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Kitsumon — An NFT based game built on Polygon Network

Kitsumon is an online multiplayer game, where anyone can buy and own Kitsu, collect and create exciting items and participate in online battles and challenges. Inspired by successful NFT projects like Crypto Kitties and games such as Pokémon and DOTA, Kitsumon combines the best of the two worlds, a fun game for everyday players who want to enjoy the gameplay and fully experience the features and those who want to collect, create and trade NFT’s.

Kitsumon is not just a game for blockchain enthusiasts, but a game with the
potential to bridge blockchain technology with the general gaming community with exposure to billions of players. The game has a range of ways to participate mixing a variety of game genre styles and open-ended gameplay. Players can pick and choose what features they wish to participate in creating greater opportunities to attract millions of gamers from the diverse gaming community. It is designed in a way to allow players to benefit from their efforts by making many of the game assets user-owned and controlled. Through NFT systems the time and effort put in by the players will become rewarding beyond sheer entertainment.

Kitsumon is the brainchild of Kane Brown and the team of Digital DNA Studios and will become its flagship game. It utilises the Matic network, enabling advanced blockchain and in-game DeFi features. Apart from NFT assets and crypto tokens the Kitsumon ecosystem will deploy and fund liquidity trading, open community competitions and, romotions.

The intent now is to fund this team as a new company, attract new talent and make Kitsumon a commercial success around the world.

Game Overview

Kitsumon is an online multiplayer digital world where Kitsu and trainers interact together, create bonds and work towards the benefit of all. The Kitsumon world has an array of things to do to keep players engaged and entertained as they interact with their own Kitsumon.

It is a free-to-play online mobile and PC game. The gameplay revolves around an open ended sandbox like game system. Players are allocated their own piece of virtual land from which to begin creating their empire through multiple in game professions such as fishing, farming, cooking, and more.

Players can expand their land and stables, learn recipes, breed Kitsu and much more with daily tasks and achievements rewarding them with items and tokens. While many of the game features are quite in-depth and standalone in their function, they are all linked, with the end result supporting the training, breeding, and racing of Kitsu.

Players will be able to become masters in a range of skills creating additional in-game benefits as they evolve through play. By keeping game play time requirements to a minimum, players can achieve a great deal in a short time, creating a fair system for all players regardless of time restraints. Kitsumon is NOT a ‘Pay 2 Win’ game where the more you spend the better your Kitsu, rather it offers ways to expedite processes and expand side features.

Kitsumon will offer a little something for everyone, whether it’s growing,
harvesting, and trading crops or training and battling Kitsu, or even just trading game NFT’s on the marketplace. Kitsumon is a metaverse, designed to expand and grow as time goes on creating new and exciting ways to enjoy it.

Kitsu Guardians

Each Kitsu begins its life from an egg and obtains its unique skills, abilities, and appearance from its parents. Kitsu love attention and will reward you for our efforts, so feed them, breed them and get them into the battle arena to keep them happy.

Digital DNA

One of the most exciting aspects of Kitsumon is the amazing combinations of attributes that make up a Kitsu. Through our Digital DNA system, every new Kitsu hatched is unique and wonderful. Just as in real life Kitsu feature a genome system to determine what is seen (phenotype) and what is hidden (genotype).

Geno’s and Pheno’s

In Kitsumon genes are either dominant (Primary) or recessive (hidden) based on their location in the genome sequence. When two Kitsu procreate they each pass on two genes from each attribute. The dominant gene is the one that is made present and displayed in a Kitsu’s appearance while the other three recessive genes can only be passed on to offspring.

Each Kitsu is a product of multiple sets of four genes, assembled into a set of
blocks. Every block represents one attribute from eyes and ears to tails and fur. Each block has one primary gene and three hidden genes.

Depending on their position genes have a varying chance of getting passed on. The dominant gene has a 75% chance of getting passed on, while recessive genes have a 25% chance of being selected instead.

Stats and Abilities

Each Kitsu is a product of its bloodline, with stats, abilities and much more
passed down through our unique DNA contract system. But how does it all
work, how does that make for balanced gameplay?

Each component of the Kitsu from eyes and ears through to legs and tails
provides a set of battle statistics dictated by the gene. These genes are designed to work in a scale balancing system, creating both strengths and weaknesses in each component in a particular category. Each genetic component features stats in several categories such as health, energy, strength, mind and agility.

Elemental Affinity

Kitsu are creatures of the elements, born from a new world forged by their
surroundings. As such, each Kitsu has numerous elemental components as part of its structure. This comes in the form of each Kitsu having between 12 & 16 elemental slots that can take on any of the associated elements. Each component of a Kitsu’s phenotype features a slot as does the six possible abilities. Elements work much in the same way as stats in that each element offers a strength and weakness against other elements.

Elements work on two levels. The first is a base power bonus or defence to any associated abilities. The second happens when a Kitsu stacks multiple elements of the same type.

Below is a guide to how the elements will affect each other within the Kitsumon Gaming system. The plus signs represent where a Kitsu with an ‘Affinity’ or greater element level will do increased damage to the opposing element.

The minus signs represent where Kitsu will be more susceptible to element
attacks when a ‘Nature’ or greater elemental level exists. An example of this is the ‘Fire’ element doing additional damage to Nature, Ice and Shadow Elements but is more susceptible to the ‘Water’ element.

