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COPE — Interact with a series of PlayFi protocols for COPE rewards.

Acquire COPE in a fun and low risk way, by unlocking your cope report and reaching the top of the COPE.

How do I get COPE?

There are three ways to get COPE. These are outlined below.

1. Stake COPE

Earn COPE through staking across pools in the Solana ecosystem such as on Raydium and Orca and upcoming COPE Trading Pools. Stake in Sollet/Phantom (on-chain) wallet to earn more COPE and become claimants in spacedrops.

How to stake?

  • Setup a COPE tip wallet in the COPE discord stake some COPE into it and become an active part of the COPE Community to get access to Consensus trading pool ROI.
  • COPE can be used as collateral for trading margin spot markets on Mango.
  • COPE can be deposited into Mango Markets Margin accounts to earn yield.
  • COPE can be borrowed on Mango Markets securitised against assets deposited into mango margin account.
  • Keep your COPE in Sollet/ Phantom wallet (on-chain) to become potential claimants of spacedrops.
  • COPE Mango Trading Pools

2. Play to earn COPE

Compete against others in COPE games and be rewarded with COPE for your competitive edge.

Shodown is one of the first live games that has integrated the Solana blockchain allowing users to play through a nostalgic reimagined experience of the penny-arcade machine where coins are inserted to play.

Many community members have expressed the thought of expanding the universe of games that makes up COPE | Games. Taking this onboard and looking at the future of PlayFi, we believe that games that are played together are much more exciting and so we look to present the next instalment of shodown, showdown | Multiplayer.

3. Become part of the Community

Join the COPE Discord and connect your wallet to start earning COPE tips for being an awesome community member and tip others for their awesome contributions and take part in voting in the bi-weekly community trading pool to be in with a shot at earning from the ROI distributed.


COPE Leaderboard Tokenomics

● COPE tokens will be awarded as a % of the total emission just before leaderboard reformation, as follows:

○ Zone i = 25%

○ Zone ii = 18%

○ Zone iii = 15%

○ Zone iv = 12%

○ Zone v = 10%

○ Zone vi = 8%

○ Zone vii = 6%

○ Zone viii = 4%

○ Zone ix = 2%

● The emission amount for the first 3 months will be fixed at 4000 COPE tokens which will be distributed to the participants across zones. This amount can be reviewed by the community after the launch of the leaderboard.

● During the first few weeks, the full emission amount will be allocated across the best to worst scores e.g.

Using the emission amount of 4000 COPE tokens:

○ In normal operation, if the best score is 500 and the lowest score is 250, only a proportion of the emission amount will be allocated across zones.

○ However during the first few weeks, the full emission amount will be distributed across the best and worst zones.

● A disputation process will exist where call classifications can be disputed within a short time window. Call makers will need to stake tokens to raise the dispute. If a dispute is won, the call maker will receive COPE tokens based upon the amount staked. If they lose the dispute their staked tokens are subject to burning or entering re-circulation. There will be a maximum amount that can be staked. This maximum limit can be reviewed and changed by the community.

COPE Token Distribution

Here is a list of Community Verticals through which we intend to distribute COPE going forward. Given the COPE token has already been distributed, this has to be taken into account when looking at how we can organise COPE across the different verticals for the ongoing development of the COPE project.

Community Verticals (as a % of circulating supply)

These figures are subject to change based on maintaining an inflation rate < 8% year on year (which means at the end of Year 3 there will be less than or equal to 20,785,248 COPE tokens in circulation). The percentages below can be subject to change based on community staking and voting

1. Help the world COPE: (0.3% with 75% of this coming from COPE fees)

Most of the COPE going to the Help-the-world COPE fund will originate from COPE revenues made through the spending of COPE on products in the COPE ecosystem.

The community will be able to stake their COPE to nominate causes that require financial assistance. Only those causes for which there are boots on the ground that are accessible by the COPE community globally will be funded so as to ensure 100% of contributions go to those who need it.

2. Early Contributors: (0.8%)

There are many people from the community who have supported the COPE project from the beginning and continue to do so. Their on-going contributions to the COPE project will be rewarded.

