Cryptocopia Delta AMA — 2019/15/01

With CEO Nicolas Van Hoorde

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22 min readJan 22, 2019

On Tuesday January 15th at 2PM CET, Cryptocopia hosted a live AMA with Delta - Bitcoin, ICO & Cryptocurrency Portfolio CEO Nicolas Van Hoorde. You can watch back the AMA livestream below:

Cryptocopia AMA livestream with Nicolas Van Hoorde — CEO @ Delta Portfolio Tracker

Transcript of the AMA

(@Cryptocopia): Welcome to our First AMA of 2019, but also our first Live Stream ever. We’ve never done a YouTube live AMA like this so we’re really excited about that. We have with us today Nicolas Van Hoorde. He is the co-founder and CEO of Delta. Nick How are you doing today?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): I am doing very well thanks, and thanks for having me of course.

(@Cryptocopia): That’s great to hear, we’re so happy that you can make it. I was hoping you could just tell us a little bit about your background first. A little bit about your co-founders, how you got involved with Delta, and how you got involved with crypto?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): So I think the story began around mid 2017, which is not that long ago (March April-ish). So one of the co-founders and myself (Philip who is the CTO) were working for a real estate company which had nothing to do with crypto. Two elements came into play, on the one hand we were looking into what we could do with our money: savings, stocks, and crypto. Crypto was (for people like us in the IT space) the most interesting and promising type of asset. The second element that came into play was that we were both not super happy at the company we were working at. Philip (I like to think) is one of the best software engineers I know, and I like to think that I am pretty good at doing product and design. One thing led to another and we started talking. We started using blockfolio because we made our first investments into crypto. So while we liked what blockfolio was doing, we thought there were some key things that we could improve on and left our company. When we resigned, the founders of that company where we’d been employed were also very intrigued by our idea, and they basically said yeah we want to be a part of this. So they became co-founders and investors in the company that became Delta.

(@Cryptocopia): Really? So the co-founders of the real estate company you were working at got involved as well?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah, yep exactly.

(@Cryptocopia): That’s a huge testament to what you guys are doing!
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde):Yea exactly, everyone really likes that part of the story. They believed in both the product we were pitching as well as the people pitching it. It also made the “entrepreneurship” part a bit easier to be honest. We were able to not only get funding, but we actually got “smart money”. These people had a lot of experience and founded multiple companies, so that helped jumpstart the company in a very efficient and optimal way.

(@Cryptocopia): So if you were to describe Delta in 30 seconds, or give your elevator pitch, how would that go about it?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Well I think right now Delta is a portfolio tracking app that helps you as an investor get a clear overview of all the things that you invested in in the crypto space. We also think we can help investors make better investment decisions. If we can nail those 2 parts we think we have a good thing going.

(@Cryptocopia): So a lot of the recent work you’ve been doing has been with Delta direct right?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yea indeed. So first we focused on making sure we got the basic app functionality right, and I think we managed to do that quite well. Of course we still want to improve and add new things, and delete things that are unused. Aside from the core of Delta which is purely a financial tool or portfolio/price tracker, we wanted to do something else. I think that connecting the space was something we really wanted to do. We wanted to connect token teams and have updates from the team so that our users know what’s going on with the things they invested in. Now users have more context about why a price is going up or why it’s an interesting project, whereas most of the portfolio apps are all centered around token price. This is great if you want to track your portfolio but it doesn’t help validate the worth, potential, or future value of an investment.

(@Cryptocopia): Yeah you’re looking at a lot more than just a chart when you’re on delta.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah indeed.

(@Cryptocopia): Okay so we’re gonna talk some more about some of the basic and features of the app. Alright, real top line, roughly how many crypto assets do you have available for tracking in the app and how many exchanges?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): To be honest I kind of lost count because there are thousands of coin available in the app.

