Your cryptocurrencies portfolio dashboard — Concept of Cryptoboard

Let me introduce our latest project in SCR Design Company — Cryptoboard, where we decided to tackle the problems that we are facing with cryptocurrencies portfolio management.

The problem description

In the world there is no simple and transparent cryptocurrency portfolio performance monitor tool that should not require linking accounts, adding Hard Wallets we’ve created the concept of dashboard — Cryptoboard.

In the world, there is no place for a tool for tracking the performance of the cryptocurrency portfolio on long-term investments for Hard Wallet without the need to install some software or linking account we made a solution.

The is a lack of Paper Trading platforms on which users can easily try to invest in cryptocurrency before they go for real.

Cryptoboard is as a cryptocurrencies portfolio dashboard easy to use, free for everyone.

All your cryptocurrencies in one place safe and separated from your wallets

All your cryptocurrencies in one place/dashboard separated from your wallets (safe) — no need to connect your wallet — transfer your money or to create a new wallet

Cryptocurrencies portfolio overview of all your investments stored in your hard wallets

Play with investing in cryptocurrencies before you decide to invest real Money

We need your support & feedback.

We would like to bring this solution live for the community for FREE, so we need your help. Please help us — donate. 🙏

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