Technology giant Intel® started buying digital currency already in 2012

CMTLabs (Currency Method Tokenizing Labs) recently revealed the background to a partnership with Intel’s NUC Group, which consisted of the purchase and use of CMTL digital currency service tokens.

According to an official report, Intel began using CMTL in 2012 to provide independent memory / flash drive compatibility testing on NUC platforms. Already at the beginning of this testing program, the company found that it could be fully financed by purchasing CMTL service tokens, and this brought many benefits.

One of the main benefits was the significant number of reserve tokens that accumulated in Intel’s digital wallet due to consistent monthly purchases. These token reserves subsequently enabled a large number of the part numbers to be tested concurrently when a new NUC platform was released.

CMTL’s testing and certification program was completely funded by the Intel NUC purchasing digital currency service tokens. The program and payment platform functioned flawlessly for five years and provides a great case study for applications in other large corporations and service industries.

Intel also saw an advantage in using and paying with tokens over dollars in being able to successfully avoid the corporate bureaucracy that would require management funding approval for such orders.

The CMTL testing program and token purchases by Intel’s NUC Group began in mid-April 2012 and ended in mid-April of 2017, when Intel decided to utilize in house and NUC customer self-testing.

During this period, Intel used tokens for over 450 memory and flash compatibility tests from over 30 manufacturers.





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