(@Cryptocopia): Yeah that’s a good problem to have.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): I would say we cover 99% of the markets, especially the markets where coins are being traded on exchanges. I won’t speak to coins that are just available in wallets and are not actually being traded. But from the ones that are being traded I would say we support almost all of them because we add exchanges continuously. We have more than 300 exchanges supported. We are known to also be very fast in adding new coins if somebody asks for it to be added. We try to instantly add the coin quickly because we already support the exchange. If we don’t already support the exchange, adding it goes to the top of our agenda. We have this system where we allow people to vote or request for certain features or coins. This helps us very easily organize the requests that we get, and prioritize them based on customer demand.

(@Cryptocopia): Ok and one thing I like too: if you’re adding a new transaction, the recommended exchanges are limited to just the exchanges where the coins are listed on.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Exactly and even for coins like bitcoin where there are tons of exchanges, we added a search field so users can easily find the exchange without having to scroll through a huge list. The amount of exchanges that got added in 2018 are huge, so you also have to support the exchanges that did die so they have an accurate representation of their history; it becomes a big challenge.

(@Cryptocopia): Yeah and there’s more than a handful that did die
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah, very true.

(@Cryptocopia): So how many languages do you support?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): I think over 10, we recently added many languages like Vietnamese, Japanese, and Polish for example. I think we are well over 10 now which I think is the most of any cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app out there. Yeah so I am counting, there are 16 language right now. This includes Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, European languages (Spanish/Portuguese etc).

(@Cryptocopia): Yeah I think that’s great because cryptocurrency is so global; our discord has users from all over the world, so I am sure that really helps towards lowering the barriers to entry.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah indeed, I think giving everyone in the world access to the same tools is very important.

(@Cryptocopia): So where is the data coming from? The coinmarketcap numbers and things like that. Is that updated in real time or how does that work?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): So for the most part in 2018, data (in terms of the market and global averages) was pulled from the coinmarketcap data through their api. In the end of 2018 (Q4) we switched over to our own global average system since I think we have even more connections to exchanges than they do. So I would say our global average is a bit more accurate. We have all the prices from the exchanges and then we have our own “coinmarketcap” system in the background which fetches (in real time) the prices. The prices don’t get pushed real time to the app, but I believe it is updated every 5 seconds. You can also always pull down to refresh. We will be adding real time price in the upcoming weeks for pro users, so that’s an added benefit as well.

(@Cryptocopia): Okay, you know what that’s actually a really good segue. Why don’t we talk about pro a little bit? So as I understand it, a large part of the app is free, but there is a pro option that you can purchase as well. So what are the main features of pro and what’s the cost to be a member? Is that annual or monthly, how does that work?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah so we launched Delta in October of 2017. I think we introduced pro the first week of December. So quite soon after our release, and it was a very conscious decision as a business because we still stand by this promise: “We don’t want to ever sell data from the users.” We are also not a massively funded company like blockfolio who raised a bunch of money. So it’s a lot smaller thing for us where only the founders and some employees are shareholders and no external parties are shareholders. This meant, as we needed to survive as a business, getting revenue where we have the most experience as a team. So we decided on adopting a freemium subscription. And like you said, I think 95% of the app is completely free. I would also say that standard usage is free as well. It’s just for those people who really really want to have a deep dive into the features of the delta app. Things like a limited amount of exchange connections, wallets, more portfolio analytics modules, and soon real time price. So for those people a subscription really makes sense. So we also have some cool stuff on top of that like a dark/light mode available for all, but we also have this uber dark mode which is a bit fancier for just a pro user. They get early access to stuff, so I think it’s a fair system right now. I would say (depending on the region you’re in) between $50 — $60 a year, so less than $5 a month, which I think makes sense for what we are doing. We don’t want to limit the experience for the free users but still create value for both the pro and free user.

(@Cryptocopia): Ok and that pro user usually looks like a trader most of the time? Really heavy into day trading for example.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Indeed and I think we have many things we could do for a “pro user” as well like very advanced alerts. For example notify me when Bitcoin reaches $4000. But we can expand much more on that: we can integrate market cap alerts, volume, and other indicators. When we look at pro we really want to have it make sense and be like “okay would the average users use this feature or really miss it?” If not, then we say “would the advanced/experienced investor use this?” and if we say yes we think it makes sense to be part of the pro value.

