Qobit — the all in one platform, built from a moral standing and deep appreciation of crypto democratization!

In depth review, and ICO dates released!

With the sheer volume of new projects and their stories breaking daily, in the crypto news environments, it is getting harder to sift through them all.

It is very important however, to determine which are being developed from a truly well thought out and serious position.

From the financing of the development team, to actual use cases, and proof it works, to the pre-launch campaigns, regulatory hurdles etc., etc., etc.!

Anyone can make up a coin or token, I have even thought of a token, but don’t worry I won’t go into that idea here.

What differentiates a project and really sets it aside from the hordes of others is not always just the technology under the hood, of course that is a very important and integral part of any project!

There is actually so much more complexity to creating a. successful, all encompassing platform, that can become the true all in one solution for using crypto currency to its utmost potential.

Qobit is the only project I have found with core values based on human dignity, crypto-democratization, financial freedom and Independence, that gives us the freedom and fluidity to trade easily and affordably across multiple platforms from anywhere. That plus sharing the knowledge base from vetted news and star traders, is what is needed to democratize the crypto currency markets.

When finally anyone will be able to access exchanges, hold, trade , and safely Store every coin, token, or alt coin they own, in one place, with minimal fees, well that will be a truly universal wallet, the likes of which we have yet to see!

But don’t worry because the beta app is coming very soon!

To really make an impact on the crypto world, a project team will have to have certain insights and attitudes toward changing the status quo, besides just the software.

Over the next years and months the crypto currency market will be changing with a true mass adoption, and its coming faster than anyone could’ve imagined.

This is truly why Qobits core community values, characteristics, and versatility, will make it succeed far above the rest.

I love the sentiment of this quote from Adam the CEO;

“ The main difference between ours and any other project is our solutions approach:

Social trading, Which is lead by star traders and or our professional fund managers.

Signals and Bots matter, but the most important thing is the human being.”

This is so true, and not many projects place enough importance on us people. I think that’s why qobit was recognized with receiving this award!

I will leave you with one more important quote from the Adam.

“So far, the Qobit project is funded by the founders personal finances. Once our project goes live, even if we don’t meet our target in the crowd sale, Our product still has a lot of features that we can monetize, and create a sustainable business model. This is unlike most other projects where their sole source of financing comes from the ICO.”

This shows an understanding and a deep belief in the projects fundamentals, and also I think does gives it an intrinsic value that other pre-sale, ICO, and investor funded projects just don’t have.

I truly believe our freedom in the future financial markets, and cryptocurrency rests in the hands of people like those developing Qobit!

More to come soon, so stay tuned for the beta app release.

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