Rob Dixon
Rob Dixon
Jul 24, 2018 · 4 min read

I love the idea of crypto-games.

Players clearly own their virtual goods! The exact rarity of collectible items is visible to everyone! The hype goes on and on — and most of it is true.

But so far, most crypto-games lack one big thing.


I own some CryptoKitties, and they are very cute. But I can’t do much with them.

I’ve signed up for a dozen other crypto-games, and even played the ones that are ready to play. But they just aren’t that fun yet.

Some of them are slow to play, with delays at every turn. (That’s a huge challenge for blockchain game developers.) Others just don’t have the addictive qualities I look for in a game.

The most interesting part of most crypto-games today is just buying and selling the crypto-collectibles.

That’s why we‘re building CryptoBeasties: to create a crypto-collectible game that’s also a ton of fun to play.

Simple, Compelling Game Features

  • Lots of Beasties to collect, all with attractive artwork (and animated 3D versions coming soon).
  • Level up each Beastie, by improving certain skills and adding extra powers, to create one-of-a-kind collectibles.
  • Use simple team-building strategy to create 3-Beastie squads that work together to win arena battles.
  • You can play for free, so you can enjoy the game without spending all your rent.
  • And of course, you can buy and resell your Beasties whenever you want. You can start with a level 1 Beastie, build it up to level 60, and then sell it. Or buy some fully-leveled Beasties from another player right away, and start off with a strong team.

Our goal is to bring some of the casual, entertaining game mechanics from popular mobile games to CryptoBeasties. Wouldn’t it be cool to play a game as good as Clash Royale or Summoners’ War, where you also own all your creatures, and can resell them? That’s the kind of game we’re building.

Build squads of 3 Beasties with complementary powers, and battle other squads.

Blockchain Benefits

Don’t get me wrong, though. Blockchain technology brings some great benefits for players:

  • Players own their own Beasties. It’s all recorded on the blockchain. Indisputable.
  • The rarity of each kind of Beastie is clear and provable. For example, you can make sure that the Legendary Beastie you bought really is #7 out of only 10 in existence.
  • The same collectibles can be used in different games and on different platforms in the future. At first, your Beastie will be playable in our 2D Trading Card Game version. But later you’ll be able to use the same Beastie, with the same leveled-up stats and powers, in a 3D version of the game (see our Roadmap for more details).

There’s more to blockchain games than all that, but we’re focusing on the benefits for players here.

An Experienced Team

Our team is as indie as it gets: six game developers and artists, veterans of game studios and visual effects houses, coming together under the banner of PlayStakes LLC, to make CryptoBeasties happen.

We’ve already completed the game design, and created the first set of Beasties as ERC-721 tokens. We’re currently hard at work on the game prototype, play-testing and balancing the Beasties and all their powers.

We’re dying to get this game into players’ hands, and get feedback as soon as we can. To that end, we’re planning a Pre-Sale in August 2018, and an Alpha launch soon after that.

The Roadmap and the Pre-Sale

We’re announcing CryptoBeasties now, but it’s been in development for months. Our first release will be a 2D Card Game, but we are working on a next generation 3D version at the same time. That’s right: your 2D Beastie cards will soon come to life as animated 3D creatures!

Early prototype of a CryptoBeasties 3D battle

Here’s the schedule:

  • August 2018: CryptoBeasties Pre-Sale
  • October 2018: Playable Alpha (2D version)
  • December 2018: Playable Alpha (3D version)

To hit these milestones, we’ll need your help. We‘re running a Pre-Sale of Uncommon and Rare Beasties in August 2018. We’ll also be selling a very few Phenomenals at that time — super-rare Beasties that will never be sold again.

The Pre-Sale is effectively our Kickstarter-style campaign. Your support will help us accelerate the development and bring the game to you faster. Let the fun begin!

Check our website for updates about the Pre-Sale and the game release. Or sign up for our mailing list if you want to get spam-free news about the game.

We’re planning some CryptoBeastie giveaways too, for people who sign up and/or join our Discord and Telegram groups.

Thanks in advance for supporting the game!


A Super-Fun Trading Card Game on the Blockchain

Rob Dixon

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Rob Dixon

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A Super-Fun Trading Card Game on the Blockchain

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