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Libra Is Not A Gateway Cryptocurrency

Libra is the offshore oil rig of data collection. Drill baby drill.

Why Would Facebook Create Libra?

Great question. I wondered the same thing.

  • Why would Facebook thrust their necks out in an environment where people are already wary of “sell-us-your-soul” social media platforms?
That’s not the face of someone who loves testifying before Congress. Source: WSJ

What is the move?

The public outcry over data concerns and the regulatory shit show is Facebook’s price to pay, not an unforeseen consequence. In fact, I would imagine it’s all going relatively according to plan.

We all know that we all played it…source

What now?

I don’t mean to be a downer. If Libra works out it will end up being extremely convenient for all of us. I used the “Login with Facebook” feature twice just in the writing of this article. But we can’t lose sight of what Libra actually is. It is a ploy to collect a complete picture of every Facebook user. It is another move in the large scale exploitation of our data. Remember that.



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