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5 Decentraland Rivals to Keep an Eye On

Decentraland is one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency gaming. Everyone has access to land ownership, building, renting, and commercial sales. Because players may trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs, these worlds are popular among cryptocurrency investors. Many of the greatest virtual real estate sites, however, are out of reach for novice users due to their pricey tokens and NFTs. As a result, we’ll go through a list of 5 Decentraland Competitors that you may choose from.

It’s important for every sector to have a variety of options so that inter-competition keeps things exciting and affordable. Decentraland’s rivals aren’t generally less expensive, but they may offer a different take on the gameplay that will benefit you! Continue reading to find out who the best Decentraland competitors are!

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is one of Decentraland’s key competitors, and it’s easy to see why. This Ethereum-based metaverse platform offers 3D experiences that are realistic. It also allows players to buy land, create buildings, trade their stuff, and engage in other game-like activities. The purpose is to provide the tools necessary for gamers and developers to construct the virtual world.

On these areas, users may construct houses, arrange games, and provide social experiences to inhabitants. Sandbox’s virtual world is powered by the SAND token, which players use for all in-game purchases and transactions.

One of Sandbox’s distinct benefits versus Decentraland is the ability to purchase land. Sandbox operates on a number of platforms, including OpenSea and the Sandbox marketplace. This is not the situation in Decentraland, where land purchases are solely conducted via the MANA marketplace. This provides land purchasers greater alternatives and a competitive edge.


Cryptovoxels is another great alternative if you want a more compact version of Decentraland. Cryptovoxel, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, has a plethora of fascinating things to explore, comparable to Minecraft.

The Cryptovoxel universe includes the city of Origin. Some of the streets in Origin City are owned by the Corporation, and players can purchase Parcels there as well. These Cryptovoxel parcels can be acquired through networks such as OpenSea. When a player receives their land, they may decide how to use it. The game frequently provides players with black and white bricks to construct with.


Crypto virtual world games like Starlink are designed to offer a parallel reality, and they accomplish it effortlessly. In this space-themed metaverse, players may explore, learn, and develop their self-expression.

This virtual world includes action, adventure, and instructional games. To achieve their objectives, players can fly across solar systems by connecting to various missions in the metaverse via gateways.

Starlink’s ecosystem is powered by its native token, STARL. Players use this token to conduct transactions and enter other areas of the metaverse. Some of these include access to games, clubs, virtual concerts, and modes of transportation.

Because of its engaging and customizable gameplay, Starlink fights hard with Decentraland. Starlinks provides more complex tasks and virtual world experiences than Decentraland. As a result, the game is a viable replacement for Decentraland.

Matrix World

Matrix World Multiverse is another excellent play-to-earn game similar to Decentraland. It is the first decentralized open virtual environment where users may interact with 3D apps running on many blockchains at the same time. Lands act as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that exist in the cosmos and are always present on blockchain networks. The lands of these locations may be swapped and moved between multiple blockchain networks. They also keep full ownership of the structures that landowners build on their parcels of land.

Several features provided by Matrix World can benefit landowners. Among these advantages include the ability to construct structures, develop DApps, organize meetings, and trade and transfer digital material. Its ability to support several marketplaces in the metaverse sets it apart from other efforts.

You may access Matrix World by purchasing the Matrix World Land Voucher from OpenSea. Despite not being online until 2024, Matrix World is an intriguing concept.


In the Upland metaverse, a virtual reality, users may buy, sell, and exchange digital assets connected to real-world addresses. Users may receive prizes by completing signature property collections, participating in daily treasure hunts, and participating in live events.

Furthermore, users may choose to sell their houses on the market or charge visitors to earn rent. Keep in mind that Upland is concerned with issues other than customer satisfaction, such as environmental health and climate change.

Uplanders may also take part in treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, City tours, and even live property auctions. The UPX token is used for transactions by gamers and cannot be exchanged outside of the Upland ecosystem.

Upland property owners receive an annual UPX revenue equal to 17% of the property’s minting cost. This makes the game extremely appealing and can result in a substantial profit, particularly for high-end residences. Keep in mind that Upland properties are in short supply. Nobody knows exactly how much the cheapest land in the game costs.

All of the platforms we’ve explored here have something special to offer everyone. However, the decision is ultimately up to your preferences and interests. While The Sandbox and Decentraland have established themselves as market leaders, others are rapidly developing. This instills a healthy amount of competitive energy into the metaverse. Naturally, it also allows users to find virtual worlds with lower entry fees.

So, if you’re looking for the finest Decentraland competitors, one of these five NFT games would be a great place to start. Each game contains unique gameplay mechanics and features.



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