Battle Arena

Players will be able to practice and train their Kitsu against PVE targets and multiplayer systems in varying-sized groups and arenas. Training Kitsu allows it to level up, unlocking new abilities and increasing overall power levels.

Battle Arena
5 vs 5 multiplayer online battle arena gameplay is at the core of Kitsumon.
Randomly matched players from around the globe will be matched against each other to face off in exciting battles.

Featuring both player controlled and non-player controlled opponent’s players will battle to destroy their opponents main tower before the end of the match, or have the greatest KO count. Winners and losers will both be rewarded with experience points, tokens, and more with the winning team receiving the largest share.

Team Battles
Players will be able to create ‘Guilds’ and invite players to create battle teams. Battle teams are by invite only and will only be able to battle in special League Ladders and tournaments.


The Kitsumon world is full of fun and exciting professions to learn and master. Learn to grow crops and various plants, cook amazing foods, trawl the waters for fish, and much more. Your efforts will reward you with great products that can be used and traded.

The Choice is Yours
There are no limits to what you can learn so feel free to participate in all the
activities available. Each profession has amazing benefits with each one supporting the other.

Become a Master
While learning all professions is possible, becoming a ‘Master’ isn’t easy. Secret recipes exist, so keep your eye out for these rare treasures to learn how to make rare and valuable items.

Trade Your Wares
While making items can be great to help your Kitsu’s grow and improve, they can also be sold for a tidy profit on the market. Selling items is a great way to raise funds to buy other items.

Use Them Yourself
Professions are designed to allow players a way to create beneficial products they can use to enable further play and enjoyment of the game each day, from allowing more battles, more breeding or even hatching eggs faster. Players can choose to be self-sufficient and maximise their potential with professions.

The professions range from farming, cooking, fishing to alchemy, ranger, mining and tinkerer.


Kitsumon is created around an ecosystem where a players’ participation rewards them to further gameplay in other areas. A player that grows some food or catches some fish can trade them on our marketplace to other players. That player can then use those funds to purchase needed items or boosts allowing them to progress further, this makes all players vital to the larger community.

In order to maintain a high player base, Kitsumon offers players numerous
reward systems to create an incentive to play. Rewards will consist of Egg NFT’s, consumables, crafting items, boosts as well as the core currencies $KMC and KANDY. A significant portion of generated revenue will be funnelled back to players through these systems.


Players will be rewarded for participation in battles, win or lose.


Completing specific tasks will unlock global and personal achievements offering rewards to the user.

Legendary Achievements

Some specific achievements can only happen once and reward a single-player, such as the first player to level a Kitsu to 100.

Daily & Weekly Tasks

Players who complete assigned daily tasks will be rewarded with various

Leader Boards

Players will be listed on various leader boards covering all ranges of activity and receive weekly and monthly rewards based on their level.

As the world grows and evolves many new and exciting features will be added giving new and exciting ways to be rewarded.


The KMC Token

$KMC or Kitsumon tokens are the exclusive token currency of the Kitsumon
World. These tokens will be used in all manner of game economics, from future Egg sales, shop purchases, trading NFT assets, and more. Hosted on Polygons MATIC network, transaction fees are kept to a minimum making for a better user experience.

$KMC will also be used to purchase ‘KANDY’ the in-game only currency of
Kitsumon. Our goal is to create a simplistic and cost-effective in-game
ecosystem that benefits players and the platform in its usability and efficiency while providing scalable growth over time.


While $KMC acts as a bridge between the game world and the real world and has many uses, KANDY is the predominant in-game currency of Kitsumon. Users will be able to purchase KANDY directly using $KMC as well as receive it as rewards.

KANDY will act as a buffer between the volatility of traded tokens and the in-game store keeping prices stable. Users can purchase many of the daily power- ups, subscriptions, items, and more using KANDY.

KMC Tokenomics

The tokenomics of the Kitsumon ecosystem has been prepared by the
professional team with the goal of creating fairness to all participants and
achieving stability and viability of the Kitsumon game moving forward.

This distribution model blends real-world and crypto-based strategies into a
cohesive long-term plan.

All early adopters and participants in the project that obtain KMC tokens will adhere to a vesting period ranging from 4–48 months. These vesting
schedules (shown below) will allow for a slow release of tokens into the

$KMC Total Supply
$KMC Token Distribution

Revenue Systems

Within the world of Kitsumon players will interact with both other users and the Kitsumon store to acquire products, pay for boosts and expand their own game features. These systems are designed to generate funds to further
development, drive innovation but also allow funds to power our Play-2-Earn systems.

NFT Marketplace
When selling NFT products via the Kitsumon Marketplace, 2.5% of the purchase amount is retained by the platform as a sale fee.

Land and Building Expansion
Many of the professions require a particular type of land or building to operate such as plots of land for farming. Players will be able to purchase additional lots in the metaverse to utilise new professions and expand production.

Kitsumon Store
Players will have access to the Kitsumon Store. The store will be used to
purchase items, eggs, skins, and consumables directly from the store. One of the key systems of the store is the ability to replenish Kitsu Energy and Health allowing players to continue training, breeding, and battling without needing to wait.

Players will be able to purchase subscriptions that will reward them with various benefits ranging from bags of Kandy, potion boosts, additional land, and more. Subscriptions will come in varying package sizes.



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