(@Cryptocopia): Okay, yeah so I want to just ask what are some long term goals that you might have? You kind of already hit on that but I’m even curious if you have any long term goals from say Opus labs for example. What do you think the next few years might look like for Delta?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): I think we’re very much focused solely on Delta right now. We don’t have any plans for any other products. We do look into 2 things. First, broadening the scope of the app so it encapsulates a bigger audience. I would say Delta Direct is our very first step towards that. We are about to release (later this week or early next week) Delta version 2.0 which will bring another new component to the app. It has a small redesign for those that use light mode as well, so that definitely looks cool.

(@Cryptocopia): Did…did we just get a reveal?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Ha yeah actually.

(@Cryptocopia): We’ll keep it quiet don’t worry.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah so broadening the scope of the app giving more people in the market a use for Delta. It’s a gradual process but we’re well on our way. The only risk is how do you increase the scope of the app without making it too difficult to use or ruining the functionality by making it overly complex. This is something we are guarding against very much. We had all these options to change the layout and choose between black icons and colored icons and small things, but I think the last version we decided to maybe gut some of these things. Also you never hear from people if they like something until you take it away.

(@Cryptocopia): Ha so true. So true. You guys go for kind of a minimal look to the app too.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah indeed. I think one of the few things that made Delta stand apart from the competitors (especially in the previous version of other apps) was the design and user interface. In 2018 we won the Webby Award for the best user interface in a mobile app. So it’s one of those things we are very proud of. It’s also something we really look into when we build new stuff. It’s like okay does this make sense user interface wise and usability wise. That’s why I said it’s important to not overcomplicate the app. It’s a difficult thing. You want to cater towards the person who hasn’t bought a cryptocurrency yet and at the same time cater towards users who make 100 trades a day. You might call it betting on two horses, but for us it’s mainly trying to deliver an experience that makes sense for all kinds of people. It’s the lifecycle and the app grows with you during your investment experience.

(@Cryptocopia): Sure sure, and I think crypto is such a fascinating space because you have this set of really really knowledgeable users who understand things like the public/private address relationship or cryptography fundamentals. But things like that that you can’t expect someone’s grandmother to understand if she’s buying her first bitcoin. So it’s a really wide range of people that you’re trying to design a product for.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah, yep makes sense.

(@Cryptocopia): Okay so briefly while we’re talking about the future, would your team have any interest in external funding? Or do you think you’ll stay internally funded for the foreseeable future?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): It depends, we’re not opposed to external funding if it’s a partner that is in the same line as our original founders who’ve brought more than just money. For example we have a key strategic partner/investor in Asia who can help us grow and increase our reach in that region. If we find someone like that then I would say it makes sense but in terms of “are we actively looking for external funding?” no that’s not the case, but we are always looking for people that are interested yeah.

(@Cryptocopia): Okay yeah that’s really interesting. Okay so I noticed that there’s a live orderbook feature. Could you tell us a little bit about that and could you tell us how many markets/exchanges are supported compared to the overall?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): I think it’s about 20 exchanges. So not a huge amount, but it’s the most used exchanges. Indeed the live orderbook is something we added mid Q3 of 2018. It is most used by active traders. We believe it’s a very good feature because it’s more advanced than you might expect on a mobile application like Delta. Of course it’s not as in depth as you would find on the exchange itself but as a quick look I think it works very well.

