Getting started in the crypto currency market can be a bit overwhelming!

I was interested in cryptos for a couple years before I actually educated myself enough to get my first wallet, and then it was a long time before I was confident enough to purchase any coins. If I had jumped rite in when I first became interested I would have been purchasing bitcoins for well under $100.

Unfortunately by the time I started doing a bit of research and getting more involved, bitcoin had soared in value, and I had five wallets and joined various exchanges, so that I could purchase and invest in some of the smaller coins and tokens that I think have a good future. They are more affordable and more comfortable to get started with, bitcoin is still a bit pricey for me, but they can be high risk too.

I know now is a great time to find emerging projects to invest in, but the amount of projects and hype can be too much, just like the amount of accounts you need these days.

Having so many different passwords, private and public keys, and on top of that add in a handful of seed phrases, each one a dozen random words, you could go a bit crazy remembering what’s what.

Also you need to have them all written down somewhere, as a back up, because they are the most important things concerning your crypto currency.

Then maybe you worry, what if that notebook burns, or what if someone found it? You could loose access to your accounts.

Honestly it can feel overwhelming, especially if your a night owl joining exciting projects in the middle of the night, (hahaha) if you forget to write something down it’s never good.

At the least it’s super annoying, so having one place to connect all your accounts would be the best thing ever!

So when I read about #Qobit, with lots of community involvement, and that it has been recognized out of thousands of projects, and has risen to the top of the upcoming ICO’s, I could tell it was a serious project to get involved with.

What really made me so excited was qobit will finally have reliable cross platform trading plus access to all my exchanges and universal wallet for all my coins and tokens in one place!!

Basically it sounds like the best control center for all your crypto currency needs, ever!

What’s even more amazing is the community driven aspects of the platform!

I love that a beginner will be able to work under a qualified experienced trader, through a smart contract type co- investment.

The experienced trader will have earned a good reputation on the Qobit platform, proven on the blockchain to have high returns, this will add more value to each trade by upping the experience level on those trades for a beginner.

Then we can support the people we appreciate and learn from by rewarding them, this is just absolutely awesome!

I know it will be a huge success, and I’m excited to get involved!

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