Rob Dixon
Rob Dixon
Sep 15, 2018 · 4 min read
Beasties training in the Sun Arena

All of us game developer elves at PlayStakes have been madly designing, coding, and tweaking the Beastie cards for our upcoming blockchain game. We are finally ready to unleash the CryptoBeasties on a mostly-unsuspecting world.

We are officially announcing our Presale, which will start at 3pm PDT (11pm GMT) on Monday, September 24th, 2018. Mark your calendars!

Bring Home Some Beasties

During the Presale, you can grab packs of 3 Beastie cards at a time, with various rarity levels. Each pack will include two cards of random rarity plus a third card that is either Rare, Epic, or Legendary (depending on the type of pack you choose).

Beasties battle in squads of three, so one pack is technically all you need to get started. But squad-building strategy is a big part of the game, so you’ll probably want more than 3 cards in your deck, to give yourself some options.

We’re also auctioning a few ultra-rare “Phenomenal” cards during the Presale. Phenomenals are limited to only 10 copies, ever, during the lifetime of the game. And only one copy of each will be offered during the presale. Between now and the presale date, we’ll share more info about which Phenomenal cards will be offered.

The Benefits of Beastie Ownership

When you buy a Beastie in the Presale you’ll get a lot more than just a card.

CryptoBeasties aren’t the static, unchangeable cards you’ve used in games like Hearthstone or Magic: the Gathering. Each Beastie develops a unique set of skills and powers as you level it up, turning it into a one-of-a-kind collectible.

In addition, your Beasties are blockchain-backed assets that will be available in every version of this game, on every future platform.

This isn’t like those PS3 games that became wasted space when you upgraded to a PS4. Your Beasties will be playable on every platform planned in our development roadmap, including the web, mobile, and 3D/VR/Decentraland versions.

Unique Presale Features

We thought long and hard about the best ways to reward our earliest supporters — those of you who join us in the presale.

We added a couple more features to ensure that the Beasties you get during the presale will be the most coveted cards of all.

New card features include unique serial numbers and badges.

First, all cards sold in the Presale will carry special Series 1 Presale badges. These will be displayed on your card (and maybe even on your 3D Beastie), giving you bragging rights forever.

Each Beastie card is serialized, too. We’ll release numbers 1 through 100 of each card the first day, and when those are sold, we’ll release 101 to 200, and so on. Just by purchasing a random card pack on day one of the presale, for example, you could score Arboros the Forest Dragon #1, or Trompen, Earth Fighter #1!

Why Support CryptoBeasties?

We see this Presale as a Kickstarter-style campaign for players who already understand crypto-games. By purchasing packs of Beastie cards you will support our development effort, and ensure the game has the best possible production values when we release the first versions later this year.

You can also support our truly indie game development team in our quest to build a crypto-collectible game that is actually super-fun to play.

Plus, if you’re like me, you’ve been excited to see all these great new character designs. Our artists are nailing it! Your support will help make these Beasties come to life.

Tell your Friends

We learned about most of our favorite games from recommendations by friends. We’re building a simple referral system to motivate everyone to tell their gamer buddies.

If you recommend CryptoBeasties to a friend, and they buy cards during the Presale, you can earn a percentage of the total sale price. We’ll post full details about our referral program in the coming days.

Stay in Touch

Check our website for updates about the Presale and the game release. Or sign up for our mailing list if you want to get spam-free news about the game.

We’re planning some CryptoBeastie giveaways in the future too, for people who sign up and/or join our Discord and Telegram groups.

Thanks in advance for supporting the game!


A Super-Fun Trading Card Game on the Blockchain

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A Super-Fun Trading Card Game on the Blockchain

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