Virtual currency scam?

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 28 · 3 min read
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The scams such as coin speculation and ICO mentioned above all require investment. You need to use real gold and platinum to intervene, and then speculate on the price of the coin, so that the dealer can control and eat your principal.

In the past two years, investment scams have become more frequent, and many investors have become more and more cautious and began to invest rationally. Therefore, scammers need to upgrade their skills, so they began to collect money illegally under the banner of zero!

The ugly face of capitalists will never change, nor will they make money-losing transactions. They are not philanthropists, but devils who cannibalize people without spitting out bones. Capitalists are capitalists, and their essence is exploitation. A businessman is a businessman, and the essence of a businessman is profit-only.

Let’s briefly introduce a few zero-leaving methods:

1. The new platform will give away experience money, and the operating profit can be withdrawn!

Nowadays, some platforms use this method to obtain customer traffic. As long as you open an account and download the software, you can get tens to 100 experience gold, which can be operated, and the profitable part can be reflected. Don’t; then register, authenticate; operate

What is the result,

The first situation is that after losing the experience fund, you feel that the platform benefits are good, continue to deposit the operation, then you fall into the trap

The second situation is that after the loss of experience money, the delete software does not operate

The third situation is a small part of profit, withdrawing and deleting software

The fourth situation is that after making a profit, continue to deposit operations and fall into the trap

Many people think that in the third case, I will definitely not be scammed for making money, but the above cases are all scams, because you were deceived in the first step. The current customer acquisition cost is very high. If you want to accurately find investment customers, you must spend money. You have registered here, and you have resold all your information and reselled it; now is the information age, some of your information It has been exposed in front of others!

2. Register the software to get free miners

This cost is relatively low, the typical picture cake to satisfy hunger. Because the virtual mining machine given to you, first, you can’t sell it, second, you can’t remove the mined coins, and third, you need to reinvest. A few months may be able to produce some coins, but a project can generally last for a few months. The important thing is still your information!

3. Blockchain’s pig raising, dragon raising and other games,

Watch advertisements to send platform currency, platform currency can be exchanged for USDT, typically making wedding dresses for others, the video clicks to collect a large profit, and then return to your platform currency in time, this just consumes your time to make money for him, if you Don’t care, you can continue!

In fact, there are still many zero projects. One project is understandable in order to gain more users. After all, the number of user indicators can be used to measure the standard of a project. However, they are used by some criminals to change their taste. They are not for the purpose of gaining user recognition, not for long-term development, and not for solving social problems! They are to deceive users, rob wealth, and seriously distorted values.

Are these zeros safe?

In the information age, the zero project, safety depends on whether you pay attention to your own information, the information network is transparent, identity information is exposed, photos, address books, activity tracks, a large number of malicious collections by crooks, in order to continue cheating in the future , Or sold to other criminals, planted an unexpected foreshadowing…

I believe that many people are familiar with the recent video chat fraud cases. They are typical of fraud after reading the information. Therefore, don’t think about zero scams. These scammers are just catching your greedy psychology! There are countless things that are greedy for small and big .

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