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CropperFinance — Solana’s Ultimate Yield Farming Protocol

Cropper is an automated market maker (AMM) built on the Solana blockchain which leverages the central order book of the Serum decentralized exchange (DEX) to enable lightning-fast trades, shared liquidity and new features for earning yield.

What makes Cropper different from other AMM is the ability it gives to SPL projects builders to launch permission less yield farming for their token holders on a plug and play basis.


Create permission less yield farming

SPL projects builders will be able to connect their liquidity to the platform, set up the total supply that will be allocated to yield farming, decide the weekly emission schedule and launch their yield farming.

Trade and swap

Cropper’s swap feature allows two tokens to be exchanged quickly through Serum, while the DEX UI also allows for more advanced trading features such as limit orders. These make for a better trading experience for users.

Earn CRP

There will be number of ways to earn CRP tokens while farming liquidity pools and staking. More features are on the way!

Automated Market Maker (AMM)

Cropper is an AMM that is built on the Solana blockchain and is completely permissionless.

Its Token Swap Program enables a seamless trading of tokens without a centralized limit order book. The program’s principles are mathematically defined by the following formula to calculate the prices of all executed trades:

Where x and y are the respective reserves of two assets X and Y and k is a constant. The price curve aims to mimic normal market dynamics. For example, as traders buy a lot of one token type, the value of the other token types increases.

Depositors in pools provide liquidity for token pairs. This liquidity enables trade execution at the spot price. In exchange for their liquidity, depositors receive liquidity pool (LP) tokens, representing their pro-rata share of the pool. During each trade, a program withholds a portion of the input token as a fee (0.3%). That fee increases the value of pool tokens by being stored in the pool and attributable to LPs.

Liquidity pool functioning

It is important to reiterate that a liquidity pool simply comprises an autonomous smart contract deployed on the relevant blockchain network, operated directly by users calling functions on it (which allows them to interact with other users in a peer-to-peer manner), with no further control by or interaction with the original entity which had deployed the smart contract. Swapping tokens is calling “swap” on a pool contract instance, while providing liquidity is called a “deposit”.

Yield Farming

Permission less Yield Farming

Cropper’s main attribute is yield farming. The mission is to make farming more accessible for all new projects within the Solana network. Yield farming has gained popularity in the last couple of months, and we believe that it will become even more sought after, with an even brighter outlook for the future where it should become an essential part of any project.

On the Cropper platform, all Solana projects and their tokens will be able to create a liquidity pool. Once a liquidity pool is created, the project that created the pool will be able to launch its own farm where its token holders will be able to add liquidity. The creator of the farm will be able to choose:

  • The farming pair (SPL-token/USDC, SPL-token/CRP)
  • The supply released through farming
  • The weekly emission reduction
  • The type of farm (locked or not) (Note: that all the rewards from locked farms are unlocked)

All projects which want to create a new farm will be charged a fee in $CRP. $CRP farming pairs will be exempt from this charge and the locked farm will get an additional yield in $CRP.

CRP Yield Farming

A part of the community/ecosystem fund will be allocated to farming rewards with a weekly emission between 150,000 and 200,000 CRP per week, per official CRP farm

To motivate $CRP holders to take their coins off the market and reduce sell pressure, Cropper intends to launch lockup LP pools where tokens will be locked for a specified amount of time. These pools will have a higher emissions rate than the unlocked LP.

Fees on Cropper

‌For all the LPs working on our platform, Cropper will charge fees for harvesting (0.1 %). Cropper will also charge fees for the creation of new LPs (the amount has not yet been determined).


Type: SPL Token on Solana

Ticker: CRP

Total supply: 500,000,000 CRP (fixed)

Token contract: DubwWZNWiNGMMeeQHPnMATNj77YZPZSAz2WVR5WjLJqz

Initial circulating supply: 16,500,000.00 CRP Initial market cap: $825,000.00 USD

Current circulating supply: 28,131,000.00 CRP

Public sale price: $0.05 USD

Token distribution

$CRP Token Distribution

Community & Ecosystem

· 59% : 295,000,000 $CRP

· A part of these tokens will be unlocked through LP rewards, with a weekly emission of approximately 150,000 $CRP/week per CRP Farm (SOL, ETH, USDC and USDT)

Teams & Advisors

· 21% : 105,000,000 $CRP

· Team’s token are locked for the first 6 months after the TGE, then every month 2.1% of the team’s token are unlocked over the course of 4 years.


· 10% : 50,000,000 $CRP


· 2% : 10,000,000 $CRP

· Fully unlocked at the TGE

Raising supply

· 7,2% : 36,000,000 $CRP

· 6,25% of these tokens will be unlocked at the TGE (9,38% unlocked every month thereafter)


· 0,8% : 4,000,000 $CRP

· 12,5% of the airdrop supply will be distributed at TGE

Both the seed and private sale rounds will be distributed to many different participants. By distributing the seed, private and public sales, Cropper is performing the most fair token distribution possible with no single entity holding large quantities of the supply on launch.

For token vesting, CropperFinance will use Bonfida’s vesting contracts to lock tokens ahead of the public sale.

$CRP Utility :

$CRP is the native token of Cropper. Holders will be able to deposit $CRP into liquidity pools (LP) in order to provide liquidity to the farm of their choice in CRP pair. The $CRP will also be needed join Fertilizer event.

  • Rewards $CRP holders
  • Introduce new LPs on Cropper

Buy Back of $CRP‌

The fees on Cropper will be used in the following ways:

  • 50% will go to $CRP farmers
  • 10% will go to the treasury
  • 40% will be burned until the max supply reaches 100,000,000 $CRP.

Once the hard cap reaches 100,000,000 $CRP, 80% of the fees will go to $CRP farmers and 20% to the treasury fund.


Q1: 2021

  • Concept formed — DONE
  • Team formed — DONE

Q2: 2021

  • UI/UX (landing page) — DONE
  • Tokenomics — DONE
  • Core platform building — DONE
  • Airdrop registration — DONE
  • UI/UX completed (platform) — DONE

Q3: 2021

  • Seed Round — DONE
  • Light paper — DONE
  • Audit start — DONE
  • Private Round — DONE
  • Core-Platform finished. — DONE
  • IDO — DONE
  • Cropper listing on Serum DEX — DONE
  • Airdrop send — DONE

Q4: 2021

  • Audit finished — DONE
  • Mainnet Live — DONE
  • Permission less LPs — DONE
  • Fertilizer CRP-USDC — DONE
  • Public farms CRP-USDC CRP-SOL — DONE
  • Permissionless farms — DONE
  • CRP staking — DONE

Q1: 2022

  • Jupiter integration — DONE
  • UI/UX v3 deployed
  • First project launch on Fertilizer v2
  • Decentralized reserved currency (OHM fork integration)
  • AMM stable curve deployed
  • Dual Yield

Q2: 2022

  • coming soon…


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