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Many, if not all of us OG Gamers, have encountered games that left us questioning why we couldn’t transfer our hard-earned in-game value to another game we wanted to explore or had taken a liking to. We’ve all experienced those inevitable moments when our gaming comrades moved on to different titles, leaving us with the desire to follow but not before exchanging our in-game value. This longing became particularly troubling if we had gathered substantial value in the game we were contemplating leaving behind.

Sometimes, making this transition would involve a sort of barter system, where we would offer up something of equivalent value in the old game for something else in the new one where we were eager to dive into. Yet, as many of us remember all too well, this exchange was far from straightforward. Scammers, often taking the form of a “mule” would frequently swoop in to exploit these transactions, leaving us disappointed and shortchanged.

For most of us, the dream of freely and securely transferring our in-game value from one gaming experience to another seemed like a distant fantasy, obscured by the challenges and risks involved. But times are changing, and the gaming industry is on the cusp of a transformation that promises to make this seemingly elusive dream a reality.

Watch The Invo In-Game Currency Transfer Demo:

This is a demo only and is not currently available on Raid Shadow Legends or Angry Birds 2. Invo is not in partnership with these games.

From the game studio’s perspective, whether it is a small indie game studio with limited resources or a major gaming conglomerate that has invested well over $100 million in attracting and retaining gamers, the idea of allowing players to freely transfer their in-game value has often been met with skepticism, if not outright dismissal.

Consider the fact that game studios often spend a [1] significant amount acquiring players for their games, ranging from as little as $0.59 to as much as $2.23. In light of these substantial costs, it’s entirely reasonable for studios to be hesitant about implementing a system that facilitates players leaving their game.

After all, why would any game studio want to create a more efficient way for players they’ve invested millions in acquiring to potentially migrate to other games? This challenge is further exacerbated when we consider the constant emergence of new games and the frequent migration of players from one title to another. It has often felt like an unsolvable puzzle for both gamers and game developers alike.

However, the landscape of gaming is changing, with innovative solutions like Invo. It’s a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the gaming industry that we can now envision a future where the seemingly impossible becomes a reality.

Invo has introduced an innovative transfer system that revolutionizes the way developers view ‘churn.’ Rather than seeing it as a loss, Invo has turned the tables, transforming it into an opportunity for both developers and gamers alike. With Invo’s transaction-based platform, developers can now benefit when players choose to explore new gaming horizons or move on from a particular title. It’s a shift that redefines the very essence of ‘churn,’ and it’s poised to reshape the future of the gaming industry.

Let me break it down from a high level. [3] Recent data reveals that the average monthly spending by gamers on a single game amounts to $76. Using this figure as our foundation for what a gamer might transfer to another game; Invo’s system applies a 10% fee to facilitate this transfer from Game A to Game B. However, and here lies the brilliant twist: the system allocates 7% of this fee, which equals $5.31, to reward both the losing and gaining developers equally. This means that each developer receives $2.65. The implications of this system are striking.

Even considering that player acquisition costs can range from as low as $0.59 to as high as $2.23, depending on the game genre, Invo’s system effectively monetizes the transition of players. It transforms what used to be perceived as a negative churn into a positive and financially rewarding process for developers across the spectrum.

The Invo platform signifies not merely a technological leap, but an evolution that was once deemed impossible, yet now appears entirely innate within the Gaming, and GameFi realm. By bridging formerly separate game economies, Invo has unveiled new avenues for monetization, elevated player engagement, and fostered community growth. In a gaming industry that knows no bounds, pioneering innovations like Invo’s cross-game currency transfer are reshaping the landscape, presenting developers with thrilling prospects to explore uncharted territories in game design and innovative monetization strategies.

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