DeFi in Nutshell

Sajjad Hussain
May 3 · 3 min read
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Financial service

Financial service is the kind of assistance which provided by the institution in order to gain financial advantages, Banks, investment companies and other players offer many types of financial services for example bank provide the loan services, companies help you to manage the loan, or other investment company helps you make your intended investment in the right direction.

Financial Services Robot

Financial services robots work the same as traditional financial services, but the big difference is that they are automated and algorithmic code to behave and operated automatically without any human intervention, completely decentralized, and composed of computer language code.

It is equivalent to the computerized code block, that is executed on your desire to access the financial service, in other words, Defi refers to the collection of automated robots players in the financial world that will execute on the behalf of the user intention if you want to do lending, trading, or access the derivative service these robots will provide you the needed services,
the world of financial services robots known as the Defi World.

Use Case

For example, if Mr. Robin wants to invest in the Altcoin, if he has only one Bitcoin which is worth 65,00 USD and the investment requirement is to put at least the 70,000 USD, due to lack of 5,000 Mr. Robin unable to invest, however, he believes that after some time the Bitcoin will increase to 100,000, what do you think does he sell his only Bitcoin?. I don't think it is the best option, but to acquire the mortgage loan with the only Bitcoin is the best option because you never lose your money, here's the financial mortgage robot is very handy.

Moreover, if another financial robot get money from another human agent who has an idle fund which is worth of 5,000 USD, the robot receives the 5,000 from the human agent and for safety concern, this robot put Robin’s Bitcoin in custody for the time being, if Mr. Robin unable to pay back 5,000 USD to the human agent then his only Bitcoin going for sale and the 5,000 worth of USD will return to the human agent

Defi basically the app's system on Ethereum blockchain just like apps on the Android operating system, the number of addresses represent the number of users on Ethereum blockchain the more users on blockchain the less is the handling fees, due to Defi infrastructure which is based on the Ethereum blockchain the value of Ethereum against Defi must be as low as possible

Types of Robots

Asset management robots provide the services for scanning the wallets, the robots will tell the wallet's current history like how much you have debt and what the rate of return, the Zapper, Debank, and Zetion are the most famous asset management tools. It is also reported that an average of 250,000 daily scanning process occurred in order t to find the actual status of the wallet

Due to a lot of earning opportunities there are many robots that stand up for helping users to make money, whenever you give them money these robots
go to the market and seek the real opportunity these robots also provide the asset management services.

Whenever users needs to exchange his fund with alternative cryptocurrency the decentralized exchange robots will help you change your existing funds into other currency funds.

There is also a special type of robot that will provide the services for evaluating the actual value of your holding for example if you're going to sell your Bitcoin this robot will identify the actual value of your Bitcoin.

You can also find the robots that actually do the data analysis work, in order to look for token information, this robot will find what is the type of token, how much its actual price and how much its total worth.

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