CryptoAssault V2 — Relaunch

Jul 17, 2019 · 3 min read

CryptoAssault is now under new management! A new Whitepaper has been developed that is entitled CryptoAssault: World War 2 and can be viewed on the CryptoAssault website here or embedded below. It’s an exciting time for the game with the many upcoming enhancements, developments and competitions planned!

This article will now cover the first changes implemented into the game and to reveal details of an upcoming Design Competition for the community (Five x Rare 4 Star CryptoAssault Units will be rewarded as prizes)!

CryptoAssault received an update on the 14th of July (the first since the change of ownership).The update brought 2 major changes to the gameplay.

The first change is to the land values for the different zones in the game. These have been adjusted to allow the player’s units in the outer Zones to have the opportunity to hold and fight for more valuable land. This will encourage more combat across the map. The land values in each of the zones have been changed to the following:

  • Zone 1: 20%
  • Zone 2: 20%
  • Zone 3: 25%
  • Zone 4: 35%

The second change has implemented a brand new mechanic to the game: Salvage!

The Salvage mechanic will encourage players to be active and offensive (i.e. to prevent camping). When a player attacks other units, the attacker will gain either the opponent’s base power if they win, or half their own unit’s base power if they lose (the enhancements do not count towards salvage calculations). For every minute, the salvage count will tick down by 0.1%. Along with this new mechanic is a change to the way that dividends are awarded. 35% of the daily dividends will now be distributed across players based on the salvage owned. This change will reward players that are actively playing the game, attacking other players units and battling for territory.

Alliances/Clans are going to major part of the CryptoAssault re-boot. The team is pleased to announce an upcoming Design Competition for Clan Logos in the game. The details have been shared via the CryptoAssault Discord Server (you can join the Discord here).

Any player can submit multiple entries for the contest. The designs will be put to a community vote and the Top 5 entries will be implemented in the game. The 5 winning entries will each receive a Four Star Rare CryptoAssault Unit (multiple submissions from the same designer will be allowed). The designs should be in a coat of arms style. Players should also have a suggested name to go with their design.

Example Coat of Arms for the Contest

The submission period for entrants into the contest will end after either 25 entries have been received or 2 weeks has elapsed, whichever comes first! Please check the Discord for the full set of rules.

Good luck to all entrants!

Please follow this Medium Channel, as more regular updates will be posted regarding the planned updates, and the future competitions including the highly anticipated Tournament Mode game.

Fight for survival and rewards in a Battle Royale style tournament. Out maneuver your opponents and claim your share of the 100 ETH guaranteed prize pool! Check out the updated white paper for more details as well as rules on how to enter and sign up to our newsletter in order to be notified as soon as entries are open!

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Thanks to CryptoAssault


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