Announcing Countries is adding Countries to the game!

We pride ourselves on listening to our players, and giving them what they want. Over the past few days, we’ve been getting a lot of requests to make a formal announcement regarding how Countries will fit into our game.

So here’s how the addition of Countries to CryptoCities will work:

  • Small batches of new Countries will start dropping everyday at 12pm PST, starting Friday, February 23, 2018.
  • When a new Country is released, it will immediately be owned by the player who owns the most Cities in that Country at 11am PST. Our team will check the timestamps and announce the winners before the Countries drop.
  • If multiple players own the same # of Cities in a Country, the tie will be broken by their total value of Cities.
  • When the Country is bought, that price is paid to the initial Country owner.
  • Country owners will get a 15% premium when their Country is bought by another player.
  • Country owners will get 2% of all trades of the Cities in their Country.

Here’s the best part:

In our Discord, we’ll announce exactly which Countries will be released the day before they drop, which will drive some game speculation on the Cities in that Country 😃. So join now!

Initial Listing Prices:

  • When a player wins a Country using 2 or more Cities, the launch price will be the average of the prices of all the Cities in that Country (excluding the disqualified ones; see P.S. below).
  • When a player wins a Country using 1 City, the launch price will be half the price of that City (so players don’t just buy 1 City and get 100% back 😉).

What are you waiting? Join us:


P.S. Some players may try to game the system by locking up Cities in auction sites. So from the minute we announce the next day’s Countries — any Cities in those Countries that are on OpenSea, Rarebits and similar sites are automatically disqualified from the Country giveaway. Our scripts hit the auction sites continuously, so we’ll have a running tally of the disqualified Cities.

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