What is Lattice-Based Cryptography & Why You Should Care

Or how do we protect today’s encrypted information against tomorrow’s quantum attacks?

Cryptography and Security Proofs

Factoring, Discrete Logarithms & Quantum Computers

Lattices and Short Vectors

  • First, we choose two whole numbers; say, 3 and -1.
  • We multiply the coordinates of the first point by 3 to get the point (6,0) and the coordinates of the second point by -1 to get (0,-2).
  • Now we add the results together to get our new point (6,-2).
Figure 1
Figure 2

So Why Lattices?

It is important for all networks and technology platforms to consider and build safeguards to protect today’s data against future post-quantum attacks. The team at Wickr is actively investing in research and development today to assess the existing lattice-based algorithms on their efficiency and implementation. Stay tuned for more on this.



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