Bitcoin make you profitable for life time

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 11 · 2 min read
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Is there any difference between the desire to get rich in the currency circle and buying lottery tickets? Yes, the probability of winning the lottery is higher . Winning the lottery doesn’t talk about the big prizes. If you buy so many times, there is a chance that you will win several tens of thousands of yuan. In the currency circle, many opportunities for getting rich in your eyes are basically traps, there are either in or out.

And the cost of buying lottery tickets is much less than that of speculating coins. Lottery tickets are bought for hundreds of dollars at a time. When speculating coins, you can’t wait to go bankrupt.

There is also a cruel fact that for most investors, getting rich in the currency circle is a false proposition. Many people have passed the currency The method of getting rich in the circle is to buy coins when Bitcoin is cheap at the beginning . For example, most of the big names in the currency circle now, but this is almost the only opportunity to get rich in the currency circle.

When they caught this opportunity, they had capital, and in their subsequent investments, there would be more costs of making mistakes , and ordinary people can now have several opportunities to crush the wrong treasure. What’s more, do you think they are speculating on coins? The mining company of the mining machine company, the mining pool of the mining pool, the project harvesting, and there are many recommended projects, but they don’t speculate coins, just look at other people speculating coins, because these things they are currently doing are 0 Risky and high-yield things,

Having said so much, I just want to clarify that the currency circle environment is okay. What’s problematic is the way we look at the currency circle, which is an investment market, not a speculative circle.

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