(@Cryptocopia): Yeah I was able to play around with that a little bit but didn’t get too in depth. Okay so we’re sort of getting into the Nitty-Gritty now. Let’s say hypothetically I wanted to export my Delta portfolio into a csv. Generally I would do this for things like taxes, moving to another tracker, or if I wanted to export my blockfolio portfolio over to Delta. Is that doable like how would I go about that?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): So first question, is something that is very clear for us. When we launched Delta we were very much in favor of full data exportability. That’s why we offer for every user (pro or free) a csv export of all transactions. For now it’s only available on the Desktop application. So you’ll see the option in the mobile app telling you to go to Delta desktop (which is also free to download by the way). It was easier for us to save a csv file to a computer than to a phone (and it’s also easier for the user as well). It’s okay but it doesn’t allow people to switch over to another portfolio tracker easier, but I think that’s maybe the wrong question for us. It’s not about prohibiting the user from taking their data over to a competitor. We think the user is the owner of their own data, and they can do what they want with it. But our job is to make sure the user doesn’t want to switch instead of preventing them from switching. For instance in Blockfolio, unfortunately it is not possible to transfer your data from them to Delta since they do not allow any type of data export functionality.

(@Cryptocopia): Oh okay.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): So they don’t have an option to export to csv and if you want to transfer devices you have to contact their support and they have to do it internally. So basically you can never get ahold of your information. There was a brief period where a third party made an export functionality via a key that was hidden in the app, but they closed that down. So right now it is not possible.

(@Cryptocopia): Of course ha. Well it’s really interesting to hear your team’s perspective on the user’s data and how they should be empowered to access it. I mean I can tell you just from handling taxes and downloading csvs from all the exchanges, it’s a headache and it sucks.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah I can imagine.

(@Cryptocopia): So it’s really helpful to have that central portfolio in your tracker, download it, and have everything right there.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah so the next step for us (and you could almost say we kind of have it since the csv export is like V1 of a tax report) is building tax reports which we plan to develop.

(@Cryptocopia): Oh cool
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): So helping users with that as well since, indeed, we are in the best position to offer this because we already have all their transactions.

(@Cryptocopia): Yeah no that makes a lot of sense. Alright so let’s pivot a little bit and I wanted to ask a bit more about Delta Direct. So that’s one the newer features you rolled out. I was actually looking at this earlier today. So when you’re looking at one coin (or your transactions for one coin) if you scroll down you’ll see a project description for that coin and then you’ll also see a direct portal for all of the recent news (as long as the team has been on-boarded onto your app). So it looked like it was mainly some blog posts, but I was wondering if there were articles that were published from other publications. So if you could, tell us what that on-boarding process looks like and does the team have a say in the content? Also what exactly is getting published?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Right now we have about 275 teams on-boarded and I would say the majority of those are ones that went to which is a form for token teams to fill in. There they fill in all the information and we get in touch. It’s a very simple process. On the one hand you can send custom messages or updates to users Delta application. Then on the other hand you can link your blog posts. We automatically fetch new blog posts as soon as they are published. It’s an advantage for everybody because, most teams make a blog post and have to manually publish it on other platforms. Then they have to go to all these platforms/systems saying they wrote this blog post. So we took away one step and made it easier for projects. So we know you made a blog post and automatically import it and notify people. Then you still have the ability to send custom messages. It’s less work for the token teams, and then we’re always the first platform to report on a new blog post since we instantly know as the system is completely automated. It’s one of the better things we’ve done in the recent months I would say. We’ve gotten good feedback from both the token teams and the users. We also see there’s a very high amount of interactivity from the updates. We see there are about 5000 updates a month in total, so that’s like 14 per team. So yeah it’s quite good.

(@Cryptocopia): That’s great, that’s great to hear. So yeah if you’re a user that has a portfolio with say 3 coins (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash) you can opt in to receive notification from those projects that you’re paying attention to.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yep

(@Cryptocopia): But you wouldn’t automatically get notifications for every coin right?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): No no, so we made it very much “user first”. We didn’t want to harass people with notifications. It’s a very much more “opt in” system than it is an “opt out” system. We also wanted to (and actually this is the main thing coming in our 2.0 release) have articles from more than just the teams themselves since blog posts from a project are not very objective. It’s nice to get instant feedback or updates from the people directly involved with a project, but in 2.0 we added in accredited news sources. They (more objectively I would say) report on events surrounding certain coins. So in 2.0 you can follow certain coins. If you followed Bitcoin for instance you will see in your personalized news feed for that coin. In 2.0 you will be able to follow those team updates but also receive updates about it from other sources. I think we bring 2 worlds together in a cool way. The feed is also built in a smart way. For instance we know when you’re most likely to like an article or update, and have a system similar to twitter that shows suggestions based on what you follow. I think that’s the one thing that was missing. I think Delta Direct was good already since it gave you updates about the coins you own already. The 2 things we didn’t have were the editorial sources (or the more objective content) and on the other hand allowing users to discover content from token teams they haven’t invested in yet but might be interested in.

