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Oxbull — Blockchain Project Incubator for Tech Enthusiasts by Tech Enthusiasts

Charging the Future of Blockchains

Image by Ron van den Berg from Pixabay

Oxbull.Tech is a Startup Incubator and Launchpad developed By Tech Enthusiasts. It hopes to help Startups with the necessary funding and support to kick start their project in the most efficient way possible. From there, Oxbull.Tech shall connect quality and credible blockchain projects with Investors. The Oxbull way is driven by Quality, Credibility, and Relentless Execution. And that is what you can expect from the projects launched with/by Oxbull.Tech

Why Oxbull.Tech?

The sudden surge of interest to the cryptocurrency market is not without its challenges. The power of determining the future of blockchains lies in the many hands of Smart Contract Developers and Project Creators. With the current high demands on Blockchain Projects and driven by wrong intentions, Scams and Rug-Pulls are now becoming more rampant. Oxbull.Tech is aiming to change that and help drive the next generation of Blockchain projects.

Main Features

Reflect token

  • 2% of reflection fees are shared to all holders as part of automatic yield generation.

Ecosystem token

  • Stake 8k OXB token to gain access to pre-sales.

Governance Token

  • Be part of the development of and build a better future.

Focus Area

Oxbull focuses on the following areas:



Deep Tech





OxB is the native token on the ecosystem and a key factor in the incubation process.

Being a Reflective token and a quality fork of RFI, all OxB transactions incurs a 2% fee which redistributes the tokens amongst all holders. The redistribution is govern by smart contracts and is reflected real-time in the holders’ balance.

Holders of a fixed minimum number of OxB tokens shall have early access to upcoming projects within the OxBull ecosystem, helping to finance and support the growth of new ideas.

OXB Token Structure

Total supply 10 million OXB:

  • 2.5million presale
  • 0.5million marketing
  • 0.5million ecosystem fund (locked)
  • 0.5million team token (locked)
  • 1.5million liquidity for PancakeSwap (locked)
  • 1.0million liquidity for upcoming listing/to be burned (100k burnt)
  • 2.0million staking pool reward allocation
  • 1.5million future partnership


Oxbull Partners



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