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The Dragon’s Lair — Play-to-Earn Gaming Platform

A bold new layered farming ecosystem integrated with a blockchain play-to-earn gaming platform — proudly brought to you by Dragon Crypto Gaming.

Image by Artie_Navarre from Pixabay

The Dragons Lair will be Dragon Crypto Gaming’s first layer and will be released on the Avalanche blockchain, it will serve as an on-ramp to thier multi-chain gaming ecosystem. The first layer token is the only way to initially get involved in our L2 gaming platform on the Avalanche blockchain. The L2 will initially be an RPG style text based play-to-earn game which will expand in subsequent layers to add further gaming elements such as NFTs (And more) and become a full fledged game economy and market place for blockchain items.

The L2 and onwards will be multi-chain with initial offerings in the Avalanche and Polygon network. Although the Avalanche version will only initially be accessible to holders from the L1 farm, the Polygon version will be accessible via presale.

The Dragons Lair is also the first farm on Avalanch to recieve both a Paladin audit and a review/KYC by RugDoc.


The Dragon’s Lair Initial roadmap published before the farming start on Sept. 10
General roadmap of Dragon Crypto Gaming ecosystem

Security and Safety

  • Paladin Audit — Report
  • RugDoc KYC + Review — Link
  • Forked code previously audited by Paladin
  • Migrator code removed
  • Deposit fee capped at 3%
  • Contract checks whether max tokens have been minted (hard cap) — No timelock transaction is necessary to stop minting, no overshooting the maximum supply
  • Fixed transfer-tax issue — No excessive harvests due to the presence of pools for tokens with a transfer tax

Our base code has been audited numerous times by a reputable auditor. We are using the most secure and battle-tested code to help create a safe and enjoyable farming experience for all of our users.


Dragon Egg is the very first token of the Dragon Crypto Gaming company!

Dragon Egg is the native token to the Dragon’s Lair farm.

Owning DREGG is a guaranteed entry for the Dragon Gold game layer on Avalanche network, making it your exclusive ticket into the crypto gaming ecosystem!

  • Token Symbol: DREGG
  • Total Supply: 250,000 DREGG
  • Stealth Launch Timing: September 8th, 2021 6:00am UTC
  • Emission/Minting Rate: 0.27 per block (on average)
  • Minted for Initial Liquidity: 1,000
  • Initial Price at launch: $5 per token
  • Token Address: 0x88c090496125b751B4E3ce4d3FDB8E47DD079c57

ALL tokens minted to the dev wallet will be used for adding liquidity, initiating burns, and partnerships.

Stealth Launch​

The token was launched on September 8, 2021.

As experienced yield farmers, Dragon Crypto Gaming have concluded that there is no perfect launch method. A fair launch rarely results in being “fair” due to bots that swarm in and drive up price. A stealth launch isn’t “stealthy” because of how easy it is to find the contract address for the native token. Presales may discourage farmers from buying native tokens once trading starts, out of fear they will be exit liquidity for presalers looking to realise their gains.

Given how Avalanche remains a relatively uncrowded space compared to other chains such as Polygon and BSC, the gaming company made a conscious decision to launch their first layer on the Avalanche network to avoid this problem of an oversaturated, over-botted launch.

Additionally, they will ensure their token contract addresses are hidden until stealth launch begins. This way everyone has a fair shot at snagging some DREGG at a decent price. Dual Network Layer Two: Swap vs Presale

Avalanche Network: $DREGG token holders will have a timed window to swap their current tokens for the Layer 2 native tokens. Once swap time ends, the DREGG token will no longer be supported aside from the initial liquidity burnt. Your L2 token will be used on the gaming platform remaining on the Avalanche network.

Polygon Network: New participants joining through the Polygon network will participate in a pre-sale purchasing L2 tokens using USDC (more details coming soon). Your L2 tokens will be used on the gaming platform remaining on the Polygon network. Note: The gaming platform will run on two networks at the same time, however, they are considered separate. You will not be able to bridge your native token directly to the other network.

Emissions Tweaks and Multipliers

The game developers were pleasantly surprised of the impact variable emissions and multipliers had on other farms. Their idea is to replicate the healthy price action by changing multipliers and emissions to favour the native token (DREGG) long after farming starts.

If the emissions rate on AVAX is estimated at 3 seconds per block, minting will last for about 30 days (real days, not DeFi degen days). The tentative emissions rate curve can be represented in the plot below compared to the total supply minted.

They chose this pattern to offer the best farming experience and give the opportunity to accumulate at optimal prices for the upcoming gaming platform in Layer 2.

Update on September 09, 2021 — The second day of farming (7:20 UTC)

The table below shows the actual emission modification they have made, once enough data points generated they will make a plot. On the first day of the farm, averge blocktime was close to 1 second per block, which caused farm to launch couple of hours early. Due the same reason, they begun with lower emission rate than shown in the plot-example above (i.e. 0.27 token/block).

Deposits and Buyback / Burn Policy

  • 30% of the deposit fees from all existing pools at the start of farming will be used to buy back and/or burn DREGG.
  • 70% of the deposit fees from all existing pools at the start of farming will be used for infrastructure and marketing / partnerships (e.g. beefy vault bonus tokens).
  • 100% of all deposit fees from new pools that are added during the farming period will be used to buy back and/or burn DREGG.

Tiny Dragons NFTs

The Dragon’s Lair team is proud to offer the community their very own limited edition NFTs:

  • AUTHENTIC: 100% original artwork produced by professional graphic designers!
  • UNIQUE: Over 70 different attributes and accessories — every Tiny Dragon has a rarity score and unique appearance!
  • VALUABLE: Mint one, trade them on our partner NFT marketplaces or take them into battle in our play-to-earn platform! Increase their battle stats by boosting them with $DCAU!
  • SUSTAINABLE: 80% of the $DCAU from Tiny Dragons will be burned automatically! (The remaining 20% will be used for marketing and partnerships.)

Tiny Dragons Arena 🏟



  1. Mint / Buy a Tiny Dragon: the rarer your Tiny Dragon, the higher its base win rate in the arena
  2. Level-Up your Tiny Dragon with $DCAU: $30 pegged $DCAU spent boosts your Tiny Dragon by 2 stat points
  3. Allocate your stat points to either Attack or Defense
  4. ENTER THE ARENA by paying a small entry fee in $DCAU
  5. Arena battles follow a process of elimination — victorious Tiny Dragons face off until all are ranked!
  6. Check your rank: the higher your rank, the bigger your prize!
  7. Collect your prize!

80% of all revenue from Tiny Dragons Arena will be used to buyback and burn $DCAU (with the remaining 20% going towards marketing and partnerships)! The more you play, the more your $DCAU holdings appreciate in value!


The Dragon’s Lair game is currently funded by the company (Dragon Crypto Gaming) itself.



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