(@Cryptocopia): Oh okay
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): So this new wave of discoverability is something we bring to the 2.0 version.

(@Cryptocopia): Got it so you may be introduced to new exciting projects that you haven’t even heard of yet?
N: Yeah yep exactly.

(@Cryptocopia): Alright well then you know what, that’s pretty much it for me. I have one more question for you until we turn it over to the audience, but it’s pretty general. What, Nicolas, are you excited about for 2019? Not just for Delta but for crypto in general.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Well I think 2019 will be a crucial year for crypto because I think we are in for either a quiet stable year or a slowly declining year which I think would be good news. I think if we go back to something like 2017 or early 2018 it could be potentially very poisonous for the industry. I think a lot of the weeds are being cut out right now and I think we have a very good foundation that we can build on. All the scam coins, scam icos, or scam exchanges who are in it more for the money are getting thrown out. So we basically are back at the point where all these companies who truly believe and are truly invested into the space are there. I think we are in a better shape than we were prior to the bull run.

(@Cryptocopia): Okay. Okay I like the positivity.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Ha ha we have to stay positive

(@Cryptocopia): We have to! After so many days of red I mean man yeah
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Ha ha agreed.

(@Cryptocopia): Alright so that is it for me. Why don’t we move into the Discord. We got some questions that we’ve saved over the past few days that people have been asking. Anyone watching if you’d like to ask a question and chat with Nicolas hit us up in the #ama channel.

(@Tojo): Hey guys, been using Delta for a while now, love the app. Was wondering if the team has any plans to hook into exchange API’s and grab our token balances directly? Syncing with wallets and the ones on exchanges would make tracking much easier!
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): I have good news because we already support this. You can link both exchange APIs and your wallets. You can even scan the QR code of your wallet and it imports automatically all your transactions and balances. It’s really….yea quite a good system. I would say the user flow is still quite tech savvy though. I would say it’s one of our worst user flows. I think technically speaking it works perfectly, but getting from the starting point to success is maybe a bit more difficult. So in the next version or the one after that we are going to make this process a lot easier. We’ll have a step by step process and actually introduce a lot more users to having their balances automatically synced from the wallets and exchanges.
(@Cryptocopia): Okay. Yeah I mean one and done ha.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Ha yeah exactly
(@Cryptocopia): “Hey do you guys…” yeah we do actually, we already have it.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Ha yep

(@Sigma): Is DELTA looking to add tax functionality? Would be nice if we could generate tax reports in the future, exportable in *.xlsx and *.pdf.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Well I think we briefly touched on this. We do support export of csv already. I think it’s already a good first thing to help people with their tax reports but there is still some manual work involved. In a few updates we think we’ll be able to support full fledged tax reports for different countries and locations.
(@Cryptocopia): Oh really? Oh that’s awesome! Would that give you the options to pull maybe LIFO or FIFO reporting?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah exactly
(@Cryptocopia): Okay yeah that would definitely help a LOT with taxes. It’s the biggest headache of the year (well for me at least I don’t know about anyone else).
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah I would say it’s a common stress we hear a lot about, and I think Delta is in the best position to offer this, so we want to make it happen. I think after the plans we have, it is time to start building this.

