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Oct 1, 2019 · 5 min read

Since the relaunch article in July, there have been many new and exciting updates to CryptoAssault. To read about the CryptoAssault V2 Relaunch in the previous Medium Article, it is linked at the bottom.

The updates to the game have been:

  • Alliances (following the Alliance logo contest),
  • Bounties & Medals,
  • Discord Account linking,
  • Auctions for units using medals in Discord,
  • Daily and weekly quests,
  • Fast deployment of destroyed units using medals,
  • New sounds/music/effects have been added.


As highlighted in the last article, there was an Alliance Logo Contest which concluded on 8/11/19. The winning entries now represent the first 5 Alliances that have been implemented into CryptoAssault. They are: AA, BAD, FFS, KOS, and SLYRS.

The American Alliance (AA) Banner

Players are able to leave Alliances they have joined at any time but there is a one week cooldown before they can join a new one. Joining an Alliance is encouraged as players who do not will suffer a 25% reduction in their Land Dividends and Salvage Bonus. The Alliances have been implemented to improve balance across the player base and encourage large players to join different Alliances. Players in the same Alliances are not able to attack each other and are encouraged to work together.

The British & Dangerous (BAD) Banner

It also provides a balancing mechanism whereby the most dominant Alliances will receive a penalty in land dividends and salvage dividends thus encouraging the largest players to split up instead of joining the same Alliance.

The Freedom Fighters (FFS) Banner

When a player joins an Alliance via the new Alliance Tab in the game they can see the Land Dividend and Salvage Bonus that they now have for joining that Alliance.

The Kill on Sight (KOS) Banner

Additional features are currently in development which will be aimed at rewarding players who work together with their Alliance members and coordinate against other Alliances.

The Slayers Banner

Kill Score, Medals & the Discord Linking

Medals have been introduced as a shared resource which can be acquired/used both in Discord and in the game itself and generally rewards more active players.

CryptoAssault now has a bounty leaderboard which awards medals at random intervals to the top bounty players. Bounty is acquired based on the rarity/power of the defending unit as well as the amount of land that the defending player controls. Bounties on players with more land are higher encouraging attacking of the strongest players.

Bounty Leaderboard showing the current Kill Score and the Medal prizes

Medals can also be awarded to players through several other methods. These include a 1% chance to receive a medal for every unit that you kill and two different ways you can pick up medals through the integrated Discord Bot that rewards players randomly in chat (this requires linking your CryptoAssault account with your Discord account).

The Medals themselves can be used in the game to fast repair units and instantly redeploy. The base cost is dependent on unit quality as well as the time remaining in repair. The cost of each unit to quickly repair in medals is dependent on a “land multiplier”. Every 5% of total land that a player owns will increase the multiplier. This allows players with less land to redeploy more frequently and apply greater pressure on the center which allows for some really interesting tactics in deploying/attacking enemy units. In addition, the medals can also be used for entering into raffles and auctions in the Discord server. These raffles and auctions happen on a weekly basis.

Quests & Player Levels

Every day players will get two new daily quests to complete and every satellite cycle they will also have the chance to complete a bigger (more difficult) quest. The players can complete the quests to gain medals and experience.

Example of a 1-Day Quest

With the completion of quests, player can also earn experience (in addition to the medals) which allow players to level up. Players with higher levels will receive more challenging quests which also provide greater rewards.

Example of a 3-Day Quest

In the future, levels will be important for new features that will be implemented in the game.

CryptoAssault Relaunch Article:

The next article will update with specific details regarding the 100 ETH Tournament, which is scheduled to start with a registration launch on October 21st 2019. In the meantime, new features will continue to be added to the game which build upon the features described in this article so stay tuned for additional updates. The war never ends, so good luck and fight on!

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A Strategy MMO on the Ethereum Blockchain

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