Awesome profit from Bitcoin currency?

Sajjad Hussain
Sep 29 · 2 min read

Since the birth of Bitcoin in January 2009, the price of Bitcoin has fluctuated greatly. It is difficult to control the cost of buying coins. Both the big bull market and the big bear market are short. Now the price of Bitcoin has been relatively stable. For example, at the beginning of March 12, 2020, when the currency price fell to a periodical trough, it cost 3,800 US dollars. This kind of market has a relatively small probability. It has now rebounded to around US$12,000. The total number of bitcoins is only 21 million. In the long run, the market price will continue to rise.

We generally buy bitcoins in the secondary market and profit through trading price differences. We need to have considerable knowledge of bitcoin products, and we must also have a deep understanding of bitcoin trading strategies and keen judgments on price trends. , At the same time, it depends on your long-term and short-term operation skills. It takes minutes to pay for the wrong direction.

As an ordinary person investing in blockchain, you should know that this time, I believe there will be more successful people who are full and full. It is very simple to mine Bitcoin on mobile phones. Mining is much more cost-effective than buying at an exchange, which is equivalent to buying Bitcoin at a discount, which is quite attractive.

In fact, most of my friends have a misunderstanding about mining. They think that mining is based on luck. In fact, mining is measured by the computing power in the mining machine. The more computing power, the more bitcoins and The more Ethereum, the output of each computing power is rated globally uniform, and no mining machine company or mining company can justify its output. This is more fair, whoever buys more computing power will dig more! Let’s look at creating wealth below.

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