The Biggest players in the Swiss private banking sector are investing in digital assets

The Lombard Odier Group, an independent Swiss banking group dating back to 1796, recognizes the importance of Blockchain and invests in digital assets through its Investment Managers division.

Lombard Odier Investment Managers have only recently set up an investment fund focused on fintech and, despite the ongoing pandemic crisis, have already amassed $ 250 million in assets.

Jeroen van Oerle, global fintech equities portfolio manager for the fund, explained the situation and told The Block that their managers focus mainly on digital assets and companies involved in the tokenization process, linking real assets to distributed ledgers.

Jeroen van Oerle

The Swiss investment fund primarily targets companies with a minimum market capitalization of $ 500 million, but according to Oerle, there is still a shortage of publicly traded tokenization companies.




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