3. Liquidity Reserves: (2.5%)

Users should be able to buy COPE from exchanges. As a result COPE liquidity should be provided to exchanges and market makers that decide to list it and provide markets, respectively. Priority should be given to decentralised exchanges operating on the Solana blockchain as and when they go live. Distributions from this segment will be governed by COPE holder voting and staking.

4. Community Grants: (1%)

COPE grants can foster the development of a micro-ecosystem of highly talented people who can create sophisticated farming strategies, algos, and applications we cannot think of, that create upside for the entire COPE community. The community will have an opportunity to stake their tokens to nominate projects. Examples may include funding:

a. the construction of optimised yield farming strategies. The resulting ROI can be split between the creator, community and organisation.

b. the creation of merchandise that can be purchased with COPE.c. Actively helping manage the COPE community globally across different platforms and regions.

d. Producing creative COPE material to broadcast COPE to the wider community.

e. COPE | GAMES → Retro style ‘insert quarter’ for Hi-Fi 2D multiplayer battles.

5. Ecosystem: (2.2%)

Given our products will run on Solana, COPE can be used to fund projects in the Solana ecosystem in order to benefit the community. The COPE community will have an opportunity to stake their tokens to nominate projects. These include funding the development & productionisation of:

a. Analytics for Serum and other Solana DEXes.

b. Solana Smart contracts that can interact with oracles.

c. Stop-Loss for liquidity provision on Raydium Pools.

6. Pools: (5%)

COPE will be distributed to liquidity pools and yield farms which the community benefit from. LP tokens originating from staked liquidity will be eligible for unlocking the COPE report. The COPE leaderboard emissions will also originate from this vertical. Governed pools will emit COPE in phase 2 of the project based on the automated investment protocol mentioned in the whitepaper.

Distributions from this segment will be governed by COPE holder voting and staking. E.g. users can stake their COPE to nominate and vote for new pools such as COPE-RAY or COPE-SOL.

COPE Circulating Supply Schedule

COPE Circulating Supply Schedule

Roadmap & Key Milestones

· Integrate Sollet Wallet

· Allow User login via Solana Wallet

· Integrate Automated Twitter Verification

· Enable Solana Wallet <-> Twitter Connection

· Implement Top 100 COPE Index

· onboard top 100 call makers from 10000s. Update and maintain this regularly

· Implement the COPE Token

· Mint COPE on Solana Blockchain and implement necessary distribution processes

· Implement the COPE / SOL Pool

· Allow users to buy COPE with SOL

· Implement COPE staking

· Allow COPE staking for LP token issuance and ownership for report unlocks and disputation process

· Implement COPE distribution processes

· Build COPE distribution processes for Report Unlocking and COPE emission events for users participating in the COPE INDEX

· Implement Call Disputation Process

· Implement 30 minute time window Call Disputation Process via direct COPE staking

· Implement COPE Governance

· Implement COPE Governance for Pool Creation and Autonomous Bonding Curve Distribution



> Launched H1 2021

  • Aidropped to thousands
  • Ongoing development

> Trader call leaderboard

  • Dev complete:
  • Aidropped to thousands
  • Cloud Infrastructure Configuration
  • Market data integration
  • Parallel tweet classification processing
  • In progress:
  • Automating analysis of classified calls
  • Ranking algorithm
  • Efficient persistence
  • PAPI & Frontend

> Spacedrop protocol

> Multiplayer Shodown

> Shodown

  • Shodown game launched, one of the first Play To Earn game on Solana.

> COPE upgrade protocol

> Trading pools

  • Trading Pools/Index driven by leaderboard.

> 53K holders

  • More than 53K holders to date and increasing.

> Investing protocol

  • Automated investing protocol driven by index.

> More airdrops

  • Facilitated multiple airdrops to the Solana ecosystem users.

> Leaderboard

  • Continued development of leaderboard & protocols.

> COPE grants

  • Help the world COPE grants.

> Reward pools & new listings



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