(@snors): Will Delta offer API functionality in the future? I know we hit on this already, but they’re asking more about price indicators / aggregation of prices.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah we don’t have a public API right now, so you can’t hook into the Delta API to get this data. It’s something we might look into, but I’ll be honest it’s not something that is on our short term roadmap in any way. But I know considering the space it is something that makes a lot of sense. As soon as some worries like competitive disadvantages or server costs related to people using it are cleared up, it’s very doable I would say.
(@Cryptocopia): Okay, alright yeah makes sense. So they actually have a follow up question (different topic), and feel free to answer as much or as little of this as you want, but:

(@snors): How does Delta make money? Is it a sustainable business model? I know for example that Blockfolio used to share data and is promoting projects through their app to generate income.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Currently our business model is 100% Delta Pro which is a premium B-C product. We are also not charging the user/team for the Delta Direct system. We don’t have concrete plans for that, but in terms of data we made a promise in the very beginning that we would never sell user data and we want to keep that promise. We have no intention to share data with 3rd parties or distribute it in any way. Like I said, the user is the owner of their data and should be able to decide to do what they want with it. That being said, it is right now more difficult for us in terms of building a sustainable business model to make the company profitable. Aside from that, we are looking into increasing the value of Pro without hurting the free experience. We are also looking at ways to have partnerships with 3rd parties where the user also has a benefit. It’s not about selling user data but an editorial type advertising deal. It would be a first for us though because contrary to our competitors, we have never done any B-B or paid advertising in the app. It is something we are looking into, but again we want to keep the business running without hurting the user experience in any way.
(@Cryptocopia): Okay yeah makes sense. We definitely appreciate that speaking from the perspective of the users.

(@Aquila): How do you collect the data in the app to optimize the UX flow?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): I’m not entirely sure what they mean by that, but if it’s in terms of UX flow I would say that we look at what makes sense the most. We don’t share any data with 3rd parties, but yeah that’s basically it.

(@Aquila): In the Future can we trade directly from the app?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): It’s something we looked into in 2018. We had some plans worked out but in the end decided not to go for it. We think it would move Delta into a sort of area where it narrows the scope of the product instead of broadening it. This would cater more towards traders and I also think there are way too many exchanges already. So I think having Delta become an exchange was never an option we considered, but we did look into the ability to trade on some exchanges. I wouldn’t say it’s never going to happen, but for now we decided not to do this.
(@Cryptocopia): Okay, yeah so it’s just not your focus?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah indeed

(@Ibrahim): Hey @delta team are you going to run a promo for delta PRO for the rekt degens?
Nicolas Van Hoorde): Yeah I think we do have plans to introduce a pro trial so that people can try it out without having to pay. I think it’s something we should’ve done a while ago so people can see the value first hand without having to jump in and pledge an entire year without knowing if there is any value. I think it’s a more honest approach and allows people a bit more in the red to first give it a try before committing towards the $50 or $60.(@Cryptocopia): Okay. Do you have a rough idea about how long that trial might be? What the trial period might look like?
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): We’re currently looking at a week or so. We haven’t fully decided on that yet. We just started development on that, so the details are yet to be defined.

(@Cryptocopia): Got it…got it, well Nicolas there is clearly a lot for us to look forward to. You all are working on a ton of new features which you were able to cover. We appreciate you taking the time. It’s really awesome to learn about what you are up to and I’m personally really excited to see what’s to come.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Cool, that’s great to hear.

(@Cryptocopia): Cool well thank you, and if there’s anything else that you want to talk about…anything we didn’t cover let us know.
(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): No I think we covered basically everything, so if people are interested or have more questions I am also active in the CryptoCopia Discord. They can send me a PM at my handle @NicolasVH and I would be happy to answer anything they might have.
(@Cryptocopia): Great we’ll see you in there then. Nicolas thank you so much for taking the time. I just want to real quick let everyone know that this video will be posted on YouTube so you’ll be able to rewatch the recorded stream. Make sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel so you can get notifications about our AMAs in the future because we’re going to do a ton more just like this. But Nicolas thank you again, and thank you to your team. We’ll see you in the Discord and have a great rest of your day.

(@Nicolas Van Hoorde): Cool you too, thanks for having me
(@Cryptocopia): Take it easy

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