Blockchain vocabulary and keywords very important for crypto technical knowledge

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 20 · 8 min read
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Position: Refers to the ratio of the investor’s actual investment to the actual investment capital.

Full position: It means buying virtual currency with all funds.

Lighten up: is to sell part of the virtual currency.

Clearance: to sell all virtual currencies.

Opening a position: is buying virtual currency.

Closing position: It is to buy virtual currency next.

Whole position: It means buying all virtual currencies at once.

Take profit: After gaining a certain amount of profit, sell the virtual currency held to keep profit.

Stop loss: After the loss reaches a certain level, sell the virtual currency held to prevent the loss from further expanding.

Bull market: Prices continue to rise and the outlook is optimistic.

Bear market: Prices continue to fall and the outlook is bleak.

Long (long): The buyer believes that the currency price will rise in the future, buy the currency, and sell it after the currency price rises.

Short (short): The seller believes that the price of the currency will fall in the future, and sells the currency held in his hand (or borrows the currency from the trading platform).

Rebound: When the currency price falls, the price rebounds and adjusts due to the rapid decline.

Consolidation (sideways): The price volatility is small and the currency price is stable.

Yin falls : The currency price is slowly falling, and a soft knife cuts the meat.

Diving (waterfall): The currency price dropped rapidly, with a large magnitude

Lock-up: When you buy it, you fall, referred to as lock-up.

Cut meat: When you buy, you fall, sell virtual currency at a low price.

Unwinding: After being locked up, the price of the currency rebounded, turning losses into profits.

Overbought: The currency price continues to rise to a certain height, the buyer’s power is basically exhausted, and the currency price is about to fall.

Oversold: The currency price continues to fall to a certain low point, the seller’s power is basically exhausted, and the currency price is about to rise.

Luring more: the price of the currency has been consolidating for a long time, and the possibility of falling is relatively high. Most of the shorts have sold virtual currencies. Suddenly the shorts have pushed up the price of the currency, inducing the many parties to believe that the price of the currency will rise and buy one after another. The currency price makes many parties hold tight.

Inducing shorts : After the longs bought virtual currencies, they deliberately suppressed the price of the currency, so that the shorts thought that the price of the currency would fall and threw them one after another. As a result, they fell into the trap of the longs.

Mining: The process of using computers, mobile phones and other equipment to run computing programs to obtain digital currency. Note that mining will shorten the service life of the equipment.

ICO : Initial Coin Offering, originated from the concept of initial public offering (IPO) in the stock market, is a financing behavior in which blockchain projects use their own virtual currency in exchange for virtual currency commonly used in market circulation.

Private placement round: Compared with public placement, public placement refers to the act of raising funds from an unspecified broad group of people, such as funds sold by banks; while private placement must target specific groups of people to raise funds and cannot publicly advertise.

Angel round: The angel round, namely Angel Investment, refers to the individual funding to assist entrepreneurs who have specialized skills or unique concepts but lack their own funds to start their own businesses, and bear the high risks in the business and enjoy the high risks after the successful business. Earnings, or a one-time upfront investment made by free investors or informal venture capital institutions in original project ideas or small start-ups. Angel investment is a special form of venture capital.

Cornerstone wheel: the meaning is similar to the private equity round

Essential common sense

What does currency circle mean?

The so-called currency circle is the natural circle formed by digital currency players. The currency circle is not large, but the number of people is not small, and it is basically a small group of heterogeneous in the crowd, but Lin Lin is finally a circle, there are not many people who make money, and all kinds of money making methods are quickly copied, ico, speculation Currency, mining, etc.

How does the currency circle make money?

There are many ways to make money in the currency circle, the most important ones are to make money by speculating in coins, ICO crowdfunding, and moving bricks.

Where is the news in the currency circle?

Quote website: non-small, mytoken, aicoin, coinmarketcap News website: blockchain headlines, golden finance, Babbitt community, coin world news chat website: Twitter, telegram, slack

What does fiat currency mean?

Fiat currency is legal tender, issued by the state and government, and only government credit is used as a guarantee, such as RMB, U.S. dollars, and so on.

What does token mean?

Token is usually translated into a pass. Token is one of the important concepts in the blockchain. Its more widely known name is “token”.

What does it mean to build a position?

Opening a position in the currency circle is also called opening a position, which means that a trader newly buys or newly sells a certain amount of digital currency.

What does stud mean?

Transliterated “show hand”, currency stud means to invest all the principal.

What does airdrop mean?

