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Billboard Initiative

Vlad Dramaliev
Apr 10, 2017 · 1 min read

Facebook Bounty Program, by the Bulgarian Bitcoin Community

On April 10, 2017 a billboard in Sofia experienced the usual change of posters.

This time, however, its new content was a bit more special.

A remarkable, revolutionary idea appeared on the streets of Sofia.

Staying for only two weeks.

Presented in a very familiar way.

Reaching oblivious minds of all ages and backgrounds.

Lightning the spark of curiosity.

Why not make it a fire?

How about some bitcoin?

  1. Find the “Bitcoin Billboard” close to Vasil Levski Staduim in Sofia;
  2. Take a photo of it or use one, taken by a friend;
  3. Share the photo on your public Facebook profile, including:
  • The hashtag written on the billboard (or find it somewhere in the Sofia Crypto Meetup Facebook Group).
  • Your bitcoin wallet address (don’t have one? get one here).

The first 50 Facebook shares

will get a small amount of bitcoin to play with and send to others*.

Spread the message about the future of money.

Get real cryptocurrency! (not OneCoins)

*the initiative is 100% bitcoin-funded. The bitcoin will be sent after April 23.


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