yet.SocialFi has barely begun. Mark my words 🤓.

Crypto King : Well that was a great piece of information about TORUM. Few new things to me too. Although, I had read some piece of it on your website as well😊.

And that 197k users😱 that’s huge I must say. Great, here comes another one regarding TORUM’s location.

Where is #TORUM headquartered? Do you have any office space or you majorly work from scattered locations? Also, how big is your team?

Jayson : We are currently headquartered in Malaysia. But, we are distributed on India, Nigeria, New Zealand and also Turkey.

We welcome passionate members who shared the same vision of Torum — to provide a safe, open and interconnected entry point for users to discuss crypto. The team has around 35 members at the moment. We got devs who previously worked in Consensys, One of them was one of the core devs and earliest members of Polygon, Back then, they were still called MATIC. And, we are still growing!

If you are interested to work with us, regardless of marketing or technical, feel free to join our TG group and drop the admins a message.We are happy to hear from you and work together to build this ecosystem together!

Fully open & transparent!

Crypto King : Well that’s quite diversified geography. But this is awesome, you have people from all around the globe.

Alright 2 quick questions then we open for community rounds.

1. Can you name a few VCs/investors backing TORUM (#XTM)?

2. Also, any new exchanges in future for #XTM? From where can our community buy #XTM?

Jayson : Cool! Among our strategic investors, we got Huobi Ventures and KuCoin Labs that are backing us, This provides us access to plenty of resources that is out of reach for many.

Crypto King : Wow🥳,

Jayson : Besides them, we got AU21, Waterdrip, Consensus Lab, M6, Basics Capital and many more. You can find all of them from our website too!, And as you may have predicted, we are listed on KuCoin and Huobi.

Crypto King : These are quite big names in the industry. Yes we know :),Yes the community did😉.

Jayson : That’s the kind of support that exchanges VCs provide.You can find us on Pancake, HotBit, MEXC too. There’s a couple of others like Hotbit and BKEX. And, we are still in discussion with certain exchanges for listing.Though the market is a little bearish these days, this bull run is far from over.

Crypto King : Binance in the kitty😉?

Jayson : After KuCoin and Huobi, where do you think we are heading next? 🤓

Crypto King : Lmao

Jayson : Unfortunately, I can’t discuss exchange listing in the public. We have to be cautious about this. Very cautious. Good thing is Binance is looking for SocialFi projects these days.

Crypto King : I get it..was just kidding😁.

Jayson : SocialFi is listed as one of the key sectors that they are looking at. So, Torum is in a solid position. We got the numbers, the use cases, etc. I am sure that we will get there, sooner or later!.

Crypto King : And we have been sharing a lot of news in our group about Torum.Lot of key devs happening. Looks awesome! Cool.

Jayson : All hiding behind the scene, awaiting the right timing to release.

Community Q & A Round

Q1. What are the important milestones Torum(XTM) has achieved so far and also what are the upcoming plans in store which can excite us? What distinguishing features does possess that makes it unique from the rest or what solution does it intend to bring to the present age of Crypto?

Jayson : Landing a partnership with KuCoin Labs and Huobi Ventures is the biggest deal that Torum has achieved this year. On top of that, our number of users is approaching 200K.

That’s real adoption, compared to projects who usually take number of holders to measure their success, when all they did was airdrop.

Q2. How can we trust your project & we believe you are not a SCAM project? Nowadays so many Rug-Pulls and exit SCAM are happening now? Thanks..

Jayson : We have been here since 2018. We got an 18 months old product that has close to 200K users. Team is fully open & transparent. Development is consistent. Project is audited.


Q3. Currently a lot of people are looking at NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field future?

Jayson : Number of users is key here. None of them is even close to the user base that Torum possess.

What’s the use of your product if you don’t have the users. Something for you to ponder today.

Q4. According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?

Jayson : Mobile App, Torum NFT Marketplace.

Q5. Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?

Jayson : Nope, none of us are satisfied. But it’s a god damn miracle that we have survived and grown until today.

We look forward to achieve even more partnerships than KuCoin and Huobi by 2022!

Crypto King : Perfect!, we are done with the questions.

Thank you so much for the time. Have a merry X-mas. Enjoy your day 😊😊🥳🥳.

Here are some important links of Torum⛓

Website | Telegram |Twitter




We are committed to provide Premium Crypto signals, News and Analysis, listing information, and Breakout alerts with high accuracy. We Provide Best Technical Analysis tools and assistance to our people.

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