Airdrops are currently a very popular cryptocurrency marketing method. Most of them are obtained for free. In order to allow potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to obtain token-related information, the token team will regularly conduct airdrops.

What does lock-up mean?

Position locking generally refers to investors opening new positions opposite to their original positions after buying and selling contracts, when the market appears to be opposite to their own operations. It is also called pair lock, order lock, or even the so-called butterfly double fly.

What does candy mean?

Candy is a digital currency that is issued to users for free when various digital currencies are first issued at the ICO. It is a kind of momentum and publicity of the virtual currency project issuer on the project itself.

What does it mean to break hair?

Breaking refers to breaking below, and issuing refers to the issuance price of digital currency. A currency break is when a certain digital currency has fallen below the issued price.

What does private placement mean?

Private placement is a way to invest in cryptocurrency projects, and it is also the best way for cryptocurrency project founders to raise funds for platform operations.

How to look at k-line?

The candlestick chart is drawn from the opening price, highest price, lowest price and closing price of each analysis cycle.

What does it mean to move bricks?

Moving bricks is to buy digital currencies from exchanges with low currency prices and then transfer them to exchanges with high prices to sell.

Essential for getting started, let’s understand the wallet

It needs to be clarified that the wallet mentioned in the blockchain field is not actually a wallet for storing money, but a tool for installing keys (private key and public key). With the key, you can have the digital currency on the corresponding address. Domination.

1. Private key: It is a representative who has the right to withdraw money from a bitcoin address. If you master the private key, you have all the power of life and death on the corresponding bitcoin address. The private key can be used to calculate the public key, and the public key can be used to calculate the Bitcoin address. In each transaction, the payer must issue a private key and a signature generated by the private key. Each transaction signature is different, but it is generated by the same private key. The private key is a string

2. Public key: It appears as a pair with the private key. The public key can calculate the Bitcoin address, so it can be used as a proof of possession of this Bitcoin address.

3. Bitcoin address: If the blockchain is a ledger, the Bitcoin address is the account number.

4. There are many types of wallets: cold wallets, hot wallets, hardware wallets, brain wallets, paper wallets, etc. I feel dizzy when I look at these concepts. I don’t think we need to understand so much. As long as we understand the application scenario, the mobile terminal is still on the PC terminal, and I think we will only use a light wallet. The full wallet that stores all transactions is too scary. If you are really worried, just install this wallet on a terminal that doesn’t usually go online to prevent hackers from using it.

Wallet combat

Wallets are divided into Bitcoin wallets, Ethereum wallets, NEO wallets, quantum wallets, etc., based on different protocols.

What is the use of a Bitcoin wallet address?

You can use the bitcoin address generated in the bitcoin wallet to receive bitcoins from others, and you can also transfer the bitcoins in your account to the bitcoin addresses of others. Bitcoin address is like a bank card number, which has the functions of payment, transfer, and withdrawal, but when transferring money, you can only make bitcoin transfers if you know someone else’s bitcoin address. Bitcoin wallet address must be kept, because every time you pay.

What is good (Bitcoin)?

Favorable (Bitcoin): Refers to the news that Bitcoin has gained mainstream media attention, or a breakthrough in a certain technological application, which is conducive to stimulating price increases.

What is bad (Bitcoin)?

News that prompted the price of the currency to fall, Bitcoin technical issues, central bank suppression, etc.

What is trading volume reflects the number of transactions and the number of people buying and selling. Generally, it can be measured by the number of transaction coins and transaction amount.

What is rebound?

A price adjustment phenomenon in which the price of Bitcoin is rebounding due to a rapid decline in a downward trend. The rebound is smaller than the decline.

What is consolidation?

Usually refers to a market where the price change range is small, relatively stable, and the highest price is not much different from the lowest price.

What is a callback? In the long market, the price of the currency is rising strongly, but due to the rapid rise in the price, there is a temporary fall, which is called a callback. The decline is smaller than the increase.

What is moving bricks?

Recharge cash to platform A with a lower currency price, and then buy bitcoins; then withdraw bitcoins from platform A, and immediately recharge to platform B with higher prices upon receipt; after recharged bitcoins to platform B, immediately Sell, withdraw the cash received immediately, and repeat the steps.

What is leverage?

Leveraged trading, as the name implies, is to use small amounts of funds to invest several times the original amount in order to obtain multiple returns or losses relative to the fluctuation of the investment subject. Altcoins refer to all other currencies except Bitcoin. I personally don’t like to call it altcoins, because many coins have their own innovations. It is unfair to call them altcoins

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