We are creating the first crypto-collectible for Good

Introducing CryptoCorals — a crypto-collectible designed to save real world corals.

We are proud to share our ongoing blockchain project: CryptoCorals, the first crypto-collectible for Good. Here’s a first glimpse into our story.

I have two big passions in life: sea life and technology. As a diver, I like discovering new species and admiring the beauty of our oceans. As a scientist, I’m thrilled about the prospect of breakthrough innovations that make the world a better place.

Amongst all the crucial issues our planet is facing, I’m particularly aware of the massive destruction of corals. As a diver, I’ve seen the beauty of what we call “the soil of the ocean”. Corals are not only beautiful but also vital to the continued well-being of the planet, as they are home for million of species. About 25% of marine biodiversity and more than 850 million people depend on coral reefs. But the world’s oceans are facing the biggest coral die-off in history. Climate change is strongly affecting coral reefs around the world: scientists expect more than 90% of corals to die by 2050.

Living corals in American Samoa, 2014; vs. dead coral in the same place, 2015. IYOR2018

We need a drastic intervention to restore coral reefs, through research, education, outreach, and restoration. As a way to raise awareness, 2018 has been declared the third International Year of the Reef by the International Coral Reef Initiative.

I strongly believe technology can help solve some of our planet’s biggest issues. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are certainly part of these disruptive innovations. On many levels, blockchain has the power to change the world. And I’m convinced that many businesses, projects and industries will be deeply transformed in the coming years.

In the blockchain ecosystem, crypto-collectibles have gained interest over the last few months. They made a great job of demonstrating that there was a space for new kinds of valuable digital assets, beyond gaming. CryptoKitties, 🤖CryptoBots and others have created digital assets that have a real monetary value that can be exchanged on a marketplace — when owners have a secured property certification.

With CryptoCorals, we want to go a step further. We want to demonstrate that blockchain can be used as an incredible force for Good.

We want crypto-collectibles to have a positive impact on the real world.

Buy a CryptoCoral, Plant a real Coral

What we are building is a crypto-collectible of a new kind, that is directly indexed and linked to a global issue. It is a crypto-enabled game that engages people across the world in a playful and rewarding way to scale up the funding of coral reefs restoration.

  • Playful: CryptoCorals will be a real game, with various mechanisms, game strategies and an attractive design. We will share more about the game design soon!
  • Rewarding: like any crypto-collectible, your CryptoCorals will evolve and gain value over time, enabling a profit-making marketplace. We are adding a few game-changing innovations that will be detailed in our next articles.
  • Impact: each purchased CryptoCoral on the platform will fund the plantation of one real coral by one of our partnered NGOs or marine biology institutes.
We’re building something new, merging the virtual and the real world, making each one impact the other. We’re trying to build a positive for-profit model designed to scale up reef restoration efforts.

This publication is a first dive into the CryptoCorals universe and what we want to achieve. Working on this project during the past months, raised a lot of very exciting subjects: How does the positive impact generated by planting corals relate to potential blockchain energy consumption? How to overcome UX challenges related to cryptogames? Why is plantation of corals essential?…These will be some of our next publication’s subjects… so stay tuned!

And we’d also love to hear from you. Feel free to join the conversation on Discord and tell us what you think.

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CryptoCorals is being developed by the startup studio French Bureau, a team composed of designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and marketing experts united by our audacity and desire to create a